Are Cat Backpacks Humane? (Answers to Comfort You)

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Anyone who has ever had a pet has wondered if they can take that pet with them anywhere. We all know that there are ways you can carry your cats around. These could be pet carriers, but if you use a cat backpack there would be so much more style! If you are thinking about a cat backpack, you will likely ponder the question “Are Cat Backpacks Humane?”

Cat backpacks are humane. Cat backpacks are a great way for cat owners to transport their cats while allowing the cat to have a great view. Additionally, cat backpacks are more comfortable for a cat owner to wear. Finally, cat backpacks are well-ventilated to ensure your cat can breathe well.

Surprisingly, many people think that these cat backpacks are not humane. But that is not the case because there are cat backpacks that are of excellent quality and provide great comfort to the cats.

It’s important to know more about cat backpacks if you are interested in potentially getting one. Keep reading to hear much more about cat backpacks!

Are Cat Backpacks Safe?

In my view, there are cat backpacks that are built safe. If you pick the right one, you can move from one place to another while hanging your cat backpack off your shoulders securely. Cat backpacks are designed while keeping in mind the safety of your cat, and many of them try to be very stylish too.

The top opening of your cat backpack permits you to put your cat inside, and built-in security belts keep your cat safe. They can keep your cat from getting away.

Many popular brands provide you with a soft lining inside the backpack so your cat can feel more comfortable like being in a cat bed. Most of the backpacks have a transparent window that will allow your cat to explore the beauty of nature with you. As the cat peeks through the backpack window at what is going on outdoors, it may even trigger her innate hunting skills.

A lot of people love their cats tremendously and the ability to cart their cat around with them, while keeping their cat safe and comfortable is a big deal. Cat backpacks will keep your cat secure while you take a walk or go on a hike.

Cat backpacks are well-ventilated, so you do not have to worry about your cat’s breathing inside the backpack. You will obviously want to keep the temperature and weather in mind while you use a cat backpack. If it’s hot out it may be a good idea to keep your cat indoors instead of taking your cat with you in a cat backpack.

The hold that a cat backpack can give you is superior to that of a cat carrier. If you’ve carried a cat carrier, you know that it’s not that great. If you have a large cat, it can be really rough. My cat Charlotte only weighs about eight pounds and carrying her in a bulky cat carrier is a real pain.

Cat backpacks resolve this issue. The pack divides the equal weight on both of your shoulders which is a superior way to carry a cat in my opinion. If you are talking about a quick walk between your car and a veterinarian’s office, it may not matter too much whether you are using a cat carrier or a cat backpack.

But if it is anything longer than that short walk it is probably a better idea to use a cat backpack. It’s probably better for you as the person carrying the cat too since you have the cat over your back instead of leaning over to one side unnaturally while you carry a cat carrier.

Should You Worry About a Cat in a Cat Backpack?

You should use good sense when using a cat backpack, but you probably do not need to worry about a cat in a cat backpack. If you are a cat owner and you are educated on cat backpacks then you already know that a cat is just fine in a cat backpack as long as the cat owner is using his or her best judgment in using it.

If you are a casual observer wondering if you should be worrying about a cat you see in someone’s cat backpack, you most likely do not need to worry because they are safe and cats can breathe in them.

When manufacturing cat backpacks, different companies make a point to design them in such a way that they have ample ventilation openings for the natural breathing of your cat. These are usually made up of Polycarbonate. It is the same material used in making hard luggage bags.

There is a good chance your cat will love being inside the cat backpack. Cats like being in little bound spaces because they make them feel safe and the window will give your cat a nice view. If your cat likes sitting on a windowsill and looking outdoors like my cat Charlotte does, then your cat will probably love being in the cat backpack.

If you are still thinking about how a cat can breathe in a cat backpack, take a look at a cat backpack photo or video and you will clearly see how it works and is safe.

You can also be interactive with your cat by giving your cat a treat inside the cat backpack. If you’re going for a long trip or you are taking a walk around the block, then your cat might like a treat inside the backpack. It also might help you get your cat inside the cat backpack.

If you buy a cat backpack for your cat you still need to be a good cat owner. Cat backpacks aren’t made so that your cat stays inside them for a whole day. As a good cat owner, you’ll need to keep in mind that your cat will need to spend most of the day outside of a cat backpack.

What are the Benefits to Cat Backpacks?

