Do Burmese Cats Like Water? See The Best Reasons

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Although most people still believe that all cats despise water, many cats see water as a friend instead of a foe. But, this still comes with plenty of complexities and preferences. So, do Burmese cats like water?

Burmese cats are frequently observed splashing around, playing with water, dipping their paws in their water for drinking, or even swimming. It is widely believed that this is due to their playful nature, which is common throughout the breed.

It can be puzzling to tackle water-based scenarios with any cat, and understanding how the breed relates to their love of water can be incredibly helpful. Water is an indispensable part of every cat’s diet and lifestyle. Stick around to find out about Burmese cats, why water is beneficial for them, and why most of them like water.

Burmese Cat

Do Burmese cats like water?

Burmese cats enjoy drinking, water play, and anything which involves an opportunity to meddle with water. Most Burmese owners assure that water play is an integral aspect of their care and routines for optimum happiness and health. Burmese cats are very playful and are fonder of running water than still water. But, they may scoop out water from containers or splash it around.

It’s important to observe your Burmese cat from when they are young and try out different methods as this can give key insight into their particular preferences, which are unique for every cat. Knowledge of these aspects will allow caregivers to establish a thorough hydration plan, and it will be far simpler to care for your fur baby to ensure its happiness and longevity. 

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Burmese Cat Characteristics

The majority of Burmese cats show a fascination with water and may play or engage with it in various ways. Thus, it’s highly probable that your Burmese cat will love water as well. Although, even these standards cannot be expected to be completely true on a broad spectrum since every cat is unique, even within the same breed.

Do Burmese Cats Swim?

Burmese cats have not typically observed swimming and are generally keener on meddling with water for play. However, it is possible for a Burmese cat to enjoy an occasional swim in a shallow pool or a sporadic dip in shallow water. Swimming training is still needed for cats to avoid the risk of drowning or swimming in tainted water sources.

Do Burmese Cats Like Baths?

Yes, Burmese cats are well-known for peaceful bath times since they love water and are also quite placid in nature. However, whether or not your Burmese cat will enjoy bath time will be greatly dependent on prior experiences. Thus, successful and enjoyable bath time sessions are more probable when it has been done from a young age.

Do Burmese Cats Like to Play in Water?

Burmese cats do enjoy playing with water to varying degrees, including splashing around or even trying to catch it with their paws. For Burmese cats, water play typically extends to them using their paws for various forms of play, as well as choosing to dip their paws into their drinking bowls for drinking.

Burmese cats may also accompany their owners while they are in the shower or prop themselves on the edge of the bath while it’s being used. They may enjoy moderate exposure to the water coupled with the freedom to dip their paws into the water or meddle with water droplets and water faucets.

Burmese Cat

Can Cats Drink Water?

Yes, all cats, including Burmese cats, absolutely need water in order to survive since it contributes to all facets of their health. Cats need water for a variety of functions, which extends to the brain and body. It assists with growth and development, healing, the health of gums, fur, and skin and will aid the cat in maintaining proper health into the future years of its life.

What Happens If Cats Don’t Drink Water?

Dehydration can be severe in cats, may cause complicated health issues later in life, and may even be fatal as well. Thus, it’s essential for owners to seek vet assistance for dehydration in cats. Dehydration is characterized by low skin elasticity, dribbling, trembling, strange urination patterns, dry or tacky gums, a faint pulse, a heightened heart rate, wheezing, feebleness, and a lessened appetite.

Inadequate hydration throughout your Burmese cat’s life can also cause health conditions to arise as it ages. These conditions are more complex to deal with, so it’s imperative to ensure your Burmese has plenty of water from a young age. Such health issues may relate to the bladder and kidney, such as stones or infections, as well as urinary tract infections which may be remediable with the right steps but will be very painful for your fur baby.

Can Burmese Cats Swim?

While water play without submersion is more typical for the Burmese cat, it’s not uncommon for them to enjoy an occasional swim. This may be more likely in areas that experience hot weather as opposed to cold.

Where Can Burmese Cats Swim or Play?

Irrespective of how your Burmese cat enjoys interacting with water, caregivers have to ensure there is a clean water environment in which to do so.


Other than tap water, rainwater can be one of the safest water sources for your cats to play with or swim in. This is since it lacks many chemicals and composites which are found in other water sources. But, caregivers should be wary of the rainwater collection process, as it may become tainted from drainage pathways, and it may even be toxic for your Burmese cat if stored in galvanized steel containers.


Some Burmese cats may take go for an occasional swim, and most pools are safe for use. But, caregivers should confirm that the pool chemicals and treatment processes are safe for them. In addition, shallow pools or baby pools are far safer for evading the risk of drowning. Many owners choose to fill up a baby pool with clean water for the safest swimming option.

Where Can’t Burmese Cats Swim or Play?

Irrespective of whether your Burmese cat is swimming or playing, they still risk being impaired by water. This is since it may damage their fur and skin, and Burmese cats may still consume its contents by means of allogrooming.

Older Puddles

All cats will encounter puddles at some point in their lives. But, puddles are habitats for bacteria such as E.coli, Giardia, Leptospira, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, and many more. If your Burmese cat consumes this water, it may vomit, have diarrhea, or experience other adverse repercussions depending on the bacteria.

Lakes and Ponds

There are a plethora of risks posed by being exposed to natural water bodies since they house potentially toxic algae, especially if the algae is green, red, brown, blue, or purple. The water may also have unsafe foam on its surface or contain heavy metals like copper sulfate. Cats should not be allowed near such water bodies, and they will need an immediate cleanse and trip to the vet if they have interacted with it. 


Although many caregivers allow their cats to swim in ocean water, there are quite a few risks that need to be considered. Ocean water contains human waste, pollution, as well as an extremely high salt content which causes salt intoxication in cats. While there are cases of cats swimming in the ocean and being fine, it’s best to avoid such risks by opting for casual walks on the beach, and safe water plays environments instead.

Do Burmese Cats Need Baths?

Burmese cats may be easier to bathe since they are relatively fond of water and are quite mellow in personality. All cats can do with a bath every now and then, but cats that roam outdoors or interact with others will need baths more frequently.

Do Burmese Cats and Water?

Burmese cats that enjoy water play are also attracted to water faucets. They frequently spend time playing with them, and they occasionally place their heads under the faucets during water play or for drinking since all cats lap up water in small quantities.

Cats Like Running Water

Water fountains are popular amongst Burmese cat owners since they love running water and are naturally intrigued by it. Your Burmese cat may appreciate having running water to play with, as it serves as a freshwater source and great entertainment for them.

Water on Their Heads During Bathing

Despite the fact that it may be easier to bathe a Burmese, they may not appreciate getting water in their face and eyes. Many caregivers lightly wipe the face after bathing instead. But, this will depend on your cat, as your Burmese may not mind getting water on their head during bath time, especially if this has been done from a young age.

For Burmese cats, water is not just a part of their diet but a factor of their lifestyle as well. Always ensure that your Burmese cat’s needs for water play are met with appropriate measures and training, as this lowers the risk of them playing with or even consuming tainted water. Always consult a professional for specialized guidance, as every cat is unique.


Burmese Cat

Burmese cats do like water.  Not only will they drink water, as all cats should, but they will also spend time in and around water.  It isn’t unusual to find a Burmese cat under a water faucet or splashing around in a body of water.

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