Can Cornish Rex Cats Be Left Alone? (Best Advice)

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Many cats can be left home alone for a short time and will have no issue with this. Cornish Rex cats are an interesting breed in that they are enthusiastic, active, and quite social. So, can Cornish Rex cats be left alone?

Yes, the Cornish Rex cat can be left alone.  I would not recommend leaving this cat alone for more than one day and would board this cat if you would be gone longer.  This cat can get lonely, so you should consider getting another feline to keep your Cornish Rex company while you are away.

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I did some research and tried to dive deep into Cornish Rex cats and leaving them alone.  I also talk about what we can do as responsible cat owners to help our cats enjoy their alone time more.  So, read on!

Can Cornish Rex Cats Be Left Alone?

Normally, you need to get out of the house from time to time, especially if you’re working. Keeping in mind that Cornish Rex cats are social and enjoy your company, there are some things to consider when leaving them alone.

Generally, Cornish Rex cats should be fine alone while you’re at work. If you have proper cat toys and a cat tree, then your cat will have plenty to keep her busy.

But if you often travel, leaving your cat alone for even a few days is not a good idea.  Personally, I would not leave any cat, even a Cornish Rex, alone for more than a day – and I wouldn’t even like doing that.  If it were any longer, I would probably just board the cat somewhere I know she’ll be taken care of.

Do Cornish Rex Cats Need Another Cat Friend?

If you’re wondering would it be better for your cat to have a companion, then here is what you need to know.

As they are highly energetic, Cornish Rex cats can be demanding. With this in mind, they do not like being left alone for long periods of time, so it would be a good idea for you to get another cat to keep your Cornish Rex company.

Do Cornish Rex Cats Get Along with Other Cats?

Video: Cornish Rex Cat Family

Since Cornish Rex cats are very social and enjoy the company of people and cats alike, they will have plenty of fun with another cat, and in fact, it is recommended they do have a companion if you’re out and about often.

They are quite friendly with other cats. So, if your Cornish Rex is bored at home or you’re just considering acquiring a Cornish Rex, then also consider having another cat so that your friend is not lonely.

Are Cornish Rex Cats Aggressive?

This depends on what type of aggression you are wondering about. Usually, all cats display a level of aggression when guarding their territory and their young or as a form of protection.

There are also different forms in which aggression can be exhibited. Hissing is most often the main signifier that your cat is upset and something is very wrong. You should also pay attention to its body language. In most cases, hissing is accompanied by arched back and hair standing on end, especially tail hairs that fluff up.

These are all warning signals from your cat that they are either afraid or they are angry. The best solution is to leave them alone.

But if you’re wondering if Cornish Rex cats are aggressive by personality, then you shouldn’t worry. It is not in this breed’s normal nature to be aggressive.

A well trained and loved Cornish Rex will be a great companion to you and your family. Leaving them alone should not cause any issues, and you shouldn’t expect to come home to torn furniture, that is, if you provide adequate enrichment for your pet.

Cornish Rex Personality Traits

Cornish Rex cats are energetic, which means they are playful, and they need lots of exercise to stay healthy. So, it’s a big plus if you have plenty of room for your Cornish Rex.

These cats are also affectionate, and they love snuggling with their humans. This cat will likely want to snuggle with you.

Cornish Rex cats will talk, and they are also known to use gestures to get their humans attention.

Can Cornish Rex Cats Go Outside?

No, I would recommend that you do not let your Cornish Rex outside on her own.  You may want to let her outside in a controlled environment (cat harness / leash, cat stroller, cat backpack).

As Cornish Rex cats love being around you, they don’t mind at all being led on a leash or a harness, so taking it out from time to time can be a nice bonding experience.

We talk more about the ethics around cat harnesses and if it is cruel for your cat:  Click Here.

You shouldn’t leave your Cornish Rex cat alone and unsupervised as there are dangers for it outdoors.

Other wild animals might attack or frighten your cat, or she might get lost or hurt.  One animal that cats, even Cornish Rex cats, should be watchful of are raccoons.  Raccoons can intimidate and fight with cats and even carry illnesses. 

We talk more about raccoons and cats if they get along, and the dangers:  Click Here.

So, if you’re considering letting your Cornish Rex cat outside, then always be there to keep an eye on it.

Is it OK for a Cat to Never Go Outside?

It is perfectly alright if you decide not to let your cat outside. Indoor cats get used to their life between walls, and they can be quite happy there. In fact, most cats are house cats and have been for ages, so this should not be a problem for your Cornish Rex pet.

Some people choose to install a cat door so their cat can freely go inside and outside.  I would not do this for any cat, let alone a Cornish Rex.  There are a lot of risks to letting your cat roam freely outside.  To learn more about cat doors and these risks:  Click Here.

Do Indoor Cats Get Depressed?

Video: Cat Depression

Since Cornish Rex cats are naturally energetic, they will be quite active. This means that you will need to spend time with them and play, as well as provide them with enough toys and a cat tree.

If your Cornish Rex has enough to keep her occupied and is in a loving environment, it will become well-adjusted and shouldn’t experience depression or any other undesirable state. If you think she is experiencing depression, you should absolutely reach out to your veterinarian.

Some indications of possible cat depression:

  • Reduced grooming
  • Less playing
  • Odd sleeping times
  • Less appetite

Enriching Your Cornish Rex Cat’s Life

Now you may be wondering how you can enrich your cat’s life. There are many ways you can make your cat’s life better. Providing for your cat’s emotional well-being is equally as important.

Cat Condo / Cat Tree

Cat Condos and cat trees are great enrichment items that cats love. They offer your cat not just its own play space but room to be alone and rest.  Cornish Rex cats are no different.

