18 Reasons Maine Coons Are The Best Cats

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Maine Coons are always mentioned as one of the best cat breeds to own.  Maine Coon owners are usually the first ones to gush about how awesome Maine Coon cats are.  But, what are the reasons that Maine Coons are the best cats?

Maine Coons are the best cats for a multitude of reasons, including their interesting origins, their robust Winter coat, loving water, and being excellent family pets.  Additionally, the Maine Coon is considerably intelligent and a wonderful hunter.

I will go into detail in this article for each of the 18 reasons that I feel Maine Coons are the best cats.

Reasons Maine Coons Are The Best CatsDescription
Maine Coon OriginThey have an interesting origin story.
Best Cat AwardThis cat breed won best cat in 1895.
Winter CoatMaine Coons have a robust Winter coat.
Gentle GiantThese cats are large but gentle.
TemperamentMaine Coons have an easy-going temperament.
Good Family PetMaine Coons usually get along with everyone in the family.
CuddlyThese cats will cuddle with you when you need some friendship.
PlayfulMaine Coons are pretty playful.
Maine Coons Like DogsThey get along with dogs.
Maine Coons Like WaterThey enjoy being in and around water more than other cat breeds.
They Can Learn TricksThese intelligent cats can learn tricks.
They Can Walk On A LeashThis cat can learn to walk on a leash.
Maine Coons Are TalkativeMaine Coons will tell you what they think.
Maine Coons Are Winter HardyThis robust cat is good in cold climates.
Health Issues (Good Health)They have pretty good health.
Excellent MousersMaine Coons are great hunters.
Maine Coon In Harry PotterCheck out the movie to see a Maine Coon.
Maine Coon Has Been ClonedThis cat has been cloned before.

Let’s look at 18 reasons why one of the oldest American cat breeds, Maine Coons, is the best.

Maine Coon Origin

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are among the oldest natural cat breeds in America, specifically Maine (where it appears to be the official state cat too).

In addition, the Maine Coon cat is considered the only longhair cat breed native to the United States.

Several legends surround the origin of Maine Coons. The most common (however, biologically impossible) reason being that the Maine Coon originates from semi-wild, domestic cats mating with raccoons thanks to their brown coats and bushy tails.

Another popular legendary theory is that Maine Coons are descendants of the six pet cats that Marie Antoinette sent to Wiscasset, Maine, while she was planning her escape from France during the French Revolution.

The last, far less intriguing, however more plausible theory is that Maine Coons originated from short-haired domestic cats mating with long-haired cats brought to America by the Vikings or European sailors during the 1700s.

A Maine Coon Won The Best Cat Award In 1895

The show career for Maine Coons began in New York in 1895 when the Leo, a tabby Maine Coon, won the best cat award. After that, Leo consistently kept winning at the Boston cat shows until he was defeated in 1900 by his son.

After this, the “Persian love affair” began, and as a result, the Maine Coon dropped into second place.

However, the Maine Coon is still present in the top 10 most popular cat breeds for 2020, ranking at number 3.

Maine Coon Winter Coat

Maine Coon cats have magnificent and lustrous two-layer coats. In addition, they have smooth, shaggy coats with a mane of fur around their neck area and cute ear tufts, making them charming creatures!

Main Coon’s thick coats keep them warm during icy winters (like in Maine) and add to their majestic appearance.

Their gorgeous coats may seem like hard work, but do not let their heavy fur coats intimidate you. Maine Coons grooming needs are surprisingly minimal and far more trouble-free to groom than their other long-haired felines.

Maine Coons’ coats do not mat easily; they generally only require weekly brushing to maintain a healthy, silky coat.

In addition, although Maine Coons are not specifically hypo-allergenic cats, they are excellent choices for individuals allergic to dander.

Maine Coons Are Gentle Giants

Often mistaken for bobcats, the size of the Maine Coon cat is a definite contribution to its overall popularity! Maine Coons fall under the category of one of the heftiest domestic cat breeds. Maine Coons tip the scales at 12 to 15 pounds for females and a whopping 18 to 22 pounds for males.

Main Coons’ size and gentle dispositions earn them the nickname of “gentle giants.”

These gentle giants do not stop growing until they are between 3-and-a-half to 5 years old!

Fun fact: Maine Coons hold the record for the longest domestic cat for more than a decade!

