12 Reasons Why Russian Blue Cats Are The Best

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When looking to adopt a cat, many cat owners will filibuster you with information about their particular favorite breed. While well-meaning, it can be overwhelming. What if you just want a common enough cat that will cuddle and play? The Russian Blue cat is a perfect choice for new cat owners and those looking for a furry friend.

These cats have a bit of a mysterious origin, but what we do know is that in 1912, this cat was officially designated as a specific cat breed. Known for their intelligence, they are loving, loyal companions. Still not convinced? We have compiled the top 12 reasons why Russian Blue cats are the best and why they might be right for you!

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Russian Blue

The Cat is Blue

There are many cats in the world with particular features that make them easy to recognize, but Russian Blues stand apart from the pack for their unique, gorgeous appearance. They are slender yet muscular cats, built for speed. During playtime, this can show!

Another attribute is their large green eyes. These can become more vibrant as the cats grow, starting a little yellow as a kitten and bright green when they are adults. Many people describe the appearance of a Russian Blue cat’s eyes as soulful.

Finally, their coat is truly “blue.” When people talk about animals having a blue coat, it’s an offshoot of a black fur gene that creates this silvery grey-blue color. Regardless of how they start as kittens, authentic Russian Blues grow up to be the solid blue color throughout their fur, with no spots or stripes.

With all of this, they’re already beautiful. What makes them a top choice for modeling and advertisement is their poise. Russian Blue cats naturally stand or sit in a very refined manner. This gives them an air of elegance, regardless of whether they are sitting pretty on a window sill or having a good nap.

Russian Blue Cats are Fluffy

Despite being slender and muscular, many people see a Russian Blue cat and say, “That’s a big cat.” This is because of the deceptive nature of their fur. As evidenced by their name, Russian Blue cats have some history in Russia where the climate can get quite cold. To combat this, they have developed a double layer of fur that allows them to stay warm.

This double layer gives them the appearance of a large cat, while they remain smaller than expected. While you can watch them as they bound around, scaling all of the furniture and ledges, this fur makes them more imposing to predators and possibly even unwanted guests.

I personally would not let a Russian Blue cat run around outside on its own, so I would advise using a Catio if you are trying to get your Russian Blue cat some outside time.

I recommend this Catio on Amazon (affiliate link) since it has good space for a Russian Blue cat and will keep her safe if you decide to get her some outside time during the day: Check Out This Great Catio On Amazon.

Russian Blue Royalty

While this cat’s history is shrouded in mystery, one prevailing myth is that Russian Blue cats were the favorite of Russian Tsars. While it is unclear if they originated there or were imported from a nearby island, their regal stances and many images of Russian Blue cats in history lay credence to this.

To learn more about felines and their relationship to Russia, check out my article on if cats are popular in Russia: Click Here.

The Perfect Nickname

If you research Russian Blue cats, you may also find people calling them Archangel cats. This is more than just a sweet nickname. One of the other theories on the origin of these fluffballs is that they came from the Archangel, or Arkhangelsk, Isles north of Russia. It also denotes their sweet, loyal personality, coincidentally.

Well-behaved Cat

While cats aren’t necessarily known for being a massive heap of trouble, some require a certain amount of attention or may have anxiety if their people aren’t around. This is not so with the Russian Blue. These smart kitties are just as happy to lounge around and entertain themselves if you are busy or out for the day. Russian Blue cats can also be affectionate.

Russian Blues Cat Intelligence

Intelligence goes further than just being able to entertain themselves. Russian Blue cats are also trainable! Ranking as one of the more easily trainable cats, you can enjoy hours of playtime and training sessions. Nothing is cuter than a kitty that does tricks, like high five or giving gentle kisses!

Russian Blue

Low Dander Cat

A considerable problem with pets is the amount of dander they can give off, especially for those who have allergies. Luckily, this cat is a low dander cat. While not wholly hypoallergenic, these fastidious cleaners take care of their fur, and their double coat does not create as much as one would expect.

A Very Low Maintenance Cat

There is a lot of care that goes into owning a cat. From nose to tail, grooming needs and concerns must be undertaken to keep a cat feeling healthy and at its best. For the Russian Blue cat, you can rest easy. These kitties are very low maintenance and can handle most of their self-care needs themselves.

