Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water? (The Best Answers)

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Although many believe that all cats hate water, many cat owners beg to differ. In truth, there are plenty of cat breeds which in fact, flourish with water play. Water is a vital aspect of every cat’s diet and some cats’ holistic happiness. So, do Russian Blue cats like water?

Russian Blue cats are known to like water to varying degrees. Do not be surprised if your Russian Blue cat enjoys playing with its paw in water and drinking water.  Whether or not Russian Blue cats play with water will depend most on their individual personality.

Water is an essential part of every cat’s diet and regime, and there are many instances where your fur baby will need to intermingle with it for its health. Unfortunately, this area of care can be quite enigmatic for many pet owners. So stick around to find out about Russian Blue cats, why water is beneficial for them, and why some of them like water.

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Do Russian Blue cats like water?

It’s not uncommon for Russian Blue cats to demonstrate numerous fascinations with water to different degrees. Your Russian Blue cat may have particular partialities which may diverge from others. Still, Russian Blue cats are relatively playful and are very intelligent, which also influences their liking of water.

The influential aspects that determine whether a cat will like water will depend on the breed’s universal norms and traits, in conjunction with the unique personality and temperament of your cat. For example, many Russian Blue cats either like or dislike water, but many engage with it for the sole purpose of play.

Specific personalities of Russian Blue cats may vary from others within the breed. Therefore, owners should monitor behavior from a young age to understand these preferences and plan appropriately. Knowledge of such factors will support you in forming a hydration and entertainment plan that is constructive and pleasant for your Russian Blue cat.

Do Russian Blue cats like to play in water?

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats may like playing with water, and it is common for them to splash around or dip their paws into basins, tubs, rainwater collection containers, their water bowls, or even your water glass.

It’s more common for them to engage in such behavior passively as they are lap cats and are not as physically active or energetic as most water-loving cat breeds (i.e., Maine Coon, Turkish Van, etc.).

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Is drinking water beneficial for a Russian Blue cat?

Yes, Russian Blue cats need to drink enough water to sustain health throughout their lives. All cats need satisfactory hydration to live and mature healthily as they grow. Water helps the brain and body function for various purposes, and cats cannot live for more than a few days without water.

Satisfactory hydration supports crucial bodily functions such as healing and supports the development and maintenance of healthy gums, skin, and fur, which is essential for all cats.

Which water bowl you use can be an important part of how your cat drinks water. For example, I use a cat water fountain for my cat, which she uses every day.  You can take a look at this cat water fountain on Amazon (affiliate link):  Check Out This Wonderful Cat Water Fountain on Amazon.

The cat water fountain I recommend. See link above!

What happens if Russian Blue cats don’t drink enough water?

Dehydration can be severe and even fatal in cats; thus, a trip to the vet is needed in the event of symptoms. Dehydration is symptomized by low skin elasticity, quivering, strange urination patterns, dry or sticky gums, a faint pulse, intensified heart rate, wheezing, feebleness, and a lessened appetite.

Poor hydration can also cause issues as they age, such as bladder or kidney stones and infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are incalculably painful for them.

If your Russian Blue cat does not drink a lot of water, you should think about feeding your cat wet cat food.  Wet cat food contains a lot of moisture, and one can of wet cat food should get your cat close to the minimum amount of water they should be drinking.

I feed my cat Fancy Feast pate wet cat food (in conjunction with dry cat food) daily.  You can find this cat food on Amazon (affiliate link):  Check Out This Great Wet Cat Food on Amazon.

Can Russian Blue cats swim?

Russian Blue cats are more known to play with water by other means since they are more passive, but they can enjoy swimming. Some Russian Blue cats may enjoy getting wet by playing in the rain or swimming, but others dislike getting their paws wet. Russian Blue cats will still need the training to avoid grim outcomes such as drowning or swimming in contaminated water sources.

Many owners choose to fill bathtubs for controlled and safe water play, and allowing your Russian Blue cat to swim in such a scenario creates an ideal environment for them coupled with toys and accessories. Displaying a fondness of water to this degree will ultimately rely on your cat’s preferences and whether prior experiences have been positive or negative for them.

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Where can Russian Blue cats swim or play?

