Do Burmese Cats Hunt? (Answers About Hunting Skill)

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When you decide to get a cat, you should consider what you want in a pet. Many cats can be excellent companions, but some have additional skills. Knowing what you want (like a hunting cat) or need can help you decide if a breed, like the Burmese cat, is for you.  So, do Burmese cats hunt?

Burmese cats are excellent hunters and mice are their most common prey.  Burmese cats may play with mice like toys prior to killing them.  Burmese cats are loyal cats that will hunt any small creatures that enter the home.

The Burmese cat is an excellent choice if you want a playful and smart cat that can take care of any mice infestations. First, however, you should determine how this cat will fit in at home. Keep reading to learn more about Burmese cats.

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Burmese Cat Hunting

Before you bring home a Burmese cat, you should consider these cats’ hunting habits. They make great pets, but their hunting instincts can kick in.

Whether you get a kitten or an adult cat, they may want to start hunting soon. Be sure to prepare your space for the cat and their hunting routine.

Consider what, when, and how they hunt for prey. That way, you can give your cat plenty of time and space to look for mice and other small animals.

Burmese Cat

What They Hunt

Burmese cats primarily hunt for mice, which can be great if you have a mouse problem. Burmese cats are one of the best cat breeds to get if mice frequently get into your home.

Some Burmese cats may hunt for other small prey, such as if they can’t find mice. However, rodents are the cat’s most common choice to catch.

When They Hunt

The Burmese cat loves to eat and find food so that they may hunt for mice at any time. That way, they can find food when they’re hungry.

Of course, you can and should provide food for your cat. But don’t be surprised if you see your cat looking for a mouse throughout the day or night.

How They Hunt

Another important consideration when getting a Burmese cat is how they hunt. Many Burmese cats will find a mouse and catch it as soon as they can.

However, the cat may take time to play with the mouse before they kill it. They might even start the play before they catch the mouse while stalking it.

After they play for a while, the cat will finally kill and eat the mouse. Then, they may hunt another mouse or move on to something else.

Are Burmese Cats Good Hunters?

Burmese cats are quite good hunters.  If you’ve never had a Burmese cat, their hunting tendencies may seem annoying. But those habits can help you and your family.

Hunting is beneficial if you have a mouse problem or if mice get into your house often. You can also bring your cat to a store or another business you own that has mice problems.

Let your cat hunt for a bit so that they can find and catch the problem. However, be careful not to let your cat outside because they can be prey for other animals.

Burmese Cat Traits

When getting a Burmese cat as a pet, you should know about the cat’s other traits. Whether you want a hunter or not, Burmese cats make excellent pets for families and individuals.

Here are a few Burmese cat traits and characteristics you should know.

Various Colors

Burmese cats can come in different colors, but they’re still the same breed. Some of the most popular colors for this breed include:

  • Blue
  • Champagne
  • Chocolate
  • Creme
  • Lilac
  • Platinum
  • Red
  • Sable
  • Sepia

Whether you have a color preference or not, you can get the best Burmese cat for you. But, then, you can bring the cat home and love it for all of its traits.

Muscular Build

Another physical feature of the Burmese cat is its size. These cats aren’t too big or too small, but they have quite a lot of muscle.

Burmese cats can weigh about 8 to 12 pounds on average, but they may look smaller than that. Their compact frame can make you think they’re lighter than they are.

But those muscles make the cat great for hunting, playing, and more. Still, their muscular build doesn’t make them any less of a companion.

Life Expectancy

Like many cats, the Burmese breed has an average life expectancy of 15 years. However, they can develop health problems like diabetes and arthritis.

Some Burmese cats have been bred with Siamese cats. That breed can develop cancer or health conditions affecting the heart, eyes, and lungs.

If your cat has a health condition, that could shorten its life. However, conditions like diabetes are manageable with regular vet visits and proper treatment.

Trusting and Loyal

Throughout a Burmese cat’s lifetime, they can be very loyal to you, and they’ll trust you and your family. This is an excellent trait that cats don’t always find because some breeds can be more independent.

However, the breed’s trusting nature can be its downfall if your cat ever gets out. Other animals may prey on the Burmese cat and take advantage of the cat’s trust.

Fortunately, you can protect your cat by keeping them inside. Many cats can do well without going outside. And the cat can be easygoing so that they won’t miss the outdoors.


Burmese cats can also be very playful with their prey and with you and your family. For example, they may treat a mouse like a toy when hunting until they’re ready to kill.

Between hunting sessions, make sure you have plenty of toys for your cat. Then, please spend some time with them each day to play and get their energy out.

You can get a variety of toys so that your cat always has something new to play with. Then, you can keep them from getting bored.

Extroverted and Friendly

Compared to other cats, Burmese cats can seem like extroverts. However, they can be charming when around you, and they love being near people.

These cats may like to sit on your lap and cuddle, and those interests won’t go away as they grow from kittens to adult cats. Some cats may even like to sit on your shoulder to get a better view of their surroundings.

If you want to have a friendly cat, you should consider a Burmese. Even though they can be hunters, they’re great to live with.


Burmese cats don’t have any problem talking when they need or want something. They can be pretty vocal, which can help you figure out their needs.

However, it can be not very pleasant if you like quiet. Still, having a talkative cat can be a great addition to your family.

Is a Burmese Cat Good?

Yes, Burmese cats are good.  Don’t let the fact that Burmese cats hunt to keep you from getting one. They have many excellent traits and characteristics that you may not find in other cats.

But before you get a Burmese, consider if you want a cat that:

  • Is extroverted
  • Will talk a lot
  • Can be playful
  • Needs to stay inside

Burmese cats don’t take a ton of work compared to other cats. But their friendly personalities are great for people and families that want a cat that won’t hide all of the time.

Which Breed of Cat is Best for Catching Rats?

The Maine Coon is probably the best choice for a cat for rat hunting.  Maine Coons are large cats that can likely handle even the biggest rats.  Additionally, the Maine Coon cat breed has a long history of hunting.

Which Cat is Best at Hunting?

American Shorthair cats are the best at hunting.  American Shorthairs have an impressive history of being a working cat that was used for its hunting prowess.

Are Burmese Good Indoor Cats?

Burmese cats are excellent indoor cats.  They are social and intelligent cats.  You can count on a Burmese cat to be both energetic and cuddly.


Burmese cats hunt but hunting and being a good pet don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you want a friendly pet and someone to handle any mouse problems, get a Burmese cat. The breed is an excellent fit for many people, so you’re sure to find a cat you love.

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