Are Russian Blue Cats Easy To Train? (Tricks and Tips)

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Training a Russian Blue Cat is easier than one might think, considering cats like to run the show. Cat owners know all too well that cats have their agendas, but it’s important to raise a cat who will be respectful of your furniture, walls, and belongings.

Russian Blue Cats are highly intelligent, making them an easy cat breed to train. Known for being smart and affectionate, Russian Blue Cats make a great choice for a pet owner who desires a well-behaved cat capable of applying its intelligence to learn tricks. 

The saying goes, cats are curious, and the Russian Blue Cats’ inquisitive nature confirms that. Their eagerness to play and socialize with their owner will create a bond to last a lifetime.

Keep reading to learn about how to turn a spry little kitten into a perfectly well-behaved cat.

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Training a Russian Blue Cat (Start as Early as Possible)

It’s vital to start training your kitten as early as possible. Not only are they going to be more receptive, but it stops them from having the opportunity to learn bad habits or get set in their ways. 

You’re bound to learn what works and doesn’t work with your own cat, but here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.

Do’s for Russian Blue Cat TrainingDon’ts for Russian Blue Cat Training
Use a firm voiceUse a baby voice
Use short commandsSwitch between commands rapidly
Be consistentDrag sessions out for too long
Use positive reinforcementYell at your cat if they make a mistake
Be patientExpect them to understand on the first try

If you’ve acquired a full-grown cat, don’t worry, you can still teach them good manners. Russian Blues are naturally inclined to be well-behaved, so you have a good foundation to start with. Just remember to remain patient with your feline friend! 

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat Training (Basic Training)

Before starting the training process, you’ll want to consider what type of training you want to enforce. For example, are you looking to train your cat to be obedient? On the other hand, do you want to litter train them?

Here are a few different types of training that you’ll most likely want to implement with your Russian Blue.

Obedience Training Creates a Well behaved Kitty

You’ll want your cat to learn commands such as sitting and waiting before they eat and scratching only in designated places. Scratching posts and pads are a great deterrent from scratching other furniture.

Russian Blues love to jump and climb, so providing them with plenty of cat trees and climbing shelves will keep them occupied and less likely to disturb your belongings.

Leash Training Stimulates Your Indoor Cat

While our homes are the safest place for our feline friends, cats love nature too. So you may choose to train your cat to walk on a leash so that they can accompany you on walks and adventures!

If you choose to purchase a leash and a harness to walk your cat, you’ll want to introduce these things to them as young as possible and slowly. Start by placing the leash near them, letting them sniff it out, and allowing them to get used to its existence.  

Once you put the harness on them, give them time to get used to how that feels. Please do the same when attaching the leash, and remember never to pull or drag them. This will cause resentment and backtrack your progress.

Leash training your cat is a great way to give an indoor cat both exercise and mental stimulation.

Litter box Training Is Imperative

You’ll want your cat to know where the bathroom is. You’ll want your Russian Blue trained only to relieve themselves in their litter box and not in other places around your home. Some people even train their cats to use a toilet!

While many cats will naturally be drawn to litter and take to their litter box like a professional, some may need a bit of encouragement to understand that that’s where they need to be doing their business. 

Lead them to the litter box and then reward them with a treat and praise when they use it properly.

Additionally, make sure to keep their litter box clean. Cats are clean animals, and they’ll turn up their nose at a dirty litter box quickly. Also, if they start to use the bathroom somewhere else, it may become a habit that will be hard for you to break.

These cover the basics when it comes to training your Russian Blue. You may encounter some behaviors specific to your cat that you’ll want to encourage or discourage. 

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Training Guidelines and Tips

Start simple. Get your Russian Blue cat’s attention by using their name and keep a firm voice. You are the alpha, and your cat should be eager to please you. Commands are best kept to one word so that your cat doesn’t get overwhelmed or confused.

Your cat will look to you for approval, so be strict but not mean. You don’t want to make your cat fear you.

Don’t jump from one thing to another, and don’t overextend your training time. Too long of a session is likely to stress out your cat.

Russian Blues are easily coaxed into things like:

  • Sitting
  • Fetching
  • Jumping
  • Climbing

There will be instances where your cat makes a mistake. Be sure to stay firm or ignore your cat when this happens, since reacting negatively will stress your cat and may potentially lead to them lashing out, developing bad habits, and holding a grudge.

Different Training Methods 

There are a few different methods you can use when training your cat. 

Positive reinforcement is key to making good behavior stick. This includes rewarding them with things like:

  • Treats
  • Praise
  • Pats
  • Playtime

When your cat follows a command correctly, you should give them their reward immediately so they can make the connection between their good behavior and their reward. 

  • Treats: Many cats are food-motivated, and the Russian Blue is no different.  There are training treats available that are small so that your cat isn’t taking in an excessive number of calories.
  • Clicker: A clicker provides an association between following the command, hearing the click, and receiving a treat. Trick, Click, Treat, and Repeat!
  • Praise: If you want to keep food to strictly mealtimes, you can reward your cat with lots of fuss and praise. 
  • Toys: Another option besides food is to reward your cat by playing with their favorite toy with them. 
  • Targets: Using a laser pointer to encourage your cat to jump for targets is a fun training method. Not only will your cat become a pro-jumper, but you can train it to turn off light switches!

Unique Tricks

You’ll want to have a few tricks up your sleeve to impress your friends and fellow cat-owners.

  • High-Fives or Fist Bumps: Hold out your hand until they touch their paw to your hand, and then use the clicker and treat.
  • Play Dead: Get your cat’s attention, and then gently press on their back while saying, “play dead.” Once they lay down, reward them. Some pet owners put a spin on this trick by using finger-guns and saying “Bang!” to transition their pet into a “dead” position.
  • Fetch: When throwing their toy, tell them to “go fetch!” Once they bring it back to you, reward them with praise such as “good fetch” and a treat. 

There is nothing quite like having a special bond with your cat, and teaching them some unique and specific tricks is a fun way to do so. Try thinking of some things you can train them to do that are above the ordinary tricks.

Are Russian Blue Cats Good Indoor Cats?

Russian Blue cats are fantastic indoor cats.  Russian Blues are lovable cats that will enjoy living inside a house. However, there are many dangers outside the home, so I recommend you always keep your Russian Blue indoors unless you take precautions, such as using a harness and leash, cat stroller, or cat backpack. 

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Are Russian Blue Cats Good For Beginners?

Yes, Russian Blue cats are good for beginners.  This is due to Russian Blue cats being social and affectionate.  Additionally, Russian Blue cats do not shed much, which makes them lower maintenance. 


Video: Russian Blue Cat Training

Russian Blue Cats are always down for a good time. They’re a playful breed, so if you keep training time fun for them, they’ll learn quickly and be eager to train with you daily. 

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