Can Munchkin Cats Go Outside? (The Best Ways)

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Munchkin cats have little legs, but they are still super quick!  We obviously want our feline friends to be entertained and to live full lives.  When they aren’t lounging around, cats love running around and climbing.

While most cat owners want to believe that outdoor time would be healthy for Munchkin cats, many people wonder about the safety of letting these small creatures out into the wild.  We do our best to take care of our fur babies, and while we want them to be happy, we also want them to be protected.  So, can Munchkin cats go outside?

Yes, Munchkin cats can go outside.  Munchkin cats are high energy, and they are quite quick. A cat harness and leash, cat stroller, cat backpack, and Catio are great options for taking a Munchkin cat outside.  Munchkin cats should be monitored for safety while they are outdoors.

While the Munchkin cat can undoubtedly benefit from a combination of being indoors and spending time outside, there are still plenty of risks and safety factors that caregivers should consider.

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I try to give a deep analysis of whether Munchkin cats should go outside and the measures you should take regarding safety.  Read on!

Can Munchkin Cats Go Outside?

Felines are generally just fine if they stay inside the house all day, but you will likely find them starting out a window! If a Munchkin cat went outside, would that be safe?

Munchkins are extremely playful and will undoubtedly yearn to go outside. Your Munchkin may be a fast, fierce, and playful little warrior at home, but she is no match for a coyote or even a feral cat.

Munchkin cats can certainly benefit from time outdoors.  No doubt this cat will love exploring outside. If you are going to take your Munchkin outside, you need to be extremely watchful and maintain control over your cat via a cat harness and leash, cat backpack, cat stroller, or Catio.

Can You Keep a Munchkin Outside?

Munchkin cats should be kept indoors and only taken outside occasionally and under close supervision. While virtually the same as any other domestic cat (just with smaller legs!), the Munchkin’s body doesn’t offer a considerable amount of heat.

Some people might be prone to putting clothing on your Munchkin cat, but there are risks around putting clothing on your feline, especially if your feline is outside!  To learn more about if you should put clothes on cats:  Click Here.

Munchkins can come in all different coats, however not all offer enough warmth for the significant drop in temperature when night falls.

Munchkins have adorably short legs, which makes them, well, adorable, but also easy targets for predators. These vertically challenged cuties can’t quite reach high places to escape like other cats and are at a higher risk of danger.

There are a lot of risks outside, such as the following:

  • Automobiles
  • Neighbors
  • Feral Cats
  • Dogs
  • Tainted water
  • Coyotes
  • Raccoons

We talk more about whether cats and raccoons get along (or fight) and what the risks are:  Click Here.

Can All Cats Go Outside?

Not all cat breeds are meant to be outside. Like the Maine Coon, some breeds are naturally sturdy, while others, such as the Persian, are frail and should stay inside. Cats with no claws particularly should not go outside, as they have little they can do to defend themselves.

Some people will install cat doors to their house door so their feline can go inside and outside at their leisure.  I recommend that you do not install cat doors and instead take your cat outdoors in a controlled manner. 

We talk more about the pros and cons of cat doors in our article:  Click Here.

Cat owners are split on whether cats should be let outdoors at all. Some believe it’s perfectly fine, provided the proper safety precautions. In contrast, others think cats should be kept indoors indefinitely.

The Humane Society of Macomb suggests keeping all cats indoors. There are a ton of dangers outside for cats, let alone a Munchkin.

Is it Cruel to Keep a Munchkin Indoors?

Munchkins will still be perfectly happy if they only stay indoors. They may watch everything happening outside the window, but they will thoroughly enjoy their (safe) life inside.

A significant factor of your cat enjoying life indoors is having something to do. Providing enrichment for any pet is one of the key responsibilities of pet parents. If they have plenty to do in the house, they will be too busy to want to go outside.  You will want to make sure your cats have great cat toys and a great cat condo / cat tree to hang out in.

We talk more about whether cats actually like cat condos in our article:  Click Here.

Still, if you plan on taking your cat out, there are safe options.

Ways to Take a Munchkin Outside Safely

Video: Munchkin Cat Outside

There are a few ways to show Little Munchkin feline friend the world safely. Yes, we know about the typical cat harnesses, but there are also cat backpacks and even cat strollers! It may take a little time for your furry friend to get used to these, but they are the best way to take her out safely.

