Maine Coon vs Turkish Van (Intriguing Differences Revealed!)

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There’s no denying that cat-lovers adore all kinds of fluffy feline friends for their unique qualities and personalities. But how does the Maine Coon compare with the Turkish Van?  When considering the Maine Coon vs Turkish Van, which cat is better?  What are the main differences between the Maine Coon cat and the Turkish Van cat?   

When comparing the Maine Coon vs Turkish Van, the Maine Coon wins and is the superior cat.  Both the Maine Coon and the Turkish Van are great cats; however, the Maine Coon is larger, built stronger, has a more robust fur coat, is more of a lap cat, and has more breeders in the USA available. 

Stick around to find out all the best features of both of these breeds!

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Maine Coon Appearance vs Turkish Van Appearance

What Does a Maine Coon Look Like?

The Maine Coon somewhat resembles a small bobtail, with a disheveled coat, fluffy mane, tuft ears, and a distinctive long thick tail. The Maine Coon size is generally a hefty frame with a muscular body of up to 40 inches in length. While Maine Coon weight is usually between 18 – 22 pounds for males, females weigh around 12 – 15 pounds, making them quite large as opposed to most cat breeds.

Maine Coon colors usually have a pale body and darker tones around the feet, tail, face, and ears, with an array of various patterns. Maine Coon cats are available in around 75 different color combinations varying in black, white, cream, blueish tones, golden tones, shades of brown ranging from reddish-orange or silver, and some even have a solid-colored coat. 

Such patterns include bicolor, smoky, shaded, tortoiseshell, calico, swirling, ticked, or vertically curved stripes. They have hefty square-shaped heads which feature bright eyes varying in color, commonly ranging in blues, greens, and golds – some Maine Coon cats have odd-eyes, making them even more unique and distinguishing. 

What Does a Turkish Van Look Like?

Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van cats are distinct in visual appearance, with a bright white body and patches of fluctuating color around their plumed tails and heads. Turkish Van colors can often have combinations and patterns on their soft and cashmere textured fur coats and can vary in shades, including red, black, blueish, tortoise shell, tabby patterns, and browns. Still, the most common color variation of this breed is an auburn (reddish) shade. They also have distinguishable lush and bushy tails that resemble the tail of a squirrel.

Turkish Van size is generally about three feet long for adults from the nose to the tip of the tail.  This breed sports a long and muscular robust body topped with a distinct head shape and protuberant cheekbones. Their eyes are distinguishing, as they are set at a slightly slanted angle on their faces, ranging in colors of blue or amber, and occasionally featuring odd-eyes.

Turkish Van Weight for adult males is usually weighing around 10 – 20 pounds and females weighing approximately 7 – 12 pounds, they are relatively large compared to many other cat breeds, featuring a strong and agile body with powerful hind legs.

Maine Coon Hypoallergenic vs Turkish Van Hypoallergenic

Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic? Do Maine Coons Shed?

Maine Coon cats are not hypoallergenic. They do shed quite frequently, although they do not shed more than other cat breeds with lush fur.  Maine Coons are big cats with big fur and you should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time maintaining this cat’s fur coat.

Are Turkish Vans Hypoallergenic? Do Turkish Vans Shed?

No, Turkish Van cats are not hypoallergenic.  Turkish Van cats are less allergenic and have semi-long fur, which they shed in hotter seasons. As a result, their fur does not get tangled and matted very easily.  While Turkish Vans do have fluffy fur coats, it is known that they only shed a moderate amount of fur.

Maintaining a Maine Coon’s Fur Coat

The coat of a Maine Coon cat is silky, smooth, somewhat oily, and is longer around the stomach area than the shoulders. The Maine Coon’s coat needs consistent maintenance and attention since the fur could get matted. However, fur does not mangle as quickly as other longhaired breeds because the fur is not as dense.

The Maine Coon’s fur should be brushed and combed at least once a week, and this breed loves attention, so the grooming would most likely be enjoyed by the cat if she has been trained from at a young age. 

Maintaining a Turkish Van’s Fur Coat

The coat of a Turkish Van cat is smooth and semi-long in length. Although this breed does not shed frequently or have long fur which is hard to manage or mangles easily, it’s still good to ensure that brushing and combing are done once a week, since dead hair should be removed to prevent knots and fur balls. Their fur also repels dirt and water, which makes maintaining the cleanliness of their fur coats much easier.

Maine Coon Personality vs Turkish Van Cat Personality

Maine Coon Personality

Despite their large size and overall demeanor, Maine Coon characteristics are chirpy and sweet, smart, approachable, and tender in personality. This breed is commonly known to enjoy water play, which is quite contradictory to the stigma of cats in general, and they adore interactive play engaging well with various family members, children, and other pets such as cats and dogs.