Irrespective of how your Russian Blue cat enjoys engaging with water, caregivers must ensure a clean water environment for them to engage with.


Many owners collect rainwater for their Russian Blue cat to swim or play in, and there is usually nothing wrong with this method. However, the collection method holds the most unease since rainwater may become contaminated and even toxic if gathered through gutters or if stowed in galvanized steel.

Rainwater should always be collected directly from the sky or through clean channels and should be left in non-toxic containers.


Some pools are safe for your Russian Blue cat to swim and play in, but this will depend on how your pool is treated. Thus, it’s always safer to provide shallow pools to avoid the danger of drowning, as well as choosing to fill baby pools with clean, untreated water, such as rainwater or tap water.  

Where can’t Russian Blue cats swim or play?

Regardless of whether your Russian Blue cat is swimming or playing, they still risk being affected by the components which it contains, and they may still consume its substances through allogrooming.


All cats will come across puddles at some point in their lives. But, puddles are habitats for bacteria such as E.coli, Giardia, Leptospira, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, and much more. If your Russian Blue cat ingests this water, they may puke, experience diarrhea, or other concerns subject to the bacteria.

Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and ponds can be dangerous as they contain potentially toxic algae, predominantly if green, red, brown, blue, or purple. The water may also have hazardous foam on the surface or contain heavy metals like copper sulfate. Cats should not be allowed near such water; thus, they will need to be bathed and taken to the vet immediately if they have played with it. 


Taking your Russian Blue for a dip or water play session in the ocean may be mostly safe, but there are still risks involved. Ocean water contains pollution, human waste, as well as the risk of salt intoxication for cats. Therefore, going for casual walks on the beach and providing harmless water play settings will benefit your Russian Blue cat.

Do Russian Blue Cats Need Baths?

Most cats can benefit from intermittent bathing, and the Russian Blue breed doesn’t need regular bathing since they have short, dense coats which do not mat or become dirty easily. But, if they roam outdoors or intermingle with other cats, they may need bathing more frequently to avoid tracking in bacteria or ingesting it through allogrooming.

Do Russian Blue cats like baths?

There may be a higher probability of peaceful sessions if they love the water play involved, but this will depend on preceding experiences. Thus, it’s important to validate positive experiences from when they are young by ensuring appropriate water temperature and including toys and incentives in the routine. 

Do Russian Blue cats like water on their head?

Russian Blue cats may sit underwater valves allowing the water to run over their heads or place their heads under faucets to drink the water since all cats lap up water in lesser quantities and appreciate drinking running water.

It’s common for this breed to learn how to open water faucets on their own since they are very intelligent. However, this may not be the case if your Russian Blue only has access to hot or cold water faucets or if they have preferences diverging from this sort of water play.

Fascination with running water

Water fountains are a wonderful and practical addition for Russian Blue cats since they are generally fascinated by running water instead of still water stowed in containers. In addition, your Russian Blue might appreciate having running water accessible to them around the clock, as it simultaneously functions as a source of water and entertainment.

Water on their heads during bathing

Even if your Russian Blue cat enjoys water play and bath time, they may still dislike having water on their head or face during bathing. Nevertheless, this will depend on your cat’s preferences, and many caregivers prefer to wipe the head and face instead. 

If you find that your Russian Blue cat does not like water, you will have to get creative with bath time and other obligatory routines. But, if your Russian Blue loves water, you will need to ensure that their urges for water play are met with appropriate measures, as this lowers the risk of them playing with or even consuming water from hazardous sources. Always consult a professional for specialized guidance, as every cat is unique.

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Do Russian Blue Cats Hate Water?

Russian Blue cats are not known to hate water, but this does not mean they will want to swim.  You should not be surprised to see your Russian Blue cat intrigued by water and play with it on its paws.  You should also watch the water levels in your Russian Blue cat’s water bowl since your Russian Blue should be willing to drink water. 

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Russian Blue cats may play with water and should definitely drink water.  How much your Russian Blue cat plays with water will depend on her individual personality.  If you are trying to get your cat to drink more water, I recommend looking into a cat water fountain or switching up your cat’s food to wet cat food, which contains quite a bit of moisture. 

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