13 Beautiful Cat Breeds Similar To Siamese Cats

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Many cat breeds might be beautiful like Siamese cats, but some may not be associated with them. Some cats that are like Siamese cats, for example, Himalayan cats, are hybrid breeds with their parent breed being Siamese.

However, some cats similarly beautiful to Siamese cats, like Ragdoll cats, for instance, aren’t related to Siamese cats but only look alike because of their coat pattern.

Read on to find 13 different breeds of beautiful cats that are like Siamese cats. These cats are alike, whether they are hybrids of Siamese or unrelated but similar due to their color and coat pattern. You can also learn the three different types of Siamese cats.

Siamese Cat

What Are the Three Types of Siamese Cats?

Different body types for Siamese cats can put them into three different categories. Over the years, these cats’ bodies have evolved both naturally and through breeding. The three different body types Siamese cats can have are as follows:

The Traditional Siamese Cat

The traditional Siamese cat body type has a chunky, rounded torso and a broad face with a prominent bone structure. This Siamese cat type originated in Siam, which is now known as Thailand. The coat pattern for this body type is the one we know and love, a darker gradient reaching the:

  • Middle of the face
  • Ears
  • Arms and legs
  • Tail

The Classic Siamese Cat

The classic Siamese cat’s body types are quite similar to the traditional ones, but their heads are slightly wider, and their chins come to more of a point, which makes its shape wedge-like rather than oval.

This Siamese cat type also has a little more elongated body, and they are still just as big-boned with a round torso. This Siamese cat type is also the first from Siam.

The Extreme Wedge Siamese Cat

The extreme wedge Siamese cat’s body type is completely different, besides their coat pattern, from the original body types of Siamese cats from Siam. This was a result of crossbreeding over the years.

While this Siamese cat type still has a prominent bone structure in the face, its features are much longer and come to a point. This Siamese cat type is also skinnier and more elongated.

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Cat Breeds Similar to Siamese

The cat breeds listed below are each similar to Siamese cats in their own way; some might be related as a hybrid with the parent breed being Siamese, and some might be alike because they share similar body features and coat patterns or colors. Some of these cat breeds also might be similar because of their personalities and talkativeness.


The Balinese cat breed is a hybrid of the extreme wedge Siamese cat, sharing its features of a broad and long face that comes to a point at the chin. This cat is also like that particular Siamese body type because it is slender and long. Like Siamese cats, Balinese cats’ eyes are blue and oriental-shaped, and their coat patterns have color points on the face, ears, arms, legs, and tail.


Like Siamese cats, Birman cats have coat patterns with color points on their face, ears, arms, legs, and tail, and piercing blue eyes with a broad face. The Birman cat breed is also a hybrid, the parent being Siamese, and their coat colors also develop as they grow older. The colors of their coats can be the:

  • Chocolate point
  • Lilac point
  • Seal point
  • Tortie point

Just like Siamese cats.

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The Burmese cat breed is a hybrid of the Wong Mau breed and classic seal point Siamese cat, sharing its rounded and broad head with a prominent bone structure, oriental-shaped eyes, shorthair, and color points, although they are gradual. The colors of Burmese cat’s coats similar to Siamese cats are chocolate, lilac, and tortie. Like the Siamese cat breed, they are very vocal.

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Burmese Cat

Colorpoint Shorthair

Resembling the extreme wedge Siamese cat, the Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed has a skinny and long body, a broad elongated face that comes to a point, and oriental-shaped eyes. Like Siamese cats, these cats are very talkative and have similar colored coats, including chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and tortie point. Colorpoint Shorthairs are a Siamese hybrid.


Being a hybrid with Siamese as their parent breed, Himalayan cats have a lot in common with Siamese cats. They both share piercing blue eyes, a big-boned body, a round head like the classic Siamese, as well as color points on the face, ears, arms, legs, and tail. The colors this cat can come in are the chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and tortoiseshell point.

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The Javanese cat breed has features similar to the extreme wedge Siamese cat, their faces being wide and their bodies being elongated and skinny. Javanese cats also share blue eyes with an oriental shape and a coat with color points on their face, ears, arms, legs, and tail. Like Siamese cats, Javanese cats are very talkative and come in colors like chocolate, lilac, seal, and tortie points.

Mekong Bobtail

Closely resembling the traditional Siamese cat body type, the Mekong Bobtail cat breed has all of the same features as a Siamese cat besides its lack of a tail. A wider wedge-shaped head, blue oriental-shaped eyes, a big-boned body, and a coat pattern with color points are similarities between Siamese cats and Mekong Bobtail cats. These cats are also known to be vocal.

Mekong Bobtails were once given as a gift to a Russian Emperor.  Read more about whether cats are popular in Russia: Click Here.


The Ocicat breed came about by crossbreeding a Siamese cat with an Abyssinian cat. Though these cats’ coats don’t look at all like Siamese cats, their similarities lie within their face shape, body shape, and attitude. Being somewhere between the extreme wedge and traditional body shape, this cat is long and skinny but big-boned. Ocicats are also very socially active.

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Resembling the classic Siamese cat body type, the Ragdoll cat breed has a rounded face with a big-boned body and piercing blue eyes. This cat breed has a color-pointed coat pattern, coming in colors of chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and tortie point, just like a Siamese cat. Ragdoll cats are amiable. They are cousins to Siamese as their parent breed is Birman.

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Seychellois cats are a rare breed created by crossbreeding a Siamese cat with a bicolored Persian cat. They closely resemble the extreme wedge Siamese cat with a long and wide face, long and skinny body, blue oriental-shaped eyes, and a coat pattern with color points. Seychellois cats are very talkative and can come in colors of chocolate, seal, and tortie points.


The Snowshoe cat is a hybrid, with the parent breed being Siamese. Matching the traditional Siamese cat body type, this cat has a rounded, broad face with blue, oriental-shaped eyes and a round torso with a big-boned body. Snowshoes have a coat pattern similar to Siamese with color points on the face, ears, arms, legs, and tails in colors of chocolate, lilac, and seal points.


Thai cats are very similar to Siamese cats and are called Old-Style Siamese cats, even though they are their own distinct breed. Thai cats resemble the traditional Siamese cat body type with their round and wide head, but their slightly slender bodies are closer to the extreme wedge Siamese cat. They have blue oriental-shaped eyes and a colorpoint coat like the Siamese.

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As a hybrid with the Siamese, Tonkinese cats look like the classic Siamese cat with a wider but pointed face and big-boned body with a color-pointed coat. Tonkinese cats also share a shorthair coat that can come in colors of chocolate point and lilac point. Like Siamese cats, Tonkinese cats are talkative and can have piercing blue eyes.


Video: Everything You Need To Know About Siamese Cats

Many factors can make different cat breeds similar to the Siamese cat, whether they are related by crossbreeding or simply looking alike due to their coat patterns and colors. Other factors include their attitude or level of talkativeness. Siamese cats are a classic cat breed, and cats who are like them are just as great, if not better.

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