Can Burmese Cats Go Outside? (The Best Reasons Now)

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Burmese cats are people-loving, highly energetic, and love to play. They are an affectionate breed that loves cuddling. As they love playing and running around, letting them outside in your yard might be a good idea.  But, there are risks to cats that are outdoors.  So, can Burmese cats go outside?

Burmese cats can go outside.  Burmese cats be energetic, and they do enjoy climbing and jumping. They may need encouragement to play outside but they should enjoy it.  Burmese cats should be monitored for safety while they are outdoors.

While this breed can undoubtedly benefit from a balance of being indoors and spending time outside, there are still plenty of risks and safety factors that caregivers should consider.

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Stick around to find out everything you need to know for taking a Burmese cat outdoors and what measures you should put in place to ensure that your furry cat stays protected. Read on for more! 

Can Burmese Cats Go Outside?

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A playful cat with a dog-like personality is sure to thrive within an active household. Burmese cats love the outside world, so having a place for them in your yard, especially when they are young.

In fact, Burmese cats are known to love playing fetch, so having enough room for them and you to do just that can result in hours of fun.

Generally speaking, as Burmese cats are quite sturdy and intelligent, they shouldn’t have a problem being outside for short periods.

This, however, depends on your surroundings.

If you live in a peaceful neighborhood, letting your Burmese cat play outside is not a problem. But always ensure your cat is back by night as there are dangers out there that can be harmful to your pet.

There can be feral dogs and cats outside, or wild animals like foxes, badgers, and raccoons that might harm your cat, or there can be a person who may take your cat.

We talk more about cats and raccoons if they can be friends, and the dangers in our article: Click Here.

If there are roads around your home, since Burmese cats are curious by nature, they might walk out into the road and in front of a passing car.

If you don’t have a yard, then using different pet equipment can help, and I will later cover the types of equipment you can use to take your cat outside.

Can You Keep Burmese Cats Outside?

Permanently keeping your cat outside may only be a viable solution if you have a big enough cage for your cat to freely move around.

The best practice would be to keep your cat inside, where it can feel more like a part of the family. And Burmese cats have no problem with staying indoors as long as you provide them with enough activities.

Is it Bad to Let Cats Outside?

There are definitely benefits to letting your feline outside, like more room for them to run around and enjoy the fresh air.

While it is not necessarily bad to let your Burmese cat outside on occasion, the outdoors may prove harmful to your pet for many above mentioned reasons, so you should think twice before letting them outside.

Some people will choose to install a cat door so their cat can go in and out of the house whenever they like.  There are dangers around using cat doors and letting your cat run free outside, including wild animals entering and feral cats entering homes and increased threats at night.  We talk more about the use of cat doors and the danger associated with them in our article:  Click Here.

Giving the taste of the outdoors life to your Burmese can be problematic as they might grow to like it so much that it would become hard to keep them indoors. So, proper training is necessary for letting your cat know that it can’t go out whenever it likes.

Can Burmese Cats Be Good Indoor Cats?

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Because of the Burmese cat’s natural fearlessness and curious mind, there is a greater likelihood of them wandering off or getting lost.  Because of their beautiful looks and cuteness, your cat might be stolen.

There is nothing wrong with deciding to keep your Burmese cat indoors at all times.

Burmese cats are highly affectionate, and they might follow you around the house, snuggle with you when you lay down, find other reasons and ways to spend time with you, so they will not get bored inside your home.

A great thing about Burmese cats is that they have short fur that doesn’t shed much, so your house will stay clean even with them strolling and rolling around. We talk more about the Burmese cat breed and the amount that they shed in our article:  Click Here.

As they are a breed that loves to play and jump around, having many toys and a cat tree inside your home will be enough to keep your pet busy and happy.

If you have a yard and your cat shows interest in exploring, it might like to see what is out there. In this case, my recommendation would be to take the cat outside using a harness and leash so that you still have some control over your cat.  Just remember that walking a cat isn’t like walking a dog.  Cats will take their time when walking around, even on a harness and leash.

Can You Leave Burmese Cat Alone?

As Burmese cats are highly social, they don’t like to be left alone. If you often leave the house for prolonged periods, your Burmese cat might experience separation anxiety.

In this case, it is advised that you have another pet to keep them company when you are gone. The best option would be to have two Burmese cats.

Ways to Take a Burmese Cat Outside More Often

As mentioned, there are ways to take your Burmese cat outside even if you don’t have a yard. I highly recommend looking into these options since they are generally safer for your cat than just letting your cat out of the house.

