Do Bombay Cats Hunt? (Everything We Know)

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So, you wanted to take a walk on the wild side and got a Bombay cat. This beautiful mix of Sable Burmese and Black American Shorthair was designed to resemble a miniature panther in appearance, without the same level of danger. But what about their hunting abilities?  Do Bombay cats hunt?

Anecdotal evidence suggests Bombay cats are not great hunters. While the sleek Bombay cat might look stealthy and wild in its appearance, it is a social cat that enjoys cuddle time. Bombay cats are energetic and curious and may hunt if they become interested.  

Every domestic cat is a descendant of a wild feline, and as such, they all have some predatory instincts. However, the Bombay cat is a pet with a lot of personality! Its predatory instincts are not as prominent as in other feline breeds, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot hunt down a mouse or two if the urge strikes. Learn all about Bombay Cats and their characteristics below. 

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Are Bombay Cats Good Hunters?

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest Bombay cats have average hunting skills at best. Although, the playful nature of a Bombay Cat might send him chasing after a mouse or other small thing moving fast around them; it is just the thrill of the chase for a Bombay. And, therefore, not one a Bombay cat would inherently possess.

While being quite intelligent, these sweet sidekicks just lack interest in tracking down smaller animals for the fun of it. It’s comparable to how some people enjoy hunting in the woods while others can’t see any pleasure in taking an animal’s life. However, Bombay cats have many wonderful characteristics that make them sure to bring joy to a family with children or multiple felines.

Bombay Cat

Are Bombay Cats Good Outdoor Cats?

Bombay cats should be capable outdoor cats in the outdoor environment outside a home.  However, my advice is that you keep your Bombay cat indoors due to the risks outside.  Risks face outdoor cats, such as feral cats, raccoons, dogs, cars, diseased animals, and tainted water.

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Bombay Cat Characteristics

Bombay cats have several positive behavior traits, but hunting is not a dominant one. Granted, they will gladly hunt around the house and find random items hiding under the sofa or behind the closet doors. However, they are very playful and intelligent. Curiosity propels them on occasion to see what small prey they can trap and toss around for sport.

Additional characteristics specific to the Bombay cat include:

  • Being incredibly social.
  • Playfulness while practicing restraint.
  • Forming extraordinarily strong bonds with owners and families
  • Behaving wonderfully around children and other cats.
  • Having a love for all people, old and new
  • Showing affection and having high intelligence
  • Silky, shiny coat comparable to sleek patent leather
  • Medium-sized: 6 to 12 pounds
  • Somewhat vocal, but not overly so

The Bombay cat is a very charming animal with a ton of character. They almost run contrary to the cat stereotype of being aloof and self-sufficient. Instead, Bombays are agreeable, loving, and joyfully mischievous. And they are a relatively new breed.

The Not-so-Exotic Origins of the Bombay Cat

With their distinct appearance of being completely black with eye colors ranging from Amber gold to bright penny copper, this feline was purposely bred back in the 1950s by famous cat breeder Nikki Horner to be a beautiful house cat with a feral appearance.

You’re mistaken if you think that the Bombay cat got its name from its native geographic location. Instead, it was given its name due to its very intentional physical resemblance to the black leopard from Bombay, India. And while their sleek and muscular appearance may make them look like stealthy hunters, this is not the case.

If you are specifically searching for a cat that has excellent hunting skills, there are breeds other than a Bombay cat that might better suit your needs.

3 Cat Breeds that Catch Mice

Here are some of the best cat breeds for hunting.  We spoke about how the Bombay is an okay hunter (but not a dominant skill), so here are some cat breeds that are known to hunt better:

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are a well-known cat breed due to their size and personality.  Maine Coons are a large cat breed previously known to be kept around farms – likely hunting all the rodents (including mice) lurking around. However, the Maine Coon is quite large (maybe even up to twenty pounds or more), so they can probably hold their own if they run into a large rat or even a raccoon (which are usually too much for most domestic cats).

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Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cats are a distinctive cat breed due to their appearance.  This cat breed is believed to have originated in Abyssinia, which is modern-day Ethiopia.  The Abyssinian cat is smart and curious and should hunt any critters that come into its territory.

To learn more about the Abyssinian cat breed, check out this article:  Click Here to Learn About the Abyssinian cat.

Siberian Cats

The Siberian cat is a large breed (although not larger than the Maine Coon) that is good at hunting. In addition, the Siberian cat is high energy and quite intelligent which are essential traits when stalking prey. Therefore, you should expect a Siberian cat to be an excellent hunter within a household.

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Do Bombay Cats Like to be Held?

The Bombay cat is a great option if you’re in the market for a loving and loyal companion that likes to be held. This breed can even be trained to use a leash and always enjoys a friendly game of fetch. They enjoy being held, showing love to their person through cuddling and being in tune with what they need. Not too vocal but does make ample sound when necessary. The Bombay cat is a beautiful mix of tame with a wild look.


Bombay cats are known primarily for their intelligence and love for people. Their hunting skills are said to be present but not highly skilled. Can they hunt? Well, any breed of feline can hunt. But, while Bombay cats are agile and active, they lack the primal instincts that urge them to hunt for the sport of it.

There is a multitude of cat breeds, many of which are better known for being excellent hunters. Find the right one for you, and you can say goodbye to pesky rodents.

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