My cat loves two things on her cat condo the most:  the scratching posts and the top platform. Sometimes I will just find her hanging out on the top platform of the cat condo.  If I decide to work on my laptop downstairs, she will usually crawl up to that top platform and lay down since it gives her a great view of everything going on, including what I am doing.

  • The cat condo / cat tree that I like on Amazon (affiliate link) for Cornish Rex cats:  Click Here.  This is the cat tree that I own for my Domestic Shorthair cat, Charlotte, and she loves it.  Seriously, she uses the scratching posts and I frequently find her lying down on the top platform.

Cat Beds

Nice cat beds are a great place for your cat to hang out if you are not around.  It can be difficult to pick a cat bed sometimes because predicting the types of places your cat will want to sleep can be challenging.  Will, your cat like softer cat beds or harder?  Will she like a cat bed that is open to the rest of the room or will she want more of a cubby that is a more secluded area?

  • The cat bed on Amazon that I recommend for Cornish Rex cats (affiliate link):  Click Here.  I like that it offers the cat a place on top and inside a cubby to enjoy great snoozing!

Cat Toys

There is a number of great cat toys out there. Some of them your cat can play with on its own, but some require your participation.

As cats are natural hunters, if you want to entice your cat, then get a toy that wiggles around and move it farther and farther away from your cat like a rodent or a bird would move. This is a fun way to spend time with your pet.

We talk more about the cat’s hunting instincts in our article:  Click Here.

Do Cats Get Lonely if Left Alone All Day?

Cats may appear to be loners, but many cats are social animals, and they do require people or other cats to be fully satisfied.

If you leave your cat alone all day often, this can sometimes negatively impact because your cat needs to feel safe, feel loved, and have fun. So, your feline may get bored and eventually even get lonely.

Do your best to keep your cat’s life enriched, and if your cat needs a friend, you may want to seriously contemplate adopting another cat.  If you think about getting another cat, I highly recommend adopting a Domestic Shorthair cat.  There are usually many of them ready to be adopted, and they need good homes.

Do Cats Suffer from Separation Anxiety?
Video: Cat Separation Anxiety

Yes, some cats do experience separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety can become a problem for your cat if left alone often for long periods of time and if she does not deal with it well. It is possible a Cornish Rex cat could suffer from separation anxiety just like any other cat breed.  If you suspect your at has separation anxiety, you should consult your veterinarian.

Your cat may show some of the following symptoms if they have separation anxiety:

  • Urinating in odd places
  • Hiding Themselves
  • Grooming too much or too little
  • Being Clingy
  • Aggressiveness
  • Possessiveness around people

What Can You do for a Cat with Separation Anxiety?

If you are really worried about your cat’s separation anxiety, you should definitely seek a veterinarian’s advice.

If you are going away for long, prepare your cat for this event by introducing limited periods when you are not present. For example, this can be a short walk, but in time leading up to the longer separation, do it often so your cat adjusts. 

Generally speaking, I’ve heard that you should never leave your cat for over 48 hours alone. Personally, I would not leave my cat alone that long and I would board her instead.

Try not to make leaving a big event leaving or coming back, be relaxed about this, and try to detach cues for you leaving, like taking your keys. Put your keys back, or wear your shoes in your home, leave your suitcase out in the open. This way your cat won’t link these items with you leaving.

What Cat Breed Can Be Left Alone?

Generally, all cats can be left alone for a short amount of time. But some cats are more relaxed with your absence than others.

Here I list a few of those cats, and if you are frequently leaving the house for small periods of time, then maybe these cats are the best choice for you. That being said, I strongly encourage you not to get yourself a cat if you do not think you will have time to give your cat some love on a daily basis.

American Wirehair Cat

This cat breed is low maintenance in the sense that it doesn’t require much attention from you.

They are independent and can keep themselves busy for a long time.

For this reason, American Wirehair is a good cat to have if you are alone or if the cat will be left alone for a while.

American Shorthair Cat

This breed is easy-going and also doesn’t need a lot of attention. Similar to the American Wirehair, this cat will be a great pet for single and busy people.

Persian Cat

Persian cats are great as they can play with themselves for a long time. They are quiet, relaxed, and easy-going. For this reason, they won’t be bothered if you’re not there all the time.

Here are some other cat breeds that don’t mind being alone: Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat.

What is the Easiest Cat Breed to Take Care of?

Video: Ragdoll Cat Information

The Ragdoll cat may be one of the best cat breeds out there.

They are gorgeous cats that require little grooming even though they have semi-long fur. They are great with children and will become best friends with the entire family.

They are relaxed, calm, and love cuddles.

With a ragdoll cat, you are sure to have a lovely cuddle buddy.

Which Pets Can be Left Alone?

Apart from the cats mentioned above, several other pet animals can be left alone. As such, they might be better suited for you if taking care of a cat seems too much.

Believe it or not, some dogs fall into this category. These are independent dogs that are perfect for indoors: Basset Hound, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Maltese, Shar Pei.

If you don’t want a dog, consider one of these pets: rats, hamsters, lizards, or turtles.


Cornish Rex cats can be left alone.  My recommendation is that you do not leave a Cornish Rex cat alone for too long.  I know that a lot of recommendations online say not to leave your cat alone for longer than 48 hours, but truthfully, I don’t know how anyone can leave their cat alone that long. 

I would even have a problem leaving my cat alone for 24 hours.  Personally, I’d look at boarding my cat if that were going to happen.

Sometimes leaving your cat alone cat trigger cat depression or cat separation anxiety.  It’s possible that even the energetic Cornish Rex could suffer from these conditions.  This is why it is quite important that you be observant about your Cornish Rex cat’s behavior.  If you suspect that your feline is having trouble coping with you leaving the house, you should consult your veterinarian.

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