Do Cats Like Cat Condos?

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Owning a cat is one of the most pleasurable and satisfying things you could do. Looking for ways to enhance our cat’s life is something that we owners naturally like to do.  One way to do this is with different types of furniture, such as cat condos.  Before making that investment though, you may wonder if cats like cat condos.

Yes, cats do like cat condos.  Cats like the security, vantage points, safe spaces, and scratch posts that come on a cat condo.  Cat condos will enrich your cat’s life and give your cat a place to spend time.

In her pursuit of a worthy activity, my feline furball usually goes exploring and who knows what she will end up finding.  I’ve heard about cat condos and how cats may like them.  I took a much closer look to find out the answer.

What is a Cat Condo?

A cat condo, sometimes referred to as a cat tree, is a carefully designed structure, providing cats with an environment they need in terms of playing, relaxing, scratching their claws, and stretching themselves out.

These can be attractive pieces of furniture that captivate your cat and go a long way in boosting their mood.  Depending on the cat condo you choose the cost and quality can vary.  Cat condos can be found today on various marketplaces, coming in a diverse variety of different sizes and shapes.

When choosing to purchase the perfect unit, always consider what you think your beloved pet would love most.

Why should you do that?

Because trying to see things from your cat’s point of view can help with choosing the right cat condo for him or her.  When you do this, you probably increase the likelihood of your cat enjoying the cat condo and coming back to it day in and day out.

Are Cat Trees and Cat Condos the Same?

Cat condos and cat trees are similar. The two terms can be used interchangeably, but cat trees usually offer more open space to a cat, while a cat condo will be more robust and likely have a cat house attached.  A cat tree usually provides the cat with a more open environment than a cat condo.

Cat trees are a good idea when what you want doesn’t need to include a little cat house or an enclosure.  Here, a cat tree with a scratching post will perfectly suffice.

Cat condos, on the other hand, are equipped with a covering that provides the cat with a spacious house. Cats can choose to rest or claw away depending on their mood, which may change throughout the day.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cat Trees

The following is a brief description as to why cat trees and cat condos are a must-have for any cat owner, and how there are multiple downsides to getting one as well.

The Benefits of Cat Trees

The benefits to cat trees are multiple platforms, scratching posts, and vantage points that allow a cat a superior viewpoint while feeling safe.

A Cat condo is the jack of all trades for your cat. With an inclusive scratching pole to relieve their claws, and hanging items to stimulate their hunter instinct, the kitty furniture truly delivers unparalleled enjoyment.

What I personally think is great is that it gives your cat a diversion to clawing up furniture.  With the provision of a superior alternative, your cat may choose to scratch up the scratching post on the cat condo as opposed to the couch.

Cat Trees Can Keep Cats Busy

Boredom is something all of us face occasionally, and cats are no exception to the phenomenon.  Having a cat tree in the house, however, can give your cat a place to feel safe, considering the attention-demanding creatures that they are.

Prioritizing Lifestyle

In terms of overall lifestyle, cats often need to let out their energy as well as get plenty of rest.  When they’ve been given the freedom to play, rest, and scratch in one place, without causing any damage as well, it likely helps them feel fulfilled.

A Cat Tree is a Happy Environment

Not to be obsessive or anything, but the spectacle of a cat living happily and enjoying him or herself in a multi-layered tree, seems something to cherish. Furthermore, there are cat condos that look pretty nice and can actually add to the visual aesthetic of your home.

The Drawbacks of Cat Trees

The drawbacks to cat trees are that they take up space, can be expensive, and that there is no guarantee your cat will use the cat tree.

Cat Trees Take Up Space

Being aware of the measurements for your future cat tree before you buy the furniture is key because cat condos can take up a decent amount of space.  There are different sizes to cat condos and cat trees, however, if you buy one without actually knowing how much space you have for it, you could put yourself in a bad situation spatially within your home.

You must mark a point beforehand, so you can assess how much room you have to work with, and whether your purchase is going to cause you any trouble.

Cat Trees Can Be Expensive

Good quality cat condos with firm stability can end up costing you extra. In other words, you can end up paying more for a quality cat condo.  The price range can go as far up to a couple thousand dollars too, which is a sizable investment.

However, a cat condo being quite expensive is not always the case. There are cat trees that cost as little as $50 as well, but the quality may be compromised here.

Cats Can Be Unpredictable

You might curiously buy a new cat condo but find out that your cat doesn’t even notice it sitting in the room.

This outright disregard might leave you frustrated.  One thing you might want to try is spraying catnip spray on the cat tree to let the cat feel more comfortable.  I have personally used this approach and found that it usually works for me.

Will Cats Use Cat Condos?

Yes, cats will use cat condos if they feel comfortable.  Cat condos provide high vantage points, safe areas, and scratching posts to give your cat a better lifestyle.