In 2018, Barivel, a Maine Coon from Italy, received the Guinness Book of World Records title as the world’s largest domestic cat measuring 3 feet, 11.2 inches. Therefore, unseating the previous record holder, Ludo, who was also a Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coons are big!  Often these cats are compared to the Savannah in terms of how big they get.  To learn more about the Maine Coon and their size, check out my article:  Are Maine Coons the Biggest Cats? Find Out Now.

Maine Coon Temperament

Do not let their grandiose size fool you- Maine Coons are affectionate, friendly, and easy-going. According to the breed standard, Maine Coons have amiable dispositions that earn them another fitting title as “dogs of the cat world.”

These sweet, easy-going felines typically get along with everyone, including dogs and kids. They love being a part of the family and do not grasp terms like “personal space” or “privacy” very well.

Without overly demanding your attention, Maine Coons show interest in what you are doing and will happily follow you from room to room or curl up on the couch beside you or on your lap- if they fit (According to vcahospitals.com, Maine Coons score a 5/5 for lap cats).

Maine Coons are perfect additions for first-time cat owners. They aren’t aggressive and tolerate cuddles and people picking them up.

To learn more about cat temperament, check out my article:  Are Male Cats Friendlier? (Powerful Information).

Maine Coons Are Good Family Pets

Maine Coons are especially good with children- probably the best cat breed for children! You can easily trust them with a baby or child thanks to their highly instinctive protecting nature towards children. In addition, some owners say that their Maine Coon displays protective behaviors towards kids, protecting them from dangerous places.

Maine Coons are fun-loving and keep their kittenish playful behavior well into their old age. They will tolerate cuddles and are extra patient towards children. Maine Coons generally have a soft spot for small kids and may even allow your little girl to play dress-up with it for fun!

However, even though Maine Coons are gentle and patient with children, it’s crucial to teach young children to treat cats gently; even docile Maine Coons won’t tolerate kids pulling their whiskers or hurting them.

Maine Coons Are Cuddly

Maine Coon Cat

Believe it or not, Maine Coons have the uncanny ability to read their loved ones’ moods. Maine Coons are cuddly cats, so their ability to understand how a love one feels comes in handy when they want to cuddle.

Their highly emotional and sensitive natures are a giveaway of how intelligent Maine Coons are (According to vcahospitals.com., Maine Coons score a 4/5 intelligence score).

Maine Coons are loving and affectionate and often comfort someone when feeling sad. But, on the contrary, they also tend to become nervous and edgy when they pick up tension at home.

So, to prevent your Maine Coon from getting the blues and feeling unsafe, try to create a safe, welcoming environment.

Maine Coons Are Playful

Maine Coon cats only reach maturity at three-and-a-half to five years and, therefore, have personalities full to the brim with curiosity and playfulness!

Maine Coons are highly affectionate and love to play and interact with their owners. Females are less outgoing than males but are full of playfulness when they get to know you. On the contrary, male Maine Coons are the soul of the party! They are curious and attention-demanding, whether from their owner or a stranger.

Therefore, playtime is vital to ensure constant stimulation for their intelligent minds.

Maine Coons Like Dogs

Some cat breeds prefer to rule the house; however, Maine Coons mostly crave companionship.

Maine Coons get along well with cats and even befriend dogs and other animals. According to vcahospital.com, they score a 5/5 for being good with dogs.

However, even though Maine Coons get along well with other animals, introducing a new pet may take a few days, even weeks, to share their space comfortably.

Maine Coons Like Water

Whether it’s their water-resistant fur or extremely odd personalities, Maine Coons love playing with water!

Maine Coons are strong swimmers and love turning up water bowls or dipping their paws into puddles and ponds. You might even find these intelligent felines jumping onto the counter to play with the water in the sink or occasionally joining you in the shower.

Maine Coons can even learn to open the faucet after observing their owners!

Maine Coons Can Learn To Do Tricks

Another reason why many owners compare Maine Coons to dogs in cat skins is their ability to learn tricks. They are intelligent and naturally curious kitty cats. Due to Maine Coons wanting to please their owners, many owners can teach them various tricks.

Tricks will enrich your Maine Coon as they get lots of brain stimulation and exercise. Maine Coon cats can learn to roll over, jump through hoops, give high fives, and even play “fetch” with enough patience and treats.

According to vcahospital.com, Maine Coons have a trainability and intelligence score of 4/5. So, it’s worth the while to spend some time teaching your Maine Coon a few impressive tricks.

