Here’s Why Persian Cats Meow A Lot (Fascinating Info)

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If you or someone you know owns a Persian cat, you may have noticed how vocal they tend to be compared to other cat breeds. So why do Persian cats meow so much?

Persian cats meow as a form of verbal communication to express all sorts of emotions and ailments, including pain, excitement, hunger, anxiety, or even just the need for attention.

While Persian cats can meow for any reason at all, these are some of the key reasons why your Persian cat meows a lot. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the reasons your Persian cat may be meowing a lot and when you should be concerned.

Persian Cat

All Cats Meow, It’s Normal

Most importantly, cats, in general, are vocal creatures, and it doesn’t always mean there’s a problem. To determine if something might be ailing your Persian cat, decide if this excessive meowing is new or out of character.

Persian cats are full of personality, and each one can have its own disposition. In particular, your Persian cat may enjoy vocalizing all of their different emotions, and some can even show affection with their voice.

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Sometimes, Persian Cats Just Want Your Love and Attention

If you find your Persian cat is vocal often, it’s possible they just want some of your affection. Cats are known to be independent hunters who enjoy a life of solitude; however, it isn’t abnormal for them to want some love every now and again.

Their meowing can also be exacerbated by presented obstacles around them. For instance, locking them out of a room they want to be in can lead to your Persian cat being vocal about wanting to be in there. See if they hyper-focus their attention on anything when they’re meowing to get a better idea.

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Persian Cats Will Also Meow When They’re Hungry

If you haven’t fed your furry little friend in a while, chances are you’ll be met with their meows. When they’re hungry, the first thing they’ll do by nature is beckon you to their food or water bowl to tell you it’s time for food.

If their calls for hunger are ignored, chances are they’ll choose other methods to bring their woes the attention they want. You may find your Persian cat getting into things around your home they shouldn’t and potentially making a mess.

Keep your Persian happy with available food and water when they want it most. If you’re lucky, their cries for food won’t evolve into more destructive behavior.

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Persian Cat

Persian Cats Meow out of Pure Excitement Too

If your little friend has been hanging out around the house all day, they can easily be wound up due to the pent-up energy waiting to get out. You may notice this increase in energy when you arrive home after a long day of work, and your Persian cat is just happy to see you.

The presence of other animals can also get your Persian cat excited. If you have neighborhood cats, there’s a chance your cat will see them and get excited by their presence. You’ll notice their fixation on a window or some other external force such as a door to the outside. Their noticeable fixation is usually a definite giveaway as to where their excitement is generated from.

Your Persian Cat Could Also Be Sick

Sometimes, you may find your Persian cat is trying to communicate with you that it’s not feeling well. They may be suffering from some internal issues or trying to tell you there is something wrong. Don’t panic, though; You should only worry if this newfound communication is out of character.

If you believe your Persian cat is ill, you should reach out to your local veterinarian in order to schedule a checkup appointment. While chances are their meowing isn’t anything cynical, you should get a professional opinion when you aren’t sure. It’s always better to go on the side of caution when in doubt for your feline friend.

Is It Possible to Curb a Persian Cat’s Meowing?

Cats, in general, are intelligent creatures, capable of figuring out even the most nuanced behavior. If you’re looking to curb their meowing, you must first know what’s causing it in order to respond accordingly. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why they may be excessively meowing and how to get them to quiet down!

Curbing Meowing for Affection

If your Persian cat is meowing because it wants some of your undivided attention, you can curb this behavior pretty quickly. Since cats are such intelligent creatures, they’ll pick up on whether or not their meowing is getting them what they want.

Ignore their incessant meows. In order to curb their meowing, you must show them that it isn’t working on getting the reaction they’re looking for. If you ignore your cat when they’re meowing, they’ll figure out, pretty quickly, that it is not working. Over time, this should curb the behavior significantly.

Curbing Meowing Due to Hunger

This is one of the more difficult ones to fix, although not impossible. In order to curb their meowing due to hunger, feed them! However, you must not feed them while they’re meowing, or they could associate their meows for food with it generating the reaction they’re looking for.

Instead, if you notice your cat is meowing out of hunger, wait a little bit. Once there is a break in between meows, feed them when they aren’t paying attention. The key is to prevent them from associating their feeding with meowing.

Curbing Meowing from Excitement

If you find your cat meowing from more external forces, it can be more difficult to curb the behavior. Cats are naturally curious creatures, and like humans, can have difficulty containing their excitement.

You can prevent your cat from accessing those external triggers by covering your windows to preventing them from going outside. However, it’s important to remember they’re just excited, and boredom is probably the most prominent part at play here. Try picking up some toys for your cat and playing with them when they start meowing out of excitement.

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Curbing Meowing Due to Potential Medical Issues

It goes without saying if you believe something is wrong with your furry friend, go see a qualified veterinarian as soon as possible. As previously mentioned, if this meowing is out of character for your cat, get him, or she was seen by someone trained to figure out what’s wrong. Not every meow you hear will be severe, but learn to listen for any serious issues.

Now You Know Why Persian Cats Meow A Lot

Video: Persian Kitten Meowing

There are so many possible reasons your Persian Cat meows excessively. If you pay close attention, you can determine the underlying cause of their behavior more often than not. Like people, cats try to communicate with humans in order to voice their excitement and concerns. Knowing what to look for and when it happens can better help you determine the underlying causes.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to curb the behavior with the right amount of attention. The reality is, your cat is going to meow, and you’ll never be able to stop it completely. Showing them the attention they love, making sure they have constant access to food and water, and playing with them to prevent boredom are all concrete ways to keep your Persian cat’s meowing to a minimum!

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