Do Bombay Cats Like Water? The Truthful Answers

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Bombay cats are domesticated cats that look like a smaller version of the black panther.  This panther appearance was achieved because the Bombay cat is a hybrid cat breed between the American Shorthair and Burmese cats.  Since the Bombay is a hybrid cat breed, you may not be familiar with many of their feline characteristics.  One of these Bombay characteristics is around water.  So, do Bombay cats like water?

Based on my research, it must be concluded that most Bombay cats do not like water.  There is a small amount of evidence that would suggest that some Bombay cats are comfortable in the water.  However, there would likely be much more publicly available evidence if Bombay cats did enjoy the water.

In this article, I’ll hit all the important points around Bombay cats and if they like water. In addition, this article will include information about the Bombay cat’s comfort around water, swimming, and drinking water.

Read on to learn more about the Bombay Cat and Water!

Bombay Cats and Water

To determine the relationship between Bombay cats and water, you will need to consider whether they enjoy swimming, bathing, and drinking water.  It will also be helpful to understand if there is enough evidence available to make an educated decision on these topics. So, let’s take a look and try to find out if Bombay cats like water.

Do Bombay Cats Swim?

Yes, Bombay cats are capable of swimming, but this is true of most cats.  I did research online, and while I did find a video of two (apparently Bombay) cats swimming at the beach, but I did not see enough evidence to conclude that Bombay cats enjoy swimming. 

Video of Likely Bombay Cats Swimming at the Beach

Bombay Cat Swimming

If you have a Bombay cat and are thinking about introducing it to a swimming pool or bathtub for fun, my recommendation would be to hold off.  Instead, I would gauge how much the cat appears to enjoy a bath and go from there. 

Bombay Cats and Baths

If you keep the water warm, your Bombay cat may enjoy a bath.  In my research, I did find one video where a Bombay cat was swimming around a bathtub.  This video tells me that Bombay cats can enjoy bath time; however, only finding one video tells me that this does not happen often. Therefore, my advice is to watch your Bombay cat carefully if you are planning on bathing it. 

Video of Bombay Cat Swimming in Bathtub

Do Bombay Cats Drink Water?

Yes, Bombay cats drink water and should enjoy it.  Water is incredibly important for any cat, including the Bombay cat.  Water is necessary for good health in Bombay cats.  If your Bombay cat does not drink water, I recommend using wet cat food since wet cat food has a high moisture level. 

I normally feed my cat a combination of wet cat food and dry cat food.  For wet cat food, which helps keep my cat hydrated, I use this cat food available on Amazon (affiliate link):  Check Out The Wet Cat Food On Amazon I Feed My Cat.

If you want to double down on having your cat drink out of a water bowl, I think you should keep a couple of things in mind.  First, the placement of water bowls may be important for your cat. The importance of water placement is because your cat may want to drink water in an area that they feel safe, while still keeping the water conveniently located. 

Second, make sure you monitor the water levels since a cat will sometimes drink water without people watching.  Occasionally, I will see my cat drink water, but it is rare.  My cat usually drinks water when no one is around.

Finally, you should try a water fountain for cats.  I switched to a water fountain for my cat, and there are some real benefits to doing it.  The water fountain will keep the water moving through a filter, which improves the water quality if it sits there for a while.  Also, many cats like running water, so the water fountain can catch their attention. 

This is the water fountain that I recommend on Amazon (affiliate link) and use with my cat.  Charlotte (my cat) drinks from this water fountain daily.  Check Out This Great Water Fountain On Amazon That I Recommend!

This is the water fountain on Amazon that I use with my cat. Check out this link (Amazon affiliate link) to see the product more: Check Out The Cat Water Fountain on Amazon That I Recommend.

5 Cats That Like Water

There is strong evidence that some cats like water.  Five cats that are known to like water are:

  1. Maine Coon
  2. Turkish Van
  3. Norwegian Forest Cat
  4. Siberian Cat
  5. Abyssinian Cat

Which Cats Like to Swim?

The Maine Coon, Turkish Van, and Bengal cat are known to love swimming.  If you own one of these cats, don’t be surprised if they want to follow you into the shower or bathtub.  The Turkish Van is especially famous for being the “swimming cat.”

Which Cats Like Baths?

Many cats, such as the Turkish Angora and Japanese Bobtail, enjoy bath time.  Other cats appear to be scared of baths, but the Turkish Angora appears to be quite comfortable around a bathtub and in the bathwater.  Just remember that most cats do not like to be in cold water. 

Do American Shorthairs Like Water?

American Shorthair cats do like water.  This is important to understand in the context of the Bombay cat as well since the Bombay is a hybrid between the American Shorthair and the Burmese cat.  The American Shorthair cat is commonly seen as being comfortable in and around water. 

Do Burmese Cats Like Water?

Burmese cats do like water, and they are commonly seen interested in running water from faucets and sticking their paws in water.  This is also important when considering Bombay cats and if they like water since the Bombay is a hybrid cat between the American Shorthair and the Burmese cat.

Do Panthers Like Water?

Yes, Panthers like water.  Not only are panthers skilled hunters, but they are good swimmers that are comfortable around water.  Due to their comfort in and around water, the black panther is known to hunt around water sources. 

The Bombay cat looks like a smaller version of the black panther.  However, the Bombay cat does not have the reputation of being an excellent swimmer like the black panther. 


We need more evidence to determine if the Bombay cat likes water, so we must conclude that the Bombay cat does not like water.  We live in a day and age where information can easily be uploaded in written or video form.  I do not doubt that more information on the Bombay cat and their comfort level around water will be uploaded to the internet in the future.

This additional evidence would allow us to consider how much Bombay cats do like water.

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