Maine Coon behavior includes being lap cats that also love being a part of everyday routines or activities around the home. However, they do require sufficient space and exercise to remain healthy and happy.
Video: Maine Coon Personality Traits

Turkish Van Cat Personality

Turkish Van characteristics are energetic, playful, warm, curious, adoring, and occasionally naughty. They are incredibly active and love to climb atop of furniture or cabinets for an aerial view, as well as engage with interactive play such as by retrieving toys and trinkets. This breed gets along well with varying family members, children, and other pets such as cats and dogs. 

This breed is commonly known as the ‘swimming cat’ since it loves to play and interact with water. Turkish Van behavior is that they are quite loving, like to follow their caregivers around, and enjoy a frequent demonstration of affection or laying on caregivers’ laps, this breed does not particularly appreciate being picked up or snuggled for lengthy periods of time. They simply enjoy receiving love and attention on their own terms.
Video: Turkish Van Personality Traits

Are Maine Coons Intelligent?

Maine coons are amazingly witty and intelligent. Although they can be clumsy at times, they are incredibly deft and nimble, with the ability to use its paws effectively when interacting with objects.

Are Turkish Vans Smart?

The Turkish Van is remarkably intelligent and loves to learn tricks and interactive games, including catching and retrieving toys mid-jump or doing somersaults. Although coupled with the physical traits and curiosity of this breed, Turkish Van cats commonly find entertainment in trivial mischiefs such as bumping objects off shelves or countertops. 

Maine Coon Lifespan vs Turkish Van Lifespan

Maine Coon and Turkish Van Lifespan

How long do Maine Coon cats live? Maine Coon cats typically live for approximately 12.5 years, with a lifespan of 10 years up to 15 years if the cat’s health, activity, and nutrition are kept up to par.

How long do Turkish Van cats live?  Turkish Van cats can live for approximately 15 – 17 years.

Enriching Your Maine Coon and Turkish Van’s Life


Both Maine Coon and Turkish Van cats are incredibly loveable in nature, although they are both energetic and require interactive play and activity to be healthy and happy. They both love to be a part of their caregivers’ daily lives, following them around the home and including themselves in activities. Both breeds love receiving affection and attention; however, Turkish Van cats are not as susceptible to snuggling over more extended periods of time.

Going Outside

By utilizing means such as a Cat Stroller, or Cat Harness to walk these cats, they can be provided with a great outdoor experience while still keeping them safe and secure. We talk more about the benefits of cat strollers in our article (click here). 

While both Maine Coon and Turkish Van cats are loveable, gentle, and affectionate, they are certainly not too fragile for a safe and supervised walk outside, as long as training is done thoroughly. They are both active breeds and enjoy running and playing in open spaces; thus, occasional walks would be beneficial.

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Cat Condos / Cat Trees

Cat condos and cat trees provide great entertainment for your feline friends, allowing them to express themselves without damage to your precious upholstery, and maintaining healthy claws by means of scratching post functionality. We talk more about the benefits of cat condos in our article:  Click Here.

In addition, a cat tree gives these cats an ample space all to themselves, and breeds such as the Turkish Van, which particularly enjoy being perched at heights, would enjoy having a tall resting spot within the home.

The cat condo / cat tree that I like on Amazon (affiliate link) for Maine Coons: Click Here.  It is a larger cat tree, and many reviews are by Maine Coon owners who say their cat enjoys the two top platforms. 

The cat condo / cat tree that I like on Amazon (affiliate link) for Turkish Vans:  Click Here.  This is the cat tree that I own for my Domestic Shorthair cat, Charlotte, and she loves it.  Seriously, she uses the scratching posts and I frequently find her laying down on the top platform.

Using Cat Grass

This dietary substitute is created with a blend of grass mixtures that are grown from seeds such as barley, oats, rye, or wheat, and it is specifically designed for indoor household pets. Eating cat grass is beneficial for overall health, helps the digestive system, and acts as a tasty snack for cats. However, it’s always best to ensure suitability with your veterinarian beforehand. 

Maine Coon Health Issues vs Turkish Van Health Issues

Maine Coon Health Issues

Main Coons are generally quite tough in terms of health, as their bodies are naturally prepared for withstanding cold and snow. However, this breed – particularly larger males – can suffer from hip dysplasia. Other potential Maine Coon health problems are Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is usually diagnosable in kittens, and being at a higher risk of developing Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) as opposed to other cat breeds.