Long-haired cats can get fraught with matting and clumps in their fur, making it difficult for them or you to manage their fur. On the other hand, Russian Blue cats have a short coat that they can easily brush out while cleaning themselves or that you can take a comb through. They also enjoy a cleaner living space, so they strive to keep their home clean.

Russian Blue is a Smiling Cat

When you look at this cat’s face, you can discern a slight smile. There is a slight upturn to the cat’s mouth, which inspires the appearance of general contentment. This is not something all cats have and combined with a Russian Blue’s big green eyes. It’s comforting and adorable to behold.

Russian Blue Cats are Cuddly

Russian Blue cats are relatively gentle in temperament, making them perfect for any household. Whether it’s just you or your whole family and a dog, these guys are easy to integrate. Over time, they will love on the family and join for couch cuddles while you watch your favorite shows.

Russian Blue cats are cuddly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be allowed outside.  To learn more on whether a Russian Blue cat can go outside, check out my article: Click Here.

Low Health Risk

A big concern with many cat breeds is the health risks that are attributed to specific breeds. Unfortunately, the same industry that helps us find beautiful kitties to be a part of our home allowed for overbreeding, which can cause serious health concerns throughout a cat’s life. These can be anything from kidney issues to consistent nasal problems. 

Russian Blue cats are a common and naturally occurring cat, despite being a specific cat breed. They have a long life span of 25 years when taken care of properly. Their genes being mostly wild and uncontrolled as they would be in selective breeding allows you to rest easy knowing your kitty is less at risk for health concerns as long as you treat them well.

Russian Blue Cat Loyalty

Loyalty is a massive feature of Russian Blue cats. While they are happy to accommodate a larger household of people, they are known to have favorite humans. This isn’t a bad thing! Once you get a Russian Blue, you know you have a buddy for life who will always be there when you need them most.

Should I get a Russian Blue Cat?

Video: Russian Blue Cat 101

When it comes to adding any animal to your family, it’s always important to reflect on if it’s the right choice for you. There is nothing wrong with wanting a fluffy buddy, but they can be a considerable investment of time, money, and energy. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I willing to make changes in my schedule to accommodate a pet?
  • Can I keep to a routine for them?
  • Do I have the money for this?
  • How much playtime am I willing to devote to them?
  • Can I give them the best care?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, the next step is to research what kind of cat would best suit your lifestyle. Russian Blue cats are an excellent choice for a first-time or long-time cat owner looking to add a fluffy buddy into their life. Their ease to train and low maintenance qualities make them an easy pet to keep and take care of.

On top of that, you have their natural cuddly tendencies and steadfast loyalty! While Russian Blue cats may not be the first mention on your cat-owner friend’s list of breeds, they can outshine and outclass other cats! You can spend many years with this long-lived kitty and have many adventures together.

If you decide to own a Russian Blue cat, I highly recommend getting her a cat condo / cat tree so that she has a space she can call her own (and also has scratching posts).

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Russian Blue cats are phenomenal and have a ton to offer potential owners.  One of my favorite characteristics of the Russian blue cat is that they are both fluffy and low dander.  That is pretty special.  These cats are great.  Here is a table showing the 12 reasons why Russian Blue cats are the best in a different format:

The Cat is BlueThe Russian Blue has a blue color.
Russian Blue Cats are FluffyRussian Blues can be fluffy cats.
Russian Blue RoyaltyRussian Blues have ties to Russian Tsars.
The Perfect NicknameThe Archangel Cat nickname says a lot.
Well-Behaved CatRussian Blues are a nice and friendly cat breed.
Russian Blues Cat IntelligenceThese cats are regarded as intelligent compared to other cat breeds.
Low Dander CatThese cats are lower dander / lower allergy than many other cat breeds.
A Very Low Maintenance CatRussian Blues do not need as much upkeep as many other cat breeds.
Russian Blue is a Smiling CatRussian Blues almost have a natural smile when you look at their faces.
Russian Blue Cats are CuddlyThese cats are fluffy and cuddly.
Low Health RiskRussian Blues tend to have good genes and lower health risks as a cat breed.
Russian Blue Cat LoyaltyRussian Blue cats like to bond with their favorite person.
Table: 12 Reasons Why Russian Blue Cats Are The Best

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