Maine Coons are intelligent cats.  To learn more about Maine Coon intelligence check out my article:  Are Maine Coons The Smartest Cats? We Find Out.

Maine Coons Can Walk On A Leash

Walking your Maine Coon on a leash might sound far-fetched, but it’s reasonably straightforward if you train them from an early age. However, you’ll quickly find out that it’s the cat walking the human, not the other way round.

Maine Coons love exploring the outdoors; teaching your Maine Coon to walk on a leash will ensure that the cat gets enough exercise to stay fit and healthy while preventing the danger of the cat freely roaming around (cars, poison, other animals).

Some Maine Coon owners even train their cats to go on hikes!

Instead of using a harness and leash with a Maine Coon (or any other domestic cat), I recommend using a cat stroller instead.  To learn more about cat strollers check out my article:  Do Cats Like Cat Strollers? (The Honest Truth).

Maine Coons Are Talkative

Maine Coons are do not meow so much, but they are still very vocal cats. They have distinctive howl, yowl, chirps, and trilling sounds- a mixture of a meow and a purr.

Main Coons are not shy to tell you about their day with their unique vocals and chattiness! However, not all Main Coons are as chatty, females tend to be timid, but males are goofy and highly social.

So, if you prefer a quiet cat breed, the Maine Coon might not be the right fit; however, if you’re a fan of their peculiar chirps, a Main Coon may be your perfect cat!

Maine Coons Are Winter Hardy

Maine Coons are suited for harsh winters. Maine Coons evolved to survive cold winter with unique characteristics like dense, water-resistant coats, longer on their stomach, flanks, and ruff.

However, their fur is reasonably shorter on their shoulders, allowing Maine Coons to move through the woods without getting caught on branches.

In addition, Maine Coons have and well tufted, snowshoe-like paws that allow them to walk on the snow easily despite its heavy build. Finally, a Main Coon’s tail has exceptionally long and bushy fur perfect for wrapping around its body for warmth and protection against the cold.

Maine Coon Health Issues

While all breeds, including Maine Coons can inherit health problems, Maine Coons are generally one of the healthiest cat breeds and can live 12 to 15 years.

Due to their large size, Maine Coons are predisposed to get hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-a common heart disease affecting the heart muscles.

In addition, Maine Coons have a genetic predisposition known as Maine Coon Polydactyls. Polydactyls are the dominant gene for having an extra toe. Many think the extra toe help the cats to use their paws as “snowshoes.”

As a result of the CFA disqualifying Polydactyls as purebred Maine Coons, the trait declined over the years.

Ensure that you purchase your Maine Coon from a reputable breeding source.

Maine Coons Are Excellent Mousers

Maine Coons have excellent hunting skills. Their particular hunting skill is the reason they became popular in the first place. Originating from Maine, the Maine Coon cat caught mice and other rodents to survive. So, in the 1800s, locals kept them in their homes and barns to help rid of mice and rat problems.

Maine Coons still have a high prey drive today and are impeccable vermin catchers. As a result, many owners are surprised with mice and rats as “gifts” from their Maine Coons.

In addition to being good mousers, Maine Coons are good hunters, period.  To learn more about what a Maine Coon will do when they hunt, check out my article:  Will A Maine Coon Kill Chickens? Best Reasons Why.

A Maine Coon Starred In Harry Potter

Remember the fuzzy and shaggy cat roaming through the halls of Hogwarts in Harry Potter? Well, that’s Pebbles (or Mrs. Norris as you may recall)-a famous Maine Coon cat.

Pebbles was one of three cats to Mrs. Norris in the Harry Potter films.

Although reportedly not as responsive to complex training, Pebbles was excellent at walking across the set. The shots of Mrs. Norris pacing through the halls of Hogwarts are of Pebbles!

A Maine Coon Has Been Cloned

In 2004, Little Nicky, a Maine Coon cat, became the first pet animal commercially cloned.

Julie, Little Nicky’s owner, saved his tissue in a gene bank and paid $50,000 to the Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc. to transplant Little Nicky’s DNA into an egg cell for cloning.

A surrogate cat carried the embryo and later gave birth to a kitten similar in appearance and temperament to Julie’s prized Little Nicky.


Video: Maine Coon 101

There are a variety of reasons to consider Maine Coons the best cats.  Some of those reasons are that they are good family pets, love water, and have wonderful Winter coats.  Maine Coons truly are spectacular felines, and it is no wonder that they are always mentioned as one of the top cat breeds. 

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