Turkish Van Health Issues

Turkish Van cats usually do not have as many health problems and are generally not as susceptible to disease, with no genetic predisposition toward any medical problems. However, they would still benefit from a healthy balanced diet high in nutrition, as well as adequate exercise.

Maine Coon Price vs Turkish Van Price

Maine Coon Price

When I started looking up how to find a Maine Coon for sale, I consulted the websites of two Maine Coon breeders on prices. At Wildcat Creek Cattery, in Indiana, the Maine Coon Price ranges from $1500 – $2500, with potential added costs for delivery.  Deposits are $500 and currently payable through a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. If you are wondering if they have Maine Coon kittens for sale you can rest assured since according to their website, they do.

Wildcat Creek Cattery will deliver the Maine Coon kitten by car, up to 400 miles round trip, for $1.00/mile.  There is also an option to bring the cat to you at the airport if you fly in.  This option costs $145 extra for their effort and a cat carrier for your new Maine Coon cat.

At Riggs Maine Coon Cattery the Maine Coon Cost ranges from $1400-$2200.  They also have Maine Coon kittens for sale.  This cattery does have a waiting list but does not require a deposit unless there are kittens available to reserve.  Deposits are $400 with a variety of payment options to use.

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery has different delivery options that can affect cost.  They can deliver a Maine Coon cat by driving long-distance at $.40 a mile (up to 400 miles round-trip maximum).  They can also fly your Maine Coon cat out to you, which typically ranges from $500-$800.  This cattery is also willing to meet you at the Fort Wayne, Indiana airport if you prefer flying to them.

Turkish Van Price

I did a deep search and found a few websites for Turkish Van Breeders in the United States, but I did not see any pricing information on those sites.  I did find some information elsewhere that stated that Turkish Van’s will generally cost between $400-$600, with additional costs of $1000 in the first year for other expenses (cat supplies, veterinary visits, food, etc.). 

If I get better information on Turkish Van costs, I’ll update this post and also include cat shipping / cat delivery costs if I’m able.

Maine Coon Cat Breeders vs Turkish Van Cat Breeders

Maine Coon Cat Breeders

Maine Coon cat breeders have systems in place to keep high standards for the Maine Coon cats that they raise in their Maine Coon cattery.  This is especially true at Wildcat Creek Cattery, with their champion Maine Coon Cats.  Wildcat Creek Cattery is located in Kokomo, Indiana, USA.

Wildcat Creek Cattery has Maine Coon cats that were imported from Russia.  There is also a close eye on the health of the cats as they are tested for important cat diseases, such as:

  • Feline Hypertrophic Cardomyopathy (HCM) – which is the cat medical condition in which the walls of the cat’s heart thickens, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the heart and can lead to the heart beating irregularly, including too fast or too slow. 
  • Feline Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – which is a feline neurodegenerative disorder that is similar to the human disorder of the same name and can result in muscle tremors, muscular instability, and irregular posture. 
  • Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) – which can cause the formation of plural cysts in the bilateral kidneys and sometimes also in the liver and pancreas.  As the cysts grow, they may lead to feline chronic kidney disease (CKD). 
  • Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) – which is a common feline infectious disease that infects up to 3% of felines in the United States of America. 
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) – which is a feline virus that causes weaker immune systems in cats.  This disease cannot be spread to humans.

Additionally, Wildcat Creek Cattery keeps an impressive Maine Coon Manor that is 728 square feet.  They keep the building heated and cooled for their Maine Coon cats, which is important, because Indiana has hot Summers and cold Winters. 

Wildcat Creek Cattery has a birthing process for the Maine Coon kittens which consists of providing a birthing box that the Maine Coon Mother cat feels comfortable giving birth in.  They have a birthing kit in case they need it and have video cameras set up so that they can monitor everything.  After a few weeks, the birthing box will go away and other things will be introduced, like a cat tree. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery is in Montpelier, IN, USA.  Riggs Maine Coon Cattery treats all of the Maine Coon kittens they raise as a part of the family.  Because of this, their Maine Coon cats live as family members right in their own home – no separate building for a cattery. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery is known to breed larger Maine Coon cats that tend to be on the higher side of the weight range for Maine Coons.  Riggs keeps a close eye on the health of the Maine Coon cats since sometimes health concerns can arise with higher weight. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery typically has kittens with the following Maine Coon colors:

  • Black Smoke
  • Black Tabby
  • Silver Tabby
  • Black
  • Red Tabby
  • Red Smoke Tabby
  • Black Tortie
  • Black Tortie Smoke

Turkish Van Cat Breeders

YpsiVans Turkish Van Cattery is in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.  This cattery is a Turkish Van kitten breeder but also offers older Turkish Van cats.  This cattery offers kittens in all color patterns which have a base of a white body and then could have the following Turkish Van colors:

  • Red Tabby
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Black Tortie
  • Blue Tortie

Additionally, many of the cats at YpsiVans are the highest award winners through the TICA cat association.  Basically, they are putting forth a case that they breed extremely high-quality Turkish Van kittens.

