Do Burmese Cats Shed? (Essential Shedding Info)

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Burmese cats are gorgeous creatures that have interesting physical characteristics and history.  If you are interested in the Burmese cat breed, you will find that this is a beautiful cat.  One subject that you no doubt will want to know more about, especially if you are looking to own a Burmese cat, is if the Burmese cat sheds.

Yes, the Burmese cat does shed.  However, the Burmese cat breed does not shed much.   The Burmese cat is an excellent cat for a potential cat owner that is nervous about cat fur getting everywhere because this cat does not shed much.

The Burmese cat is one of the more interesting cat breeds to learn about.  Read on to learn more!

Burmese Cats and Their Fur

Ready for that exciting origin story?  This isn’t a superhero cat, but the origin of the Burmese cat breed is pretty cool.

The Burmese cat breed in the United States is believed to be descended from a cat named Wong Mau.  Wong Mau was a Burmese cat that was acquired by a sailor and brought back to the United States, where she was given to a doctor in San Francisco.  Dr. Joseph Thompson is known to have then started a breeding program for Wong Mau, which began with a Siamese cat, and we end up with the American version of the Burmese cat breed.

There was a British version of the Burmese cat breed, but it stopped being an official breed by the Cat Fanciers Association.

In terms of physical characteristics, the Burmese cat is muscular and has a sleek coat.  This Burmese is well-known with the sable Burmese color, which I would describe as a dark brown, but this cat breed is now known to come in other colors as well.  The Burmese cat does shed, so if you heard otherwise you are mistaken…but this cat breed does not shed that much!  You will find that in terms of cats, this cat is one of the lower shedding breeds.

Burmese cats are known to be heavier than they look, and this is probably in large part to the muscles they have.  If you have ever known a personal fitness trainer, one of the first things they will tell you is muscle weighs more than fat, and that fact applies here too.  So, even though this cat may look sleek, she will likely be heavier than she looks due to her muscles.

How Should You Maintain a Burmese Cat’s Fur?

The Burmese cat has a smooth coat that does not shed that much.  This cat still sheds though, so I have some recommendations for maintaining this cat’s fur.

  • Brushing – You should brush your Burmese cat at least once a week. I would use a brush with metal teeth that are pretty close together to capture some loose hairs when you brush this cat.  I might also use a glove brush that you would wear on your hand because I have found that a cat likes this brush because it feels like they are being petted while you are brushing at the same time.  Sometimes glove brushes may not be as effective at collecting cat hair.
  • Baths – Giving a cat a bath is known to help with the reduction of unwanted cat hair. Since this cat does not shed much, you can probably give this cat a bath once every two months.  If you find that this cat still sheds a lot of hair, you may want to move the bathing schedule up to once every month-and-a-half.
  • Sticky lint rollers – If you are new to cats, I recommend you get a lint roller with the sticky strips. You will be happy you have one if you are in a pinch and need to de-fur a sofa or your clothes.  Even though the Burmese do not shed that much, if you slack off with managing your cat’s fur, you will be happy that you have a sticky lint roller for when you need it.
  • Nutrition – Most people forget about food when they think about the healthiness of their cat’s coat. Keep your cat and her coat healthy by understanding good cat nutrition.  For my cat, a Domestic Shorthair, I watch the number of calories I give her, but I also am specific about the food I give her.  I like to mix in some fish with her food a couple of times a week to get the fish oils, which are good for her fur coat.

Are the Birman and the Burmese Different Cat Breeds?

Yes, the Birman and the Burmese are two distinctly different cat breeds.  The Birman Cat Breed has a stocky body and is known to a calm cat.  The Birman is a popular breed in the United States, quite possibly because it is well-known to be pretty, good with dogs, and very affectionate.

The Burmese cat is known to have a muscular body, as opposed to the stocky Birman.  The Burmese are also a popular cat in the United States, likely because she does not shed much, is quite affectionate to the humans she has a close bond with, and is also known to be good with dogs.

Does the Burmese Cat Breed Have a Good Personality?

Yes, the Burmese cat breed has a great personality!  This is especially true if you are one of these cat’s humans.  The Burmese cat is incredibly affectionate with humans that she has close bonds with.  This cat breed is well-known to have a lot of energy, so she enjoys playtime, and at the same time, being a lap cat and cuddling with her humans.

The Burmese cat is known to be intelligent and known to be vocal.  These cats are curious and particularly good at jumping, so don’t leave those high cabinets open, or you may find a cat in them.

Do Burmese Make Good Indoor Cats?

Yes, Burmese cats make fantastic indoor cats.  Burmese cats are known to be great friends to humans and appreciate those bonds.  Burmese cats love to play and are good with children.

If you are considering a Burmese cat as your indoor cat I think you will be happy because they are going to become your best friend.  If you are also a dog-lover, these cats are well-known to tolerate canines.  One note about Burmese cats:  they may not appreciate being left home alone.  If you adopt one and find that she is not a happy camper when she is left alone, you may want to adopt another cat to keep her company.


The Burmese cat would be a great addition to most homes.  If you are looking for a low-shedding cat that has an exciting breed history, the Burmese is probably your cat.  Additionally, this cat breed loves the relationship she has with her humans and will enjoy playing and cuddling.  Since the Burmese cat is a low-shedding cat, you will likely have much less maintenance taking care of cat hair, which is a huge plus if you are a busy person.

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