Do Bengal Cats Like Water? Find Out Why They Love It!

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Many people still believe the mass stereotype of all cats hating water, but the reality is that there are plenty of cats that thrive off of water play. Furthermore, water is a vital aspect of every cats’ diet and some cats’ overall happiness. So, do Bengal cats like water?

Bengal cats are infamous for their love of water. They commonly dip their paws in the water, splash around, and may even swim. But, every cat is unique, and your Bengal may or may not like water as much as others within the same breed.

Water is an integral part of every cat’s diet and lifestyle, and there are many times where your fur baby will need to interact with it for its health. Unfortunately, this area of care can be quite perplexing for many pet owners. So stick around to find out about Bengal cats, why water is excellent for them, and why most love water.

Do Bengal cats like water?

Most Bengal cats do, in fact, like water – some might say they love water. They enjoy drinking, they love water play, and they frequently enjoy anything which involves an opportunity to meddle with water. Most Bengal owners ensure that water play is an integral aspect of their care and routines for optimum happiness and health.

Don’t be surprised if you see your Bengal cat hang out in the bathroom while you take a shower or even try to enter the shower while you are in it.  Bengal cats love water and might surprise you with their willingness to play with it.

Bengal cat characteristics

The most prominent contributing factor determining whether or not a cat will like water will be dependent on the breed’s standards, in combination with your cat’s unique personality and temperament. For example, most Bengal cats enjoy water due to their combination of domestic and exotic ancestry. Thus it’s highly likely that your Bengal will too.

However, the specific preferences of your Bengal cat may differ from the preferences of others, even if they do indeed love water. Observing your cat from when they are young is incredibly beneficial for gaining insight into these preferences and will allow caregivers to create a hydration and entertainment plan that is enjoyable and beneficial for your cat.

Do Bengal cats swim?

Yes, Bengal cats will swim.  It is more common for water-loving cats, such as the Bengal, to play and meddle with water instead of fully submerging themselves in it. Bengal cats are one of the breeds known for enjoying swimming.

Various circumstances will allow your Bengal to swim safely, and they will need the training to avoid dire situations, such as drowning or swimming in tainted water sources.

Many Bengal cat owners opt to partially fill the bathtub or a shallow baby pool with clean water and toys for them. This allows your cat to enjoy all the benefits of water play and swimming in a way that is safe, fun, and observable by owners, especially while they are still young.

Do Bengal cats like baths?

Yes, Bengal cats like baths because they love water.  It is far more likely to have peaceful and successful bath time sessions with a Bengal cat since they love water so much. However, take special care when shampooing a Bengal since this isn’t normal when swimming.

So, it’s important to make sure they have had good experiences from when they are young, as this has a better influence on their enjoyment during bath time. Owners can also make it fun by adding toys and incentives to the routine. 

Do Bengal cats hate water?

Bengal cats do not hate water.  On the contrary, they adore playing with water. Bengal cats often dip their paws into containers with water in them, including sinks and basins, tubs, rainwater collection containers as well as their water bowl.

Bengal cats also commonly swat at objects floating around in the water, splash around in the water, and they may even fully submerge themselves as well.

Do Bengal Cats Drink Water?

Bengal Cat

Yes, Bengal cats drink water.  They need to drink sufficient water to maintain health throughout their life. Water aids all aspects of health, ranging from physical to mental factors. It also helps ward off infection, promotes healing and regeneration, and supports healthy skin.

What happens if Bengal cats don’t drink enough water?

Dehydration can be severe in cats and can result in many harmful repercussions in addition to the risk of fatality. Thus a visit to the vet is needed. Dehydration is categorized by low skin elasticity, slobbering, shuddering, strange urination patterns, dry or viscous gums, a faint pulse, intensified heart rate, wheezing, feebleness, and lessened appetite.

Bengal cats are quite active, and they need enough water to sustain this as well. Unfortunately, a lack of adequate hydration throughout their life can also cause issues to arise later in their life, including bladder or kidney stones and infections and urinary tract infections, which are extremely painful for them.

How do I get my Bengal cat to drink water?