Cat Harness and Leash

These offer the most freedom for your cat. It can run around and explore, but you will have enough control and can easily pick your cat up if danger approaches.  A cat harness and leash allows caregivers to closely monitor outdoor activity while providing the Burmese cat with the opportunity to exercise.

We talk more about the ethics of using a harness on your cat and if your cat likes using them in our article:  Click Here.

Cat Backpacks

Cat backpacks are a very safe option that doesn’t allow your cat to walk around. You can carry your cat as you go, which will allow it to look at the outside world in more detail compared to just staring out the window. Cat backpacks may be a great option if your cat is extremely shy, fearful of strangers, or is generally still warming up to the idea.

Cat backpacks are a great option to cover more ground with your cat while still giving your cat a great view.  We talk more about whether people should use cat backpacks:  Click Here.

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Cat Strollers

Strollers are a good option for similar reasons as backpacks, though they don’t allow you as much freedom to move as carrying the cat on your back would. Cat strollers may be another great option if your cat fears interacting with the outdoor environment or strangers.

Similar to cat backpacks in that they will let you travel farther with your cat while giving your cat a wonderful view, cat strollers are even better in my opinion since you won’t need to put any weight on your back.  We talk more about whether cat strollers are actually something a cat likes:  Click Here.

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Letting Your Burmese Cat Outside

There are additional things to consider if you decide to let your cat run around your backyard or you regularly take it out for walks.

Is Your Burmese Cat Microchipped?

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Having your pet chipped is always a good idea because you ensure it will be found if it gets lost and taken to a veterinarian or a shelter. Keep in mind, though, that this will not help if your cat is stolen simply because vets and shelter workers can only access the chip.

It’s important to ensure that your cat has a collar with an up-to-date ID tag on at all times, as this allows identification if another individual or agency finds them. Chipping your cat is a spectacular option for additional safety measures, as this will enable you to find them even if the ID collar has somehow become detached.

There are some key things to consider when thinking about cat collars, especially if you wonder if they are cruel for cats.  Check out this article to learn more:  Click Here.

Water for Cats

It can be dangerous for your cat to drink puddle water that has been sitting outside.

So, providing fresh water for your Burmese cat will ensure they can easily get refreshed and stay hydrated if you let them outside.  My recommendation is to do your best to keep your Burmese cat hydrated with fresh water.

If you end up taking your cat on a walk, whether it be with a cat harness and leash, cat stroller, or cat backpack, take some fresh water along with you so that you can ensure your cat is hydrated. 

Your cat may decide not to drink it when you offer it, but you should still offer it to them to ensure they are hydrated.  People will often not offer their cats enough water, let alone when they are outside in the sun.

Did You Bring the Burmese Cat in At Night?

It is a really bad idea to leave your cat outside overnight. Even if you have a generally safe backyard, by the way, cats can easily get out of backyards, so if you planned to leave the cat in the backyard, it probably was not a great plan.  Instead, bring your cat inside at night.  Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to bring your cat in at night:

  • Encounters with Feral Cats (fights or disease transmission)
  • Encounters with Raccoons (fights or intimidation)
  • Automobiles and the risks they pose (they could hit your cat!)

Should You Give Your Burmese Cat a Bath After Going Outside?

Cats are known to maintain impeccable hygiene by themselves. Even if they played in your yard, it wouldn’t always be necessary to bathe them. But, if your cat is dirty from a muddy puddle, you will need to provide your pet with a proper bath to ensure it is clean.

Any time you let your cat walk around outside, you will want to inspect your cat when you bring her back into the house.  You will want to make sure she is clean, but you’ll also want to make sure that nothing else has tagged along for a ride, like ticks.


Video: Is the Burmese Cat Right For You?

Your Burmese cat will be the safest inside, and it will be quite happy, but if you do want to let it roam outside now, you know my advice to do so. My advice is to keep your cat indoors, but go ahead and invest in a good cat backpack or cat stroller if you really do want to give your cat some outdoor time. 

I’d also pick up a cat harness and leash that fits your cat since even if you get a cat backpack or cat stroller, you will need it. 

Don’t be surprised if your feline friend wants to walk around on the cat harness and leash just a little bit and then lay down in the grass and hang out in the sunlight.  That is one of my cat’s (a domestic shorthair named Charlotte) most favorite things to do!

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