Are Maine Coons Legal In New York, California, and Texas?

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Maine Coon cats are well-loved because of their large bodies and exotic feline features. But, unfortunately, their rugged appearance is why talk exists that this breed is illegal to buy, sell, or own in the United States. 

Maine Coons are large domestic cats that are legal in all the United States of America, including New York, California, and Texas. Exotic animals are frequently regulated in the USA, but the Maine Coon is a domestic cat.

To know more about the rules about Maine Coon cats in New York, California, and Texas, read on.

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Are Maine Coons Legal in New York, California, and Texas?

The Maine Coon cat is legal in New York, California, and Texas. Unfortunately, some people think they are illegal, but this is due to a lack of knowledge about the animal.

This feline breed grows to be very large. When full-grown, they are larger than most domesticated cat breeds. They can grow up to 18 pounds (and sometimes even larger), featuring unique markings. Unfortunately, this makes people confuse Maine Coons with exotic wildcats.

Unlike Maine Coons, wildcat ownership is illegal in some states because it can be dangerous. Also, many organizations seek to protect wildlife, and unfortunately, wildcat populations are decreasing.

The scientific name for the Maine Coon cat species is Felis Catus. This is different from the African wildcat, which is Felis Silvestris.

Domesticated Maine Coons are legal for sale and adoption in all states. But, due to a bad rap, there is a lot of misinformation being circulated.

Cat breeders are subject to state laws and local ordinances. Generally speaking, each State (and sometimes) city governs how professional breeders must operate. Sometimes breeders must get a special license or certification – and you should check for certification if you use a cat breeder. 

Maine Coon

Do Maine Coons Have Papers?

In addition to potentially having pedigree paperwork, two main requirements affect Maine Coon ownership in the United States.  These two requirements are a certificate of veterinary inspection and rabies vaccination.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

The first rule in some states is a certificate of health. Some states mandate medical evaluation of dogs, cats, and other small pets. An exam assures the veterinarian and owner that there are no concerns for infectious or communicable diseases. It means that the animal is healthy and safe to bring into the State.

It is not unusual for a cat to be checked for health conditions such as HCM, PKD, SMA, Blood-brain barrier (BBB) Dysfunction. 

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is also known as a CVI. A CVI also refers to a document completed, signed, and issued by a licensed, accredited veterinarian.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides a form for pet owners to use. The APHIS Form 7001 is available here. However, some states do not accept this form. They may have their own approved CVI for public use. It is important to contact the State to determine if it requires a CVI and which form to use.

Although some states do not require the CVI, individuals planning to travel with their Maine Coon by air must check their airline carrier to determine their requirements. It is a good idea to check at least ten days before the flight. Then, contact the airline up to two or three weeks ahead to allow more time for planning if they want extra documentation.

What Vaccinations Do Maine Coons Need?

The second rule in some states is vaccination. Rabies is a deadly virus that can infect:

  • Humans
  • Livestock
  • Pets
  • Wildlife

To prevent the spread of this disease, many states require vaccination for pets older than three months. In addition, for export or import of Maine Coons across state lines, Rabies vaccination is needed in some regions. Don’t be surprised if some states look for more vaccinations than others. You should always check with your local veterinarian if you have any questions.

Some states are more relaxed than others when mandating cat ownership, adoption, and purchase. The current guidelines for New York, California, and Texas are shown below.

StateBasic Ownership and Transport Requirements
New YorkCVI, current Rabies vaccination
CaliforniaNo state requirements
TexasCurrent Rabies vaccination

Maine Coon in New York

In New York, the New York State Department of Agriculture sets the requirements regarding Maine Coon cats.

When bringing a cat into New York from another state, owners must show a CVI issued within the past 30 days. The document can only be completed and signed by an accredited veterinarian. The State accepts paper forms but highly encourages an electronic format, known as an eCVI. Residents can find a list of New York’s commonly accepted eCVIs here.

The CVI establishes that the veterinarian examined the pet and did not find any communicable or infectious disease evidence. This certification is a protection for the New York public. There are some exceptions to the state rule. If the Maine Coon will be in New York less than 30 days or is only entering the State for an exhibition, the CVI requirement is waived.

Additionally, any pet in New York three months or older must provide proof of current Rabies vaccination. The CVI should include details of vaccination status, including which manufacturer’s vaccine was administered and the date the veterinarian gave it.

