Can Sphynx Cats Go Outside? (The Most Reliable Reasons)

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The Sphynx cat is distinguishable by their near furless coats and outgoing, affectionate personalities. Although they are incredibly playful, they can be ‘Velcro lap cats’, and love being with caregivers. You may be wondering if your Sphynx cat could benefit from going outside, and ask the question, can Sphynx cats go outside?

Yes, Sphynx cats can go outside. Sphynx cats should only be let outside under strict watch by the cat owner due to their fragility.  Safe options to take a Sphynx cat outside include using a harness and leash, cat backpack, and cat stroller.

While this breed can benefit from spending time outside, there are plenty of risks and safety factors that Sphynx cat owners should consider, especially since this breed is rather fragile and sensitive.

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Stick around to find out everything you need to know for taking a Sphynx outdoors and what measures you should put in place to ensure that your fuzzy feline friend stays safe. 

Can Sphynx Cats Go Outside?

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Yes, Sphynx cats can go outside. There are many hazards outdoors, and unfortunately, caregivers have limited options for ensuring safety. Major threats include vehicles that risk collision and physical harm and foreign animals that may be aggressive or territorial.

A wise approach to minimizing the risks due to hazards to your Sphynx cat would be to closely monitor your cat, stay within enclosed zones, and steer clear of vehicles or roads. The weather will also play a role in whether or not your Sphynx cat should be outdoors, as they are sensitive to varying climates.

If you consider letting your Sphynx cat run freely between the house and the neighborhood via a cat door, you should consider just keeping the Sphynx cat indoors.  This cat could get injured easily through contact with other animals like feral cats or raccoons.

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Are Sphynx Cats Good Hunters?

Yes, Sphynx cats are good hunters.  Like all cats, you will find that Sphynx cats will be interested in catching small animals when the opportunity presents itself.  Cats are spectacular hunters known to wreak havoc on local ecosystems when they are let loose in neighborhoods.

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Do Sphynx Cats Hunt Mice?

TheSphynx has a natural urge to hunt and may hunt rodents in the home. This can be trained and encouraged by caregivers using toys from a young age.  Cats also have an innate desire to catch small animals, even when they are not hungry.

You may see your Sphynx cat become interested in small animals other than mice.  Every cat is unique, and some cats find interest in birds or small lizards. This may be the case for your Sphynx cat but will vary for each feline.

Is it Bad to Let Cats Outside?

Exposure to various aspects of the outside world would be constructive for them, topped with requisite physical activity demanded by this energetic breed. My advice is to only take a Sphynx cat outside using a harness/leash, cat backpack, or cat stroller. The weather should always be evaluated closely for this breed.

You might be tempted to put clothes on a Sphynx cat, and that is probably ok indoors as long as you are watching her…but you should not put clothes on your Sphynx if you are letting her loose outside.  Cat clothes can get caught on all sorts of things, including tree branches.  The last thing you need is your Sphynx cat climbing a tree and then getting caught up in a tree.

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Additionally, Sphynx cats are hairless (or extremely near hairless), making it easier for them to get scratched or otherwise injured.  I highly recommend that you not let your Sphynx cat roam freely outside.

Can You Keep Sphynx Cats Outside?

It’s not advised to keep this breed outside, as they are incredibly sensitive to many external influences. Keeping your Sphynx cat outside may result in the cat getting sick, injured, or traumatized.

Can Sphynx Cats Get Sunburn?

The Sphynx breed can get sunburned because of their near bald coats, which resemble peach fuzz instead of fur. A Sphynx cat’s nearly hairless body leaves their skin fairly exposed to the elements, and their exposure to sunlight should be limited. Keep a close eye on this during sunny days.

Can Sphynx Cats Get Too Hot?

The Sphynx cat does usually run about four degrees warmer than other cat breeds.  The Sphynx cat’s higher body temperature means you should keep an eye on them if you keep your house hot in the Winter or if your home is just unusually hot for some reason.  It also means that if you put clothes on this cat (like a sweater), you need to ensure you aren’t overheating your Sphynx cat.

Can Sphynx Cats Tan?

Similarly, to the Sphynx being able to get sunburned, they can ‘tan’ as well if exposed to sunlight to a lesser degree or may tan before reaching the point of sunburn. None of these skin changes are healthy, and the skin should remain the same unless it changes naturally through aging. So, do not try to tan your Sphynx cat. 

Do Sphynx Cats Get Cold?

Yes, this breed can get cold as they lack fur, which insulates body heat. Exposure to the cold should also be kept minimal.

The Sphynx may shiver or quake, or even get sick. Caregivers often use cat clothing and jumpers for this breed to keep their bodies warm and shielded from climactic influences. You need to be careful that these cats do not overheat if you put cat clothes on them.

They do not like rain, much like most cat breeds, and dry air can irritate the skin. However, the Sphynx tends to secrete natural oils that build upon the skin quickly.

Things to Consider if You Let Your Sphynx Cat Outside

Is My Sphynx Cat Microchipped?

It’s crucial to ensure they are wearing a well-fitted collar with an up-to-date ID tag on at all times, whether they are indoors or outdoors, as this allows recognition if they are found. Microchipping your cat is an incredible option for additional safety measures, as this will allow you to find your lost cat even if the ID collar has somehow gone missing. 

Collars are an easy complement to your cat being microchipped because if your cat gets out of the house, the person finding your cat can easily look at the ID tag on the Sphynx cat’s collar.

To learn more about whether you should put a collar on your cat, check out our article:  Click Here.

Are You Leaving Water Out for Them? 