There are a few things you can try to get your Bengal cat to drink water.  First, try using a water fountain.  Second, try using more water bowls (one per floor of a house should be helpful).  Third, switch to wet cat food since it contains a high amount of moisture. 

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Can Bengal cats swim?

Yes, Bengal cats are usually quite keen on swimming compared to other breeds. But, it is still best to ensure that they have received swimming training for safety.

Where can Bengal cats swim or play?

Regardless of how your Bengal cat enjoys playing with water, caregivers have to ensure a clean water environment in which to do so.


Many caregivers collect rainwater in containers for their Bengal cats to swim or play in, and there is usually nothing wrong with this method. However, the collection process is usually what holds the most concern since rainwater may become tainted and even toxic if it runs through drainage pathways or gutters or stored in galvanized steel.

Rainwater should always be collected directly from the sky or through clean channels and stored in non-toxic materials.


Many pools are safe for your Bengal cat to swim and play, but this will depend on how your pool is treated and the water content. In addition, it’s always safer to provide shallow pools instead of full depth pools to evade the risk of drowning completely. Thus baby pools are a good option.  

Where can’t Bengal cats swim?

Regardless of whether your Bengal cat is swimming or playing, they still risk being affected by the substances which it contains. This risk is since it may damage their fur and skin, and they may still swallow its contents through allogrooming.


All cats encounter puddles at varying points in their lives. But, puddles are breeding grounds for bacteria such as E.coli, Giardia, Leptospira, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, and many more. If your Bengal cat ingests this water, it may vomit, experience diarrhea, or other consequences subject to the bacteria.

Lakes and Ponds

There is a copious amount of risk involved with natural water bodies, as they contain algae that may be toxic, particularly if the algae is green, red, brown, blue, or purple. The water may also have hazardous foam on its surface or may hold heavy metals like copper sulfate. Cats should not be allowed near such water bodies, and they will need an abrupt cleanse and vet assistance if they have interacted with it. 


Taking your Bengal for a swim in the ocean may be safe in most cases, but caregivers need to be mindful of potential risks. Ocean water contains pollution, human waste, as well as the risk of salt intoxication for cats. Thus, it’s best to avoid these risks altogether by opting for a casual walk on the beach and safer swimming environments instead.

Do Bengal Cats Need Baths?

Yes, Bengal cats need baths occasionally.  All cats can benefit from occasional bathing, and bathing a Bengal cat will likely be far simpler due to their natural attraction to water.  Keep an eye on the Bengal cat’s reaction to shampoo since that isn’t a normal part of swimming.

However, cats that roam outdoors and interact with other cats will have a greater necessity to bathing. A Bengal cat’s cleanliness will also be affected by how often your Bengal partakes in allogrooming.

Do Bengal cats like water on their head?

Bengal cats may be more likely to sit underwater faucets allowing the water to run over their heads since they love water and may not mind being submerged in it. They may also place their heads under faucets to drink the water since all cats lap up water in small quantities and enjoy drinking running water.

Fascination with running water

Water fountains are a fantastic addition for Bengals since they are naturally intrigued by running water instead of still water collected in containers. Additionally, your Bengal may appreciate having running water to play with, as it functions as a freshwater source and a source of entertainment for them simultaneously.

Water on their heads during bathing

Although Bengal cats are more likely to enjoy bath time, they may still dislike having water on their head or face. However, this will largely depend on your cat’s preferences, and many caregivers prefer to wipe the head and face instead.

Although there is a chance your Bengal dislikes water, the odds are that they may take a liking to it with enough safe exposure. Ensure that their needs for water play are met with appropriate measures and training, as this decreases the risk of them playing with or even consuming tainted water. Always consult a professional for specialized guidance, as every cat is unique.

How often should you bathe a Bengal cat?

You should bathe your Bengal cat monthly.  If your cat ends up getting especially dirty, you may want to give them a bath more often.  Don’t be surprised if your Bengal cat enjoys the bath since they are known to love water. 

Ensure you keep an eye on your Bengal cat’s skin because sometimes over-bathing can contribute to skin problems.


Bengal cats do like water.  Many people might even say they LOVE water! So don’t be surprised to see them putting their paws in the water, checking out your sinks, or trying to enter the shower when you are in it. 

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