Can Bengal Cats Drink Milk? Important Information

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When most people think about cats and what they drink, they often think MILK!  It seems like every movie that cats are in also features a nice bowl of milk with the cat loving it.  Bengal cats are pretty popular now, so it is natural to wonder what they can eat or drink.  But can Bengal cats drink milk?

Bengal cats can drink some milk variants in moderation, but they cannot substitute them for food or water. Owners can offer alternatives, such as specifically designed broths for cats. It is important to keep an eye on the ingredients and nutritional value for any supplements given to your cat.

Although kittens do mature by feeding off milk either from their mother or through milk formula for the first few weeks, it’s pretty common for cats to crave the flavor and aroma of milk as they age.

But, caregivers must be aware of the possible harm it could cause upon your cherished cat if not provided in the right way. So stick around to find out how some milk products may affect your cat, as well as what milk Bengal cats can drink.

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Are Bengal Cats Allowed Milk?

No, Bengal cats are not allowed milk with lactose. This is because Bengal cats cannot drink the same lactose-filled milk that humans do. After all, lactose is not suitable for most cats. So make sure you do not give your cat any form of lactose-filled milk, such as whole milk, skim, or even half-and-half.

The problem isn’t just lactose.  Many cats will lose their ability to digest milk. There are some milk substitutes for cats that are fine for them. However, giving cats these milk substitute alternatives must be done quite carefully since cats do not eat a ton.  You do not want your cat filled up on a milk substitute that may not have the same nutritional value as their regular meal.

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Is it OK to Give Cats Milk?

No, it is not OK to give cats milk.  Cats might appear to enjoy milk when you provide it to them, but they probably do not realize that they will have significant trouble digesting it. Whether or not milk is suitable for your Bengal cat will depend on how your cat responds to milk, depending on lactose and the ability to process milk sugar.

Your cat’s ability to process milk will differ depending on your individual cat’s biological development after weaning.  My recommendation is to skip trying to give your cat lactose-filled milk and instead let them enjoy a milk substitute for cats every once and a while.

Does Milk Fill Cats Up?

Yes, depending on how much milk you give your cat, it could fill your cat up.  Additionally, I recommend you skip lactose-filled milk and instead use a milk substitute or a broth made explicitly for felines.  Be careful because cat broths are not meals and could fill up your cat instead of its regular dinner.

In addition to milk or broths being tasty and satisfying for cats, it may cause them to remember all those good times when they were kittens. This nostalgia could provide your cat positive stimulation mentally and emotionally (as well as filling up their bellies).  Just be careful since most cats cannot digest milk with lactose easily. Therefore, I highly recommend you do not give a cat milk with lactose.

Is it Safe for Cats to Drink Milk?

No, it is not safe for cats to drink milk with lactose.  This lack of safety is due to milk with lactose being potentially hard for cats to digest.  Additionally, if you opt for a milk substitute, such as a broth, I recommend you do your research on the nutritional content and the number of calories.  This research will allow you to ensure that your cat is receiving this treat as a supplement to their diet and will enable you to keep them healthy.

What Can You Give Cats Instead of Milk?

When you are looking at alternatives to milk for your cat, ensure you consider options specifically formulated for felines. For example, you may want to consider special cat broths, lactose-free milk, soy milk, and almond milk.  My recommendation is to use a specially formulated broth for your cat.

Is Milk Harmful to Cats?

Most cats cannot digest lactose, which means they will have a terrible day if they drink milk that contains lactose, like cow’s milk, since it may cause similar symptoms to humans who are lactose intolerant.  This includes digestive problems, throwing up, cramps in the abdomen, farting, constipation, becoming bloated, and more.

Will Lactose-Free Milk Hurt Cats?

Lactose-free milk may be a better option for your feline than milk that contains lactose. However, this does not mean you should give lactose-free milk to your cat. Lactose-free milk may be a reasonable option for your cat as a treat in moderation.

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk or Soy Milk?

Almond milk is likely a safer alternative for your cat than other types of milk alternatives. However, as a cat owner, you still need to be cognizant of the nutritional value of what your cat eats or drinks and how your cat will potentially react to the substances.

Soy milk does not have lactose, but soy milk can contain fewer nutritional ingredients, hindering digestion. So, I wouldn’t give your cat soy milk, although you may be able to occasionally give it to your cat safely.  Obviously, if you have any questions about this, you should consult your veterinarian.

Broths for Cats

Some products are specifically designed for cats to drink instead of milk. It would be best if you considered giving these broths to your cat before doing something you will regret, like giving your cat milk with lactose in it. 

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In conclusion, please do not give milk with lactose to your Bengal cat.  I know that Hollywood loves to put a bowl of milk in front of cats, but most of the time, your cat will end up sick.    The last thing you want to do is put your cat in digestive distress.

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