Do Abyssinian Cats Like Water? (All The Answers)

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While the mass stereotype of all cats despising water seems to be believed by many, it actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, some cats don’t like water, but plenty of cats love it. So, do Abyssinian cats like water?

Abyssinian cats do like water. Abyssinian cats are well-known for their fondness for water, and they generally enjoy splashing around and swimming in it. Abyssinian cats are fascinated with water and do not mind jumping in the bath tub or getting wet.

When it comes to figuring out how to handle water-based situations with your Abyssinian cat, it can become tricky with the assumption that they may hate it. But, water is an essential part of every cat’s diet and lifestyle. So, stick around to find out about Abyssinian cats, why water is beneficial for them, and why some of them like water while others do not.

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Do Abyssinian cats like to swim?

Yes, Abyssinian cats like to swim. Abyssinian cats are known to enjoy being in and around water to include activities such as playing in puddles, swimming in the bath tub, and playing with the water faucet. Abyssinian cats enjoy swimming more than most other cat breeds.

Abyssinian cats are well known for their fondness for water, whether running water or water left in a container. Much like humans or children, the particulars will be different for every cat. Some Abyssinian cats may like swimming but not bathing. Some may enjoy light sprinkles of water, some may dislike water entirely, and some may have particular preferences varying to different degrees.

It’s important to observe your Abyssinian cat when they are young and try different methods to determine their preferences. Knowledge of these preferences can make caring for them far simpler, allow you to create effective hydration and entertainment plans for them, and ensure your fur baby’s happiness and health over time.

Do Abyssinian Cats Love Water?

Abyssinian cats love water so much that they are known to swim in it. Abyssinian cats enjoy the feeling of water on their heads and are known to play with water faucets and the water that streams out of them. These cats have a natural inclination to love water.

Abyssinian Cats and Water

Abyssinian cats are incredibly comfortable being in water. Many other cat breeds have a fear of water but Abyssinian cats enjoy playing in water and taking baths. Abyssinian cats have been known to swim, play with faucets, and splash in puddles of water.

The specific cat breed will play a superior role in determining how much they like water, if at all. Most Abyssinian cats show a fascination with water and may play with it in various ways. Although, you should always keep in mind that every cat is unique in temperament, even within the same breed.

Abyssinian Cat Swimming

An Abyssinian cat will swim in water. Abyssinian cats love being in water and are mesmerized by it. These cats will jump and swim in the bath tub and will also splash in puddles. Abyssinian cats have a natural desire to spend time in water and try to swim in it.

Abyssinian cats are usually observed splashing around, and while it’s more common for Abyssinian cats to play with water instead of submerging themselves in it, there are cases of Abyssinian cats who like swimming in shallow pools or large shallow water containers. This may be more probable in areas that experience sweltering weather as opposed to cold.  

Why does my cat like water?

Your cat likes water for a few different reasons. Some cats, like the Abyssinian, have a natural genetic desire to spend time in water. Other cats are fascinated by running water. Finally, some cats enjoy the feeling of water on their heads.

It’s quite common for Abyssinian cats to accompany their caregivers in the shower or bath. It is often easier to bathe them since they are more likely to enjoy it than other breeds. However, it should be noted that even cats who love water play may dislike bath time, and there is a greater likelihood of having peaceful bath time sessions if it’s practiced from when they are young.

Which Breed of Cat Likes Water?

Abyssinian cats like to play with water, both when it is running and still. Abyssinian cats are known to swim in water and enjoy taking baths in the bath tub. Abyssinian cats like water so much that they are drawn to play in it rather than be afraid of it like many other cat breeds.

Abyssinian cats enjoy meddling with water faucets, garden water structures, pool water, and water from other sources in the house. They ordinarily splash it around, dip their paws in it, or even try to catch it.

Abyssinian Cat Behavior

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are intelligent and social which makes sense why they enjoy water so much. Abyssinian cats will swim and play in water, including in the bath tub. Abyssinian cats will drink water, which is essential to the proper health of a feline.

Yes, drinking water is incredibly beneficial for an Abyssinian, as all cats need adequate hydration to live. Water helps the brain and body function for various purposes throughout their lives, and cats cannot live for more than a few days without water.

Do Cats Drink Water?

Yes, cats drink water because it is healthy for their bodies. Cats will drink water so that they do not become dehydrated. It is important for cats to drink clean water as opposed to tainted water which can make them sick.

Dehydration can be incredibly severe in cats and can cause far more complicated health issues. It can be recognized by decreased skin elasticity, salivating, trembling, unusual urination, dry or sticky gums, a weak pulse, an elevated heart rate, panting, weakness, and a decreased appetite. A visit to the vet is recommended in the event of such symptoms.

Abyssinian health issues

Abyssinian cats are prone to a number of health issues such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and familial renal amyloidosis, which is a kidney disease known to occur in the Abyssinian cat breed. Abyssinians are also known to suffer from hereditary retinal degeneration.

In addition, certain conditions can arise throughout your Abyssinian cat’s life if they do not drink sufficient water from when they are young. This includes issues with the bladder and kidney, such as stones or infections and urinary tract infections.

This may be correctable with the applicable steps, but it will be really painful for your Abyssinian. Therefore, it’s best to ensure there is sufficient water in their diet to evade such circumstances.