Cat Harnesses

Cat harnesses can be useful for taking your cat outside, but unlike most cats, you will really need to be especially careful that your cat harness fits your Munchkin cat well. Some Munchkins have such short legs that, if not secured properly, they can wriggle out of and escape.

We talk more about the ethics of using a harness on your cat and if your cat likes using them in our article:  Click Here.

Cat Backpacks

Cat backpacks are a great way to take a Munchkin outside. The backpacks provide a flat, sturdy bottom for your cat to sit on while she looks out and about (typically through a mesh screen or some kind of bubble). A cat backpack is perfect if you want to take your kitty for a long trip but don’t want to load everything up.

We recommend always getting a cat backpack with a tether that attaches to the harness and secures her. We all know how cats can wriggle through even the smallest hole. Cat backpacks with chest and waist straps provide extra support and stability, so look for one with those features as well.

  • This is the cat backpack on Amazon I recommend for the Munchkin Cat since it has excellent airflow and will give your cat a great view (affiliate link):  Click Here.

Cat Strollers

If your Munchkin is an escape artist, it may be safer to take them outside in a cat stroller. It may sound silly, but these cat strollers safely house your Munchkin cat while providing her with plenty of space and a great view of the outdoors – there are even some that can hold multiple pets!

Cat strollers feature mesh walls and windows to allow your Munchkin cat to breathe, rugged wheels so you can take her anywhere, and plenty of storage to keep fresh water for you both. Like cat backpacks, we recommend strollers with straps that clip onto the harness to prevent your Munchkin cat from jumping out.

  • This cat stroller on Amazon I recommend for the Munchkin Cat since it can go pretty much anywhere you need it to while being versatile (affiliate link):  Click Here.


You can get your Munchkin cat her own Catio! Let your Munchkin cat have an outdoor, enclosed space where she can wander freely and safely. These enclosures have a lot to offer a feline that you want to get some outside time. Just make sure it’s completely secure, and you provide water so your cat stays hydrated.

  • This is the Catio on Amazon that I recommend for the Munchkin Cat since it provides a big area for this energetic cat to jump around and hang out (affiliate link): Click Here.

What if You Let Your Munchkin Cat Outside?

Does your Munchkin cat already go outside? Or maybe you’re about to take her? When it comes to any pets’ safety outdoors, consider the following:

Is Your Munchkin Cat Chipped?

Video: Cat Microchip

If she’s not already, get your Munchkin cat chipped. If she gets lost, it’s much easier to find her, and your information will still be there even if she loses her collar.

Speaking of cat collars, you should ensure you have good identification on it so that if your cat is found, they can just give you a quick phone call or text.  We talk more about if using cat collars is inhumane in our article:  Click Here.

Are You Leaving Water Out for Your Cat?

Don’t rely on outdoor puddles to provide your baby with water. These can be polluted and make her sick. Always provide fresh water for your feline to hydrate.  Most people underestimate how important water actually is for cats. 

Some people do not believe that cats drink water, to begin with, but they are wrong.  Cats do need hydration.  Sometimes they get some of it through wet cat food, but it would be incredibly wise to bring water with you if you take your cat outside so that your cat can have a drink.

Did You Bring the Munchkin Cat in at Night?

The night is teeming with danger for a little Munchkin cat, so always bring her in before dark. Remember, I recommend that you do not let your Munchkin cat roam free outside.  It is just a bad idea. You don’t want her hit by a car or spotted by an owl or raccoon. 

Sometimes there are feral cats outside, and your Munchkin cat may be in their territory.  We talk more about this type of danger and if cats will fight to the death in our article:  Click Here.


Video: Munchkin Cats

Your cat will be just as happy indoors as she will outdoors, but if you do take her outside, remember to take all precautions. If you do decide to just keep your cat indoors, take a look at good cat toys and a cat tree. If you decide to take your cat outside, I highly recommend looking at cat harnesses and leashes, cat backpacks, cat strollers, and catios. 

The nice thing about cat backpacks and cat strollers is that they will let you cover a lot more ground than just walking your cat on a cat harness / leash.  This is because cats on a leash move at their own leisure.  My advice is to use a cat stroller or cat backpack and find a nice safe area for your cat, then switch to a cat harness to give your Munchkin some time on the ground. 

Remember to have a well-fitting harness so your Munchkin cat cannot escape.  When you are ready to go home, stick your Munchkin back in the cat backpack or cat stroller and return!

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