Kayserai Turkish Vans is a Turkish Van breeder in Texas, USA.  They actually raise their Turkish Van kittens inside their large home.  They do this by providing their master bathroom as a birthing area, master bedroom for Turkish Van kitten time with their Mother and utilizing private pens when necessary.  They also have the stud house in a separate building that also has outdoor enclosures.

Maine Coon Adoption vs Turkish Van Adoption

Maine Coon Adoption

Adopting a Maine Coon cat is a great way to give a cat a loving home.  Maine Coon Adoptions is an organization that provides Maine Coon kittens and Maine Coon cats for adoption. 

Maine Coon Adoptions is in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.  They only adopt to people who live in the state of California.

Maine Coon Adoptions usually has Maine Coon cats that are not pedigree.  These cats still need a loving home though.  Maine Coon cat adoptions through Maine Coon Adoptions usually costs:

  • Purebred Maine Coon Cat Cost:  $225
  • Maine Coon Kitten Cost: $160
  • Healthy Maine Coon Cat Cost (Age 1 – 8):  $135
  • Special-Needs or Mature (8+ years old) Maine Coon Cats: $110

Maine Coon Rescue is a nationwide network dedicated to placing Maine Coon cats in good homes.  A quick look at their available cats shows me that they generally cannot guarantee the parentage of the cats that they have available for adoption.  These cats obviously still need loving homes though. 

Maine Coon Rescue operates through a combination of donations, adoption fees and fundraising events.

Turkish Van Adoption

I did a search for Turkish Van adoption organizations and did not see any specifically set up for Turkish Van kittens or Turkish Van cats.  I did see some websites for nationwide organizations and these websites did not always appear to have high quality information on them.  One organization that did appear to have Turkish Van cats for adoption and have decent information available was Rescue Me

Rescue Me appears to be a nationwide network for many breeds of cats, including Turkish Vans.  One of the nice features of their website is the ability to just focus in on the cat breed you are looking for, such as the Turkish Van cat breed.  They give you the ability to look at a map of the United States and see where the cats are currently up for adoption. 

Maine Coon Meow vs Turkish Van Meow

Maine Coon Meow

Maine Coon cats are known to be very vocal.  This means you should not be surprised if you hear your Maine Coon kitten talking to you in a number of different ways.  This could include meows, yowling, trilling, chirping, etc.  Below is a video of some Maine Coon noises (mostly meowing) for treats.
Video: Maine Coon Cats Making Noises

Turkish Van Meow

Turkish Van cats have a soft but sweet meow.  Below is a video of a Turkish Van cat meowing while playing with her owner.
Video: Turkish Van Cat Meow

Maine Coon History vs Turkish Van History

Maine Coon History

There is a lot of speculation around the Maine Coon Origin.  There are some theories that Marie Antoinette’s cats were able to escape France and land in Maine, USA where they eventually were bred into the Maine Coon. 

It is also speculated that the Maine Coon is a crossbreed with a raccoon, which is certainly not true.  The consensus amongst breeders is that the Maine Coon is a product of breeding shorthaired domestic cats in North America with longhaired cats from overseas. 

If you are interested in learning more about cats and racoons, our article goes into detail about whether cats and raccoons get along:  Click Here.

We do know that the Maine Coon starts getting mentioned in documentation in the 1860s. 

Turkish Van History

The Turkish Van cat is considered an ancient cat breed.  The Turkish Van origin is believed to be from the mountains near East Anatolia.  These cats are thought to have been isolated through the Middle Ages, which likely preserved many of their characteristics. 

The modern Turkish Van was developed out of the United Kingdom from some cats that were obtained in Southeast Turkey in 1955.  These cats were then promoted as a unique breed of cat.  This cat breed is considered rare. 

TICA bestowed championship status, which is a high honor, on the Turkish Van in 1979.


The Maine Coon cat and the Turkish Van cat are both great cats that deserve wonderful homes.  If you are doing a real comparison between these two cat breeds, it is important to take many factors into account, such as physical characteristics, health, prices, personality, etc.  

Based on the analysis that I made in this article, I would personally select a Maine Coon cat over a Turkish Van cat.  I do think both cat breeds have much to offer prospective cat owners. 

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