Which Cat Likes To Swim?

Abyssinian cats like to swim because they have a genetic desire to spend time in the water. Abyssinian cats enjoy swimming so much that they will frequently get in the bath tub and enjoy it. These cats love everything to do with water, including swimming in it.

It’s better for swimming training to be done from a young age, and the environment for swimming should be safe, appropriate, and comfortable for them.

Many other cats are known to love swimming, such as the Maine Coon, Turkish Van, and Bengal. 

Where do cats swim?

Cats that enjoy being aquatic will swim in a number of areas including streams, puddles, rainwater, pools, and bath tubs. Cats may feel like swimming because they like water or because they are interested in catching a small fish.

If you find that your Abyssinian cat loves playing with water and/or enjoys swimming, you should ensure that they have a safe and clean water environment in which to do so.


Though most cases of cats drinking and playing with rainwater should be fine, rainwater becomes toxic when stored in galvanized steel or when it has run through dirty areas like drainages or fixtures. When cats play with rainwater, they may ingest harmful substances which it contains. Always ensure rainwater is collected in a clean, safe manner.


Depending on how your pool is treated, your Abyssinian cat may be able to swim in it. However, it’s always advised to give your Abyssinian a rinse with clean water afterward, as the chemicals in the pool should not be left to dry and set into your cat’s fur.

Where can’t Abyssinian cats swim or play?

Swimming in tainted water sources can lead to a range of infections, illnesses, and diseases, some of which may be severe. In addition, cats may consume bacteria after playing with water or swimming since they lick themselves for allogrooming.


Puddles are home to a range of bacteria, including E.coli, Giardia, Leptospira, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, and many more. Consumption of such bacteria can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and many illnesses that necessitate a visit to the vet.

Lakes and Ponds

Other than the bacteria which live in puddles, lakes and similar water bodies house many living organisms. This includes algae which may be toxic, especially if the algae is green, red, brown, blue, or purple. In addition, water with foamy residue on the surface is dangerous and water treated with heavy metals like copper sulfate. Cats shouldn’t go near this water, and contact requires immediate cleansing of the cat and a visit to the vet.

Can my cat swim in the ocean?

No, cats should not swim in the ocean. While it may be enjoyable to take your cat for an occasional swim in the ocean, caution needs to be taken since ocean water contains high amounts of salt – not to mention human waste and pollution.

It’s not advised to let cats interact with ocean water, and consumption of it can cause salt intoxication, which is recognized by depression, vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhea.

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Do Abyssinian Cats Need Baths?

Yes, Abyssinian cats need baths. Abyssinian cats are generally easier to bathe compared to other breeds. If your Abyssinian roams outside or plays with other cats, it may be a good idea to bathe them. However, they have short fur, which means they are less likely to collect dirt and grime on their bodies.

Caregivers should make time to bathe the Abyssinian if they enjoy the water play involved.

Can you put water on a cat’s head?

You can put water on a cat’s head, but most cats will not like it. Some cats won’t mind water on their head if it means they can lick the water as it comes near their mouth for a drink. Many cats are not fans of water and will not want water on them.

If you’ve ever binge-watched cat videos, odds are you’ve seen a few cats sitting under a faucet with water running onto their heads. Unfortunately, this is not something that is done as a standard for Abyssinian cats. Still, it’s not uncommon for them to let the water run on their head during water play or even for drinking since it’s favorable to how they lap up water in small quantities.

Why Do Cats Like Drinking Running Water?

Cats like drinking running water because it is fresher and it is fun to look at. Cats enjoy watching things that move so running water provides some entertainment. Additionally, running water is generally more free of small debris and cats appreciate that the running water appears cleaner.

Cats are far more curious about moving water than still water. Thus they are incredibly intrigued by water faucets and running water sources. They may sit and let the water run onto the head, while others may let the water run onto their heads while drinking the running water. This is one reason why numerous caregivers enjoy providing water fountains, as it serves as a freshwater source and entertainment for them simultaneously.

Water on their heads during bathing

Most cats do not appreciate getting water on their heads or in their face when they are being bathed. Therefore, most caregivers avoid getting water in their Abyssinian cat’s face and eyes, opting to wipe the face gently afterward for cleaning.

If you find that your Abyssinian does not like water, you may have to be creative with bath time and other necessary routines. But, if your Abyssinian loves water, you will need to ensure that their urges for water play are met with appropriate measures, as this lowers the risk of them playing with or even consuming water from hazardous sources. Always consult a professional for specialized guidance, as every cat is unique.

What is an Abyssinian cat?

Abyssinian cats can be identified by their oversized ears, almond eyes, curved necks, and muscular physiques. The Abyssinian breed of cat strongly resembles ancient Egyptian cat sculptures, which makes them incredibly alluring for cat lovers. Abyssinian cats are known to love water.

Do Cats Mind Getting Wet?

Some cats mind getting wet because it annoys them. Other cats, such as the Abyssinian, have a natural inclination to get in water and be wet. Cats that like water will typically enjoy getting in the bath tub and playing with water faucets.


Abyssinian cats do like water, and they show it by playing with water, swimming in the water, and drinking water. So don’t be surprised if you find your Abyssinian cat playing with water coming out of a water faucet or trying to get in the bathtub with you. 

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