There are many benefits of using cat backpacks. I’m going to talk about some benefits of a few specific cat backpacks below:

1. Space Capsule Backpack

The Space Capsule Backpack (Amazon affiliate link) is cute and stylish. It’s going to stand out the most, and people will notice you with your little kitty. You should really check this one out because it is expandable.

I’d recommend it mostly for small cats while going out for a short trip because it’s much smaller than the other backpacks.


• There are a lot of ventilation holes for the cat to breathe inside the backpack easily.
• It also has mesh on one side to let air inside.
• The dome does come off so you can unscrew it any time to clean it.
• It comes with a plastic coating over the whole backpack to avoid initial scratching.

2. Lollimeow Large Backpack Carrier

The Lollimeow Large Backpack Carrier (Amazon affiliate link) also comes with a dome. It is much bigger than the Space Capsule Bag. This backpack is very cool because it has a great roll-able top mesh opening that I really like because your cat can hang out of it.

I highly recommend this backpack for big cats!


• Great for large cats – up to a 26-pound cat…so, if you have a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat…or just have a large cat (no judgment here!) this is probably the cat backpack for you.
• It has a lot of mesh on the top and sides so your cat can get a lot of air flow.
• It has big pockets on both sides. You can put stuff inside these pockets according to your needs.
• Padded straps on the back look well-constructed, so they’re comfortable.

3. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

The Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack (Amazon affiliate link) is highly recommended when you’re going for longer hikes with your cat. It can be more advantageous in summer because it is a massive amount of well-ventilated mesh (think mesh on mesh on mesh – that much).


• There is a lot of mesh to help keep your cat ventilated.
• Nice opening window for your cat to hang its head out.
• Light weight and easy to store away.

What are the Drawbacks to Cat Backpacks?

Besides the benefits of using cat backpacks, there are also drawbacks to using them.

Here are some drawbacks discussed below:

1. Let Your Cat Stretch Their Legs.

Many cats feel comfortable sitting inside the backpack for many hours. But it would best if you didn’t let them sit inside a tightly confined spot for a long time. If you’re going for an adventure, you have to make sure to let your cat free for some time and stretch their legs.

This means you should probably bring a cat harness and leash with you too.

2. Only one cat in a backpack.

If you own two cats, you should avoid putting them together inside a backpack because most of these cat backpacks are manufactured for carrying one cat only. There might only be space for one cat, so you have to make sure your cat has enough space to feel comfortable.

3. Adjustment Period.

Some cats are different from others. Some cats will adjust to being in the cat backpack quicker than other cats. You may need to try out more than one backpack to ensure you get one that is right for your cat.

4. Dome backpacks can get scratched.

Some backpacks have a clear dome from which your cat can explore the nature outside. If you aren’t careful with how you store your backpack it could end up with scratches.

5. Difficult to Carry Big Cats.

Many cat backpacks are built with smaller cats in mind. If you have a larger cat you will really need to scrutinize the backpack prior to buying it. Also, you will really want to pay attention to the shoulder straps since your larger cat will weigh more and that could take a toll on your back if the straps aren’t good enough or if you aren’t wearing it correctly.

Is a Cat Backpack OK for a Large Cat?

Generally speaking, a cat backpack should be one-and-a-half times the size of your cat. This means the larger your cat is, the bigger your backpack should be for the cat to feel comfortable when you take them out on a walk with you.

Due to the added weight of a large cat, it will be more challenging for you to balance and carry the backpack on your shoulders. This is also why looking at the cat backpack closely prior to buying it is important. You will want to make sure that it has quality straps for your shoulders. It is better to buy a backpack with quality and comfort not only for your cat but for yourself too.

If you’re only traveling a short distance, then the quality of the straps on the cat backpack probably won’t bother you too much. It might be better to just plan like you might be taking longer walks and get a good quality cat backpack.

Some cat backpacks have space where your large cat can sit, but it can’t lay down. So, it is not OK while traveling for long distances. It could be very uncomfortable for your large cat. Thus, the most crucial point here is that you must get a comfortable backpack big enough for your big cat to fit in it.

If you do end up buying a larger backpack due to the size of your cat, it could be tough for you to carry it for a long time. You are not going to want any shoulder or neck pain.


If you are looking to carry a cat somewhere, a cat backpack is generally a safe and humane way to do so. You must choose the cat backpack carefully based on your cat, or else they can get uncomfortable and you could experience back, shoulder, or neck pain.

In general, my advice is that if you are going to buy a cat backpack to share with your cat, then you should buy one that is high quality.

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