Do Cats Like Blankets? (Simple Answers)

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Between the cats we know personally and the images we see everywhere, there is a narrative out there that cats like blankets. Sure, some cats have preferences that other cats don’t have – my own Domestic Shorthair, Charlotte, generally prefers to sleep on both hard and soft surfaces.   Your cat may not like soft surfaces like blankets.  It’s good to question things from time to time, which begs the question, do cats like blankets?

Yes, cats do like blankets.  In fact, many cats enjoy lying on blankets.  Some cats like particular blankets more than others.  If you have a cat lying on your blankets, it is essential to wash those blankets weekly to cut down on shedding hair, dander, and cat smells.   

Check out the article below to learn more about cats and blankets!

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All About Cat Blankets

Don’t we all love to be snug and cozy? As mysterious as cats are, they are no different in this particular matter. They love being in warm spots, no matter how the weather is, and that’s precisely the reason why you will often find them comfortably sitting even in the smallest spaces that beam with sunshine.

This is also often true with blankets. There are some soft textures out there that are commonly found in blankets and cats like to take a nap on top of them. 

My cat, Charlotte doesn’t want anything to do with lying on or inside the comforter on my bed.  It would not surprise me if some cats are all about the soft comforters on people’s beds.  Because of this, my cat often sleeps directly under my bed, directly under me.

Since most of us consider cats part of our family, you may want to consider getting your cat a blanket of their own.  If you keep it in one of their favorite spots, and give it a few sprays of catnip spray or calming spray, your cat will likely realize that it is for her. 

A personal blanket for your cat might keep your cat comforted during car rides also.  Just another touch that you can provide to try and keep your cat calm during car transportation. 

I know that when I transport my cat in my car, usually to a veterinary visit, I’m thinking the whole time about how is my cat doing?  And, what is she thinking right now? 

You might find that your cat likes different blanket materials more than others.  I have a knit blanket that my cat really enjoys laying on.  I keep it on my sofa downstairs.  This is an Amazon affiliate link to a blanket similar to the one that my cat enjoys lying on:  Click Here.

You might be thinking, wait a minute, you let your cat lay on the blanket on your couch?  Yes, I do.  I also wrote an article talking about if you should let your cat on your furniture.  

While it’s true that cats will snuggle on top of a blanket, they won’t do that with just any blanket. Certain criteria may need to be filled for the blanket to be accepted by your little furball.

Your feline friend is most likely to approve of blankets that are made of cashmere, chenille, fleece, or silk. You might also win their hearts with a wool blanket or a cotton one. These are the most comfortable ones for your cat to snuggle on. 

If you do try to choose a blanket specifically for your cat, make sure that it is breathable and warm.

How to Clean a Cat Blanket

Cats have a knack for cleanliness, but the trouble is that they, especially the furry ones, shed a lot. And you will notice that they don’t simply go away after brushing an area – not unless you wash it.

If your cat shares a blanket with you, it is essential that you wash and clean it regularly. In this case, you will need to wash your bedding once every week.

Even if your cat has a separate blanket and a bed of its own, it will require regular upkeep. Keeping them clean is equally as important. As a matter of fact, your cat’s personal blanket will need a weekly wash to get rid of any bacteria, allergens, and of course, the cat hair. Not only that, but it will also help you minimize pet smells in the house.

To ensure proper upkeep of your cat’s blanket, note whether the material is machine washable or you need to wash it by hand. This is central to preventing tears and wearing out the material too soon.

Besides that, use mild detergent on the cat blanket; make sure it is non-scented since cats have a strong sense of smell.  After the blanket is dry, you might want to go ahead and give it a few sprays of catnip spray or calming spray again.  Here is an Amazon affiliate link to an excellent (and cheap) catnip spray that I use myself and recommend:  Click Here.

Another important consideration you need to consider is that when you are shopping for a cat blanket, try to avoid blankets that have decorative tassels or stones on them. Your curious little one will most likely want to taste the decorative pieces and may end up swallowing them, which can soon turn into a choking hazard.

Cats and Static Electricity

You may have witnessed a strange phenomenon where a cat’s fur stands upright, looking as if they received an electric shock. It results from static electricity, which is caused due to friction between cat fur and blanket, duvet, carpets, etc.

What happens is that there is an imbalance of charge between the two surfaces, causing a temporary flow of electricity. If you pet your cat at that moment, you will likely experience a mild electric shock.

However, the annoyance that it causes in your cat is not mild at all. Your cat will receive a shock, albeit mild, when it comes close to any metal and will immediately bolt from the scene, thanks to their strong survival instinct.

Static electricity is most likely produced from a synthetic blanket. So, when picking up a blanket for your cat, it’s best to get one that is made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

Why do Cats Knead Blankets?

Cats push their front paws in and out following a steady interval; it is almost as if they are baking cookies.

While the exact reason why cats knead is not clear, it is believed that cats begin to knead exceedingly early on in their life. Newborn kittens start kneading on their mothers as they are being nursed by her; this even stimulates her milk flow.

Since childhood, cats can develop the habit and thoroughly enjoy kneading on soft surfaces like blankets.  Not only that, but they also love to knead on other animals as well as their humans.  I’ve noticed my cat, Charlotte kneading on different surfaces before laying on them. I do wonder if she knows she is doing it or not though…

Cats knead – this has been observed in many cats and your cat may also be doing this to mark territory since cats have scent glands on their body, including their paws.  If your feline kneads, there is probably a good chance that they will keep at it throughout their entire life.


So, do cats like blankets? Absolutely! It is evident that cats are cravers of comfort and personal space.  That being said, my observations are that cats like some materials more than others.  Make sure you wash that blanket regularly if your cat is using it.

Christopher Carlson

I have an Domestic Shorthair Tabby named Charlotte. She is full of energy when she isn't sleeping most of the day. I share what I learn about cats on this site.

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