Do Cornish Rex Cats Shed? (Clear Shedding Answers)

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The Cornish Rex has a unique coat of fur to go along with her unique personality!  This cat is not only exuberant but also loves to play.  The Cornish Rex cat’s coat is important to consider if you are thinking about owning one since it is short and looks like a washboard.  One of the most important questions you may consider if thinking about a Cornish Rex is if Cornish Rex cats shed.

Yes, Cornish Rex cats shed, but they do not shed much at all.  Cornish Rex cats have a short fur coat without guard hairs, so they do not have long hairs on their fur coat.  Cornish Rex cats are considered to be more hypoallergenic than other cat breeds.

The Cornish Rex is an incredibly unique cat worth reading about.  Read on to learn more about the Cornish Rex!

Cornish Rex Cat Fur

The Cornish Rex has a short fur coat that is crinkly, and if its muscles are a strong point, the fur coat could be its weak point if she went outside. The fur coat would be the Cornish Rex’s weak point outside because the elements could wreak havoc on this cat due to the short coat and lack of guard hairs, which could mean this cat could get scratched up very easily. 

The Cornish Rex cat hails from the county of Cornwall, England.  Like many other unique animals, the Cornish Rex is known to have been created by a genetic mutation randomly; there was no mad scientist in a lab involved.   The Cornish Rex cat was discovered around the same time as the Devon Rex cat, which hails from Devon, England – one county over from Cornwall.

Cornish Rex vs Devon Rex

The Cornish Rex cat has a similar appearance to its neighbor, the Devon Rex, but they are different cats.  Compared to most other breeds, the Cornish Rex is tall and muscular. The Devon Rex has a similar fur coat to the Devon Rex but has a more unique looking face. 

If I were to compare this trait to a dog, I immediately think of the Whippet and how the Whippet has such a thin coat that makes her incredibly vulnerable to the elements also.  If you own a Cornish Rex, I would not go and get a cat door for this cat.

How Much Does A Cornish Rex Shed?

The fur coat of the Cornish Rex cat is also special because this cat does not shed very much.  If you are worried about a cat getting on your furniture and shedding fur everywhere, you can probably rest easy that you are in good hands with this cat.

Additionally, this cat has less Fel d 1 proteins, which is a fancy way of saying that she generally affects people with allergies significantly less than other cats.  Some people think the Cornish Rex is hypoallergenic because of this, but they are wrong.  They are correct that this cat is a better choice than others when considering cats that can trigger someone’s allergies, though.

Are Cornish Rex Cats Hypoallergenic?

Cornish Rex cats are not hypoallergenic.  People believe the Cornish Rex is hypoallergenic on account of their thin fur coat.  However, the Cornish Rex cat still has allergens in their saliva.  The Cornish Rex is a better cat for someone with allergies because they do not shed a lot and will not trigger their owner’s allergies as much as other cats. 

Do Cornish Rex Cats Have Fur?

Yes, Cornish Rex cats have fur although they do not have guard hairs so their fur coat is much more gentle and looks different than most cats.  Cornish Rex require special care for their gentle fur coat to ensure it does not become damaged. 

Curly Haired Cat

The Cornish Rex cat is widely known as a curly haired cat because of the curl in its fur.  When people see the Cornish Rex one of the first observations is always about its curly hair, which also appears wavy.  The Cornish Rex has a curly coat that needs special care by its owner. 

What Is The Breed Of Cat With Curly Hair?

The Cornish Rex is the breed of cat with curly hair.  The Cornish Rex has a wavy and curly fur coat.  This fur coat is also quite gentle because it does not have guard hairs and can be damaged easily.  Cornish Rex owners should expect to groom this cat every week-and-a-half by gently brushing with a soft brush. 

Cornish Rex Care

You should be quite careful and incredibly deliberate when maintaining a Cornish Rex cat’s fur.  This is because the Cornish Rex cat’s fur coat is short and lacks guard hairs, meaning it could be easy to damage this cat’s fur coat.

Instead, you should create a plan of how you are going to take care of this cat’s fur coat.  If you have any special questions, you should always contact your veterinarian for help.  I am going to give you some tips on how I would manage this cat’s hair.

Cornish Rex Grooming

Since the Cornish Rex cat’s fur coat is so short and it does not shed much, do not brush it often – and only very gently when you do. Keep a close eye on the Cornish Rex’s coat and only groom it gently every week-and-a-half.

If a cat sheds quite a bit, I’m probably brushing her 2-3 times a week to make sure I’m cutting down on the excess fur, but with the Cornish Rex, I would honestly brush this cat once time a week max, and might even push that out to a week-and-a-half.  You need to be super careful when brushing this cat.

Cornish Rex Brush

I would brush this cat with a glove brush, which fits over your hand because it would allow me to scoop up excess fur while petting the cat.  Glove brushes are not the most effective brushes on the market; however, this brush will allow you to be quite gentle with the Cornish Rex’s fragile coat.

This is important because you do not want to damage the Cornish Rex’s coat.  You will not want to use a brush with wire bristles on this cat because that will damage the Cornish Rex’s fur coat.

Do Cornish Rex Cats Need Baths?

I would bathe this cat once every two months.  You will find that her short coat will not stay wet awfully long, which means she could get cold coming out of the bath, so keep this in mind.  Also, you should keep an eye on this cat’s ears.  The Cornish Rex has big ears, and you are going to want to keep this cat’s ears clean and healthy.

Selkirk Rex vs Cornish Rex

There are major differences between the Selkirk Rex and the Cornish Rex. The Selkirk Rex appears heavier than the Cornish Rex, although the Cornish Rex appears quite muscular.  The Selkirk Rex has its origin in Montana while the Cornish Rex has its origin in England.  

Cornish Rex Characteristics

The Cornish Rex cat has the following characteristics:

  • Tall
  • Looks muscular
  • Short coat without