Always bring along fresh water and plenty of treats for this feline to make sure they are completely hydrated and sustained.  A lot of people do not realize the importance of having fresh water available for your cat.  Some people do not even realize that cats drink water.  You should bring fresh water along for your Sphynx cat to drink if you are taking your cat outdoors somewhere.

This will also help prevent toxicities and diseases, as cats may ingest harmful plants and substances or drink from tainted water sources.

Do You Bring Your Sphynx Cat in At Night? 

Exposure to harmful factors pose the risk of your cat becoming sick, getting into quarrels with other animals, or consuming substances found outside without supervision, such as toxic plants, dirt, or even edible items from unknown sources due to their hearty appetites.

The Sphynx is extremely vulnerable to climate changes, and temperatures during low light hours will be harmful.  Additionally, some animals lurk outside at night.  If you leave your Sphynx cat outside at night, there is a good chance your Sphynx cat will encounter other animals, which may attack.

Should You Give Sphynx Cats A Bath After Going Outside?

Whether or not you bathe the cat after being outside will depend on several factors, particularly since this breed doesn’t generally do well with bath time. If they have come into contact with dirt, grime, other animals, unknown substances, or unknown plant matter, it may be a good idea.

If they have only come into contact with toys, sidewalks, or grass, then sponging will be sufficient to remove excess dirt and daily oil build up.  You will want to be real careful about a Sphynx cat’s skin.

Other Risks of Keeping Your Sphynx Cat Outside

Do Sphynx Cats Get Fleas?

Video: Talking About Sphynx Cats and Fleas

The Sphynx cat is equally susceptible to parasites compared to other cat breeds, since fleas feed off of skin and blood, merely using fur coats to latch on easily and hide. Fortunately, with the Sphynx’s lack of fur, fleas can be spotted quite easily.

Raccoon, Dog, and Cat Attacks

Many animals that wander outdoor areas may be domesticated. Still, others may be strays that are notorious for carrying parasites, illness, or diseases, some of which can be extremely severe or even fatal.

These animals may also attack if your Sphynx cat is in their area.  Raccoons are particularly drawn to areas that might have food near them, so if you feed your Sphynx cat outside, it will attract any raccoons in the area.

To learn more about raccoons and whether they get along with cats or if there are dangers, read our article:  Click Here.

While the risk of physical harm is, of course a concern, these can often be treated and recovered from. Contracting diseases and other illnesses is a long-term problem and may be far more severe. Ensure that vaccinations are fully up to date, as well as a tick, flea, and heartworm medicine.

Can Sphynx Cats Be Good Indoor Cats?

The Sphynx cat is fairly curious and energetic but is quite happy relaxing in cozy spots within the home, especially before bedtime. Sphynx cats are known to be extremely affectionate and are a great choice if you are looking for an indoor cat. 

Sphynx cats would still benefit from occasionally spending time outside and should only be taken outside when the weather is suitable. There are things you can do to ensure your Sphynx cat has an enriched life, like having great places in the house to climb on and hang out.  For this, I recommend cat trees and cat shelves. 

To learn more about cat trees/cat condos and if cats actually like them, take a look at our article here:  Click Here.

Can You Leave A Sphynx Cat Alone?

This cat breed does not enjoy being left alone at home, as they are lap cats and demand companionship. The Sphynx can keep themselves occupied, but investing in toys, puzzle feeders, and activities to engage their playful and intelligent nature will be beneficial.

Since they do not like being left alone, it might be a good idea to get yourself a second cat to be friends with your Sphynx cat.  You could get a second Sphynx, but my recommendation would be to adopt a Domestic Shorthair cat.  There are usually plenty of them at local shelters and they are great cats.  My cat, Charlotte, is a Domestic Shorthair cat.

Ways to Take a Sphynx Cat Outside More Often

Video: Sphynx Cat On A Walk

The Sphynx becomes attached to caregivers and may follow them around. It’s best to ensure that all time spent outside is planned specifically for this breed, as spontaneous walks with improper safety measures could result in harm.

Cat Harness and Leash: Cat harnesses and leashes provide freedom to explore plus necessary physical activity within the caregiver’s boundaries. This allows you to have a lot of control over taking your Sphynx cat outside. 

Just be conscious of the fact that cats do what they want when they are on a leash.  Cats do not get walked like dogs.  Your cat will want to walk around, lay in the grass, and hang out.  Please be conscious of how much sunlight your Sphynx cat is getting if you take her outside.

To be honest, I’d use a combination of harness/leash with a cat backpack or cat stroller.  This combination of products will allow you to cover a lot of ground by putting your Sphynx cat in the cat backpack or cat stroller and then use the harness/leash to give your cat some time on the ground in a controlled environment that you choose.

Cat Backpacks: Cat backpacks allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without being exposed to environmental conditions. The Sphynx would benefit greatly from such an accessory.

With a cat backpack, Sphynx cats can experience outdoor life with less exposure to direct sunlight or weather conditions while being kept a little warmer in colder settings. If I put a Sphynx in a cat backpack in a cold environment, I’d probably put a sweater on her and monitor her closely.

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Cat Strollers: Cat strollers allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without walking or interacting with the environment. The Sphynx may enjoy such an accessory, as it provides a balance of freedom and experience with relaxation. This would be suitable if the weather is right for them, and they can wear sweaters if it is chilly.

  • This cat stroller on Amazon I recommend for the Sphynx Cat since it can go pretty much anywhere you need it to while being versatile (Affiliate Link):  Click Here.


Taking the Sphynx cat outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for their overall health, activity levels, and happiness. With some perfect safety measures, proper training, ground rules, plus lots of love and patience, your Sphynx could be exploring safe outdoor areas in no time.

I think your Sphynx cat will appreciate you taking her outside, but please be mindful of the environmental factors.

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