Do Munchkin Cats Shed? (Best Information)

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Munchkin cats are awesome short-legged felines.  Ask anyone who knows them, and they will tell you that a Munchkin cat is a ball of sprinting fun.  If you are looking at owning a Munchkin cat, you are probably considering many important questions, like if a munchkin cat sheds.

Yes, a Munchkin cat does shed.  Munchkin cats are related to domestic cats and have a similar shedding profile.  Munchkin cats shed a medium amount, so if you own one, you will want to ensure you are familiar with ways to decrease the amount of shedding.  

Munchkin cats are unique to the cat world, and because of that, they are very interesting.  Read on to learn more!

Munchkin Cats And Their Fur

As I mentioned above, Munchkin cats are related to domestic cats.  This relation isn’t hard to believe since they look like domestic cats with short legs.  Munchkin cats even have a Tabby variety, which is interesting since Tabbies tend to capture many people’s attention.

Munchkin cats aren’t new to the world, although they might seem new…I know that I had not really heard of them until a few years ago.  TICA states that they put the Munchkin cat as an accepted breed in 1994.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for Munchkin cats due to their short legs.  In fact, Munchkins cats have excellent hunting skills because their short legs help them get into smaller places, and they are lightning quick in short areas.

Munchkin cats have similar fur to the domestic cat, so the shorthair Munchkin resembles the Domestic Shorthair, and the longhair Munchkin has a coat resembling the longhair Domestic.  This coat is definitely soft and feels nice when you pet it.

Munchkin cats do shed, and this is normal.  If you keep your Munchkin cat indoors, do not be surprised if this cat sheds year-round like most other indoor cats.  If you keep your Munchkin cat outdoors, you will see this cat shed more seasonally, with a thicker coat of fur in the Winter.

You are going to want to have a plan to maintain the fur that comes from your Munchkin cat because a medium shedding cat can put a lot of fur around the house if you are not managing it appropriately.

How Should You Maintain A Munchkin Cat’s Fur?

You are going to want to have a plan of attack when it comes to shedding fur.  Munchkin cats are known to shed a medium amount, and if they are kept indoors, will a bit year-round.  Because of this, you will want to keep up on it so that your house doesn’t have cat hair everywhere.  I can tell you from personal experience that if you have a cat that sheds, if you don’t keep up on the hair, it will be everywhere!  That rhymed…even though I wasn’t trying.

My advice is for you to groom your Munchkin cat at least once a week and to do this you should use a cat brush that will capture a lot of fur.  I usually alternate on my Domestic shorthair between a cat brush with wires that are pretty close together and also a hand glove brush, where you wear it like a glove and pet your cat with it.

I’m sure you have probably seen or used one of those cat glove brushes before – they are easy to use and your cat will probably enjoy it.  Sometimes it may seem like you aren’t getting too much hair, but it does help.

It is also a really good idea to bathe your cat regularly.  This will help cut down on the excess hair on the cat.  My recommendation is to do this every 1 to 2 months.

For your furniture, you will want to vacuum the cat hair off it regularly and I also like to use a sticky lint roller before company comes over because they do a really good job of grabbing up cat hairs.  I would do this on the sofa and I’d also try to keep the cat’s common areas pretty tidy, like the areas around cat furniture, such as a cat condo.

How Long Will A Munchkin Cat Live?

A Munchkin cat will live around 13 years.  There are some health concerns that you as a cat owner should be familiar with.

Munchkin cats may appear to have an enlarged head as a side effect of the dwarfism trait that they hold.  Additionally, Munchkin cats are at risk for osteoarthritis, a disease about the joints’ breakdown of cartilage.  They are also well-known to be at risk for lordosis, which pertains to spine curvature, and pectus excavatum, which involves a hollow chest.  Obviously, if you have any questions about these conditions you should consult your local Veterinarian.

While you own your cat, you should focus on giving your cat the best life ever.  Most cat breeds make great friends, including the Munchkin cat.  One way to make your cat’s life better is taking your cat for walks in a cat stroller.  This way your cat can safely go outside with you and still interestingly experience the world.

Do Munchkin Cats Have A Good Personality?

Munchkin cats are well-known to be lovable cats with a great personality.  You will have a lot of fun playing with this cat.  I’m sure you will get some chuckles when she is zooming along with her cute and small legs chasing after a feather wand or a ball.

Munchkin cats are known to be affectionate and vocal.  Do not be surprised if this cat talks to you in many ways.  The Munchkin would be a decent cat breed to have if you have children or plan to have them, and there is a good chance this cat will find a way to co-exist with your dog.


Munchkin cats are phenomenal cats.  Some people may think that they are deformed due to the small legs, but there is no reason to feel sorry for this cat breed.  The Munchkin cat will shed a medium amount and as a cat owner you should have a plan to combat the shedding.  An effective strategy would be a combination of brushing and bathing your cat regularly while also vacuuming your house and managing any cat hair on furniture.

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