Maine Coon in California

In California, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) regulates Maine Coon cats. The restrictions are more lenient in this State.

According to California’s Veterinary Public Health website, all domestic cats “must be healthy.” There is no permit or special requirement to bring a Maine Coon into the State. Unlike New York, a CVI health certificate is not required for transport. California does not need evidence of Rabies vaccination either.

This State leaves the city and local agencies responsible for determining requirements for cat ownership and commerce. However, animal Control Offices in each county can give owners more information about the local rules.

Maine Coon in Texas

In Texas, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (TDHS) mandates the requirements for bringing Maine Coons into the State. Texas law does not require a health certificate but does require Rabies vaccination after three months of age. The person who administered the Rabies vaccine must then sign and date the record.

Texas is picky about this immunization law. Firstly, the State regulates the type of vaccine that should be given. In Texas, only immunizations that the USDA approves are acceptable. Furthermore, a veterinarian must administer the vaccine, licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the U.S.

If a Maine Coon is coming into Texas from another country and an unapproved Rabies vaccine was used, or an unlicensed person gave the vaccine, the State will allow entry. But they expect compliance with the law soon following the entry into the State.

Additionally, Texas law mandates that a Maine Coon cat must have vaccinations:

  • At the appropriate age
  • With appropriate booster vaccine as recommended by the manufacturer
  • At least 30 days before, to be considered vaccinated

Cats younger than three months old arriving in Texas from another country must be quarantined for 30 days after the immunization. And those coming in that are older than three months, but were not vaccinated a full 30 days prior, must be confined to their home for the rest of the 30 days.

These are the minimum requirements, and local vaccination ordinances may be even more restrictive. In addition, state law allows cities and counties to determine licensing requirements. Also, some municipalities have registration procedures or charge fees for pet owners.

For example, in Dallas, TX, all cats must be microchipped at a one-time cost to the owner. Information on the pet owner is injected into the cat via a small data chip. Cat owners must update contact details with the city within 30 days of the change.

Maine Coon

Are Maine Coon Cats Legal?

From what I have read, Maine Coon cats are legal in all United States of America.  The Maine Coon is a domestic cat, just like any other domestic cat, but much larger.  It is legal to own a Maine Coon cat.  They are generally regarded as one of the best cat breeds.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost?

Generally speaking, if you are looking to adopt a Maine Coon cat, it will run you between $100 – $350 based on the age and pedigree of the Maine Coon.  If you want to buy a pedigreed Maine Coon cat, you should expect to pay anywhere between $1500 to over $2500. 

If you see a website claiming to offer pedigreed Maine Coons that are much less than this in cost, you should seriously examine them and ensure you are not buying from a breeder that is not certified or reputable.

How Dangerous are Maine Coons?

Maine Coons are great around people and other animals, and I do not personally consider them dangerous. However, if they play with a much smaller cat, you might want to watch closely since Maine Coons get so large. 

Can Maine Coons Kill Humans?

No, Maine Coons cannot kill humans.  Maine Coons are domesticated cats and are not wild animals, like Tigers. Therefore, the only possible situation where a Maine Coon would kill a human is if the Maine Coon had rabies and bit the human (this is quite unlikely).

Can a Maine Coon Live in California?

Yes, a Maine Coon can live in California.  The Maine Coon is a domestic cat and is known to be a loving cat breed.  You should reach out to a Maine Coon adoption agency or a certified breeder to learn more about owning a Maine Coon in California.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost in California?

Judging by what I have seen in many states, adopting a Maine Coon will likely run you less than $500. However, a pedigreed Maine Coon cat will likely cost you between $1500 to even more than $2500 from a reputable breeder in the United States. 

If you are looking to buy a pedigreed Maine Coon, in my opinion, you should focus less on the State that the Maine Coon breeder is located in and more on whether the breeder meets your high expectations for breeding and is certified.  Many breeders will either transport a cat to new owners across state lines, or new owners will go out to retrieve their new cat.

What States Can You Own a Maine Coon Cat?

You can own a Maine Coon in any of the United States of America (Even Hawaii or Alaska)!  Be sure to always check your state and local laws, but I think you should be good to own a Maine Coon anywhere in the USA.