Cats like to lounge and sleep and sometimes have higher vantage points to watch everything.  When they have energy, cats are creatures of majestic movement and ingrained agility. They like to explore everything they see, and love to climb atop unusual places.

Not surprisingly, I happened to spot my cat, Charlotte, sleeping on top of a bookshelf when I couldn’t find her anywhere else.  In other words, cats can be fanatics of vertical space. Sometimes they’ll see an object higher above them; and they will try to climb it.

So, the answer to this question is a definite yes. Cats love and will likely use the cat condo you choose for them as long as they feel comfortable on it.  The good news is, you’ll find uncountable different cat trees for your feline friend. All these are made keeping in mind different types of cats, different price points, and sizes.

For everything to work out great, you need to determine your cat’s personality and their preference.  Making a purchase based on that, your cat is in for a treat with this cool cat furniture.

If your cat loves to climb like mine, consider getting a complex piece of furniture with multiple platforms for landing, different scratching posts, and even obstacles to keep your kitty delighted.  When a cat condo has a little house on it I think it is pretty cool because if your cat wants more privacy, she can get that as well.

On the other hand, if your cat is a heavy scratcher and does not go easy with the claws, a cat tree made with the fibers of a sisal plant may be the one for you.  This means you may want to pay attention to what the scratching post on the cat tree is made out of.

Additionally, a sisal-covered tree will help your cat maintain the grooming of your cat’s claws.

How Many Cat Trees Do I Need?

You need one cat tree for one cat unless you have multiple floors to your home.  If you have multiple floors to your home, you may need a second cat tree.  If you have multiple cats you may want to purchase a cat tree for each cat so that they feel safe in their own area because sometimes cats do not get along.

Cat trees offer a ton of functionality, and it’s suitable to own a single one if you have one cat, although you may want to purchase another one if you have a second floor of your house to have one on each floor.

I currently do not have a cat tree on the bottom floor of my house and Charlotte has been attacking the sofa lately, so I will be rectifying that situation very soon with a cat tree on the bottom floor.  Cat trees can get pricey, so it is important to keep cost in mind.  Purchasing one cat tree could run a decent amount of money, let alone two cat trees.

If your cat is really accustomed to the original cat tree you may already have in the house, and you are thinking about buying a second, think carefully before making this decision.

The risk posed here is if the cat condo isn’t on par with the one that your cat is accustomed to, it might get zero playtime and interaction.  In this case, I’d probably go back to the catnip spray and spray it quite a bit.

At least this way, you know your cat will be coming over for quite a few sniffs to check it out.  It would be a real pain to buy a cat tree for your cat and it end up going ignored, so we should do what we can to introduce the cat to the tree.

Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

In the case where you have multiple cats, it all boils down to how the cats behave with each other.

If your cats are friendly with each other, a decent-sized cat condo having several options for platforms holds the power of easily hosting more than one cat.  The cats might battle each other for the top spot, but that is hard to predict prior to buying the cat tree.

Many people with two cats can probably get away with having one cat tree. If your cats aren’t friendly enough with one another you may want to look at having more than one cat tree and then I would place them in different rooms.  This would give each cat a place to go and hang out and not have to fight over the singular cat tree.

Do Cats Like Cat Shelves?

Yes, cats love the vantage points and safety that cat shelves provide.  Cat shelves are a great alternative to a cat condo if floor space in a home is an issue, because cat shelves can be connected to the wall.

What Are Cat Shelves?

Cat shelves are probably what you were thinking they were, but if you visit someone’s house and you see colorful, catchy protrusions off of walls, and a cat is sleeping on one, you’re seeing a cat shelf in action.

This is a space-efficient option for those struggling with free room in their household.  Think about it, instead of finding space on the floor, you can look to the walls!  You could build a series of shelves that ascend right above a door, so your cat could survey the ground from a good height.

Will Cats Use Cat Shelves?

Yes, cats will use cat shelves.  Cats love to relax on cat shelves.  Additionally, cat shelves provide good places for cats to feel safe and have a high vantage point to view everything happening in the home.  Even if you do have a great cat condo at home, your cat is still likely to get attracted to cat shelves.

This is simply because shelves offer different viewpoints, which can make your cat happy.  Furthermore, cats, in essence, come from a wild ancestry.

To assert dominance, secure themselves in the wake of any perceived danger, or just get a better view, they’re probably going to climb atop the highest perch they can find.  For that added sense of security, cats rely on shelves, and appropriate cat trees.

Final Thoughts

A cat tree is as essential as a litter box when it comes to meeting your cat’s physical and behavioral needs.  A cat has a natural inclination towards a cat tree.

All in all, I believe that it is generally a good idea for every cat owner to have a cat condo or cat tree so their little lion can feel more comfortable.  Cats are creatures that love to play and with a proper cat tree, you might not need to look any further in giving your cat a more fulfilling life.

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