Are Maine Coons Illegal?

No, Maine Coon cats are not illegal.  Maine Coons are incredibly popular and legal in the United States of America.

Are Maine Coon Cats Illegal in Texas?

No, Maine Coon cats are not illegal in Texas.  Many people believe everything is bigger in Texas, which means the Maine Coon is the cat for you!  Maine Coons are big, and they are legal in Texas.

Can a Maine Coon Live in Texas?

Yes, a Maine Coon can live in Texas.  However, you should consider if a Maine Coon will enjoy living in Texas. For example, if you keep your windows open often in the heat, you may not want a Maine Coon because they are quite furry. 

If you keep the air conditioning on, then a Maine Coon would probably be fine. However, I would not let your Maine Coon roam outdoors – I recommend you use a cat stroller if you want to take your cat outside.

To learn more about taking your cat outside, check out this article on cat strollers:  Check Out This Great Article on Cat Strollers!  

How Long Can Maine Coon Cats Live?

Maine Coons have a lifespan of 13 years. Of course, your Maine Coon could live longer than this, but 13 years is generally accepted as the lifespan of a Maine Coon.

How Do I Get a Maine Coon Kitten?

There are two main ways to get a Maine Coon kitten, in my opinion.  The first is to adopt a Maine Coon kitten.  This will be hard because there will not be many Maine Coon kittens out there available for adoption.  The second way to get a Maine Coon kitten is through a certified breeder.  Make sure you do your research to ensure the cat breeder is reputable.

Maine Coon Breeders

Maine Coon breeders that are reputable take a ton of pride in raising their Maine Coon cats and, in many cases, treat these cats as part of their family. However, Maine Coons are large and furry, so they require a lot of care, and you should expect that level of care to be reflected in the cost you pay for a quality, pedigreed Maine Coon cat.

There are Maine Coon breeders in many states, but you should not be afraid of examining Maine Coon breeders in other states than your own.  This is because you will want to buy from a certified breeder that you connect with regarding how they raise their cats. 

It is not uncommon for people to buy purebred cats in other states and then travel to retrieve their new purebred cat or to have their new cat brought out to them, even if they are in another state.

Wildcat Creek Cattery

Wildcat Creek Cattery is located in Kokomo, Indiana, USA, which is an hour away from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. However, they are north of Indianapolis, putting them less than three hours south of Chicago, Illinois, a major airport hub.

Wildcat Creek Cattery was created in 2017 and, from the photos, appears to sit out in the country.  I can tell that they have taken some great care into their Maine Coon kitten operation because they have a building they call the Maine Coon Manor on the site.  

Maine Coon Manor is their cattery, which is 728 square feet specifically devoted to Maine Coons and is both heated and cooled for the cats. They also socialize their cats with children, dogs, and different situations or environments.

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery is located in Northern Indiana, USA – it looks like their closest airport is Fort Wayne (FWA). They raise their Maine Coon kittens in their home just like you would keep an everyday house pet.  This helps to keep them having good manners and interact with guests when they come over.

Additionally, they have a cat room for the Maine Coon cats and Maine Coon kittens where they can spend time.

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery states that they breed Maine Coon kittens that have champion lines, sweet personalities, are registered through The International Cat Association (TICA), and are tested for health conditions such as HCM, PKD, SMA, Blood-brain barrier (BBB) Dysfunction. 

Loving Lynx Maine Coons

Loving Lynx Maine Coons is located near Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.  The mission of Loving Lynx Maine Coons is to have wild-looking cats that resemble the lynx, with great personalities and quality health.

Loving Lynx Maine Coons is registered by both TICA and CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association). 

Loving Lynx Maine Coons’ cats go through an impressive amount of testing, including testing for over 20 traits (such as coat colors and coat types) and testing for 40 genetic diseases.

Loving Lynx Maine Coons provides lifetime breeder support and is great about communication and relationships, even after a customer takes their Maine Coon kitten home.  Their cats are raised as members of their family. 


Maine Coon Important Information

It should be obvious that Maine Coons are legal in New York, California, Texas, and other states, so enjoy your Maine Coon!  Make sure you do your research on state and local laws with owning cats like the Maine Coon. These are great cats, and you will always want to make sure your cat is healthy, and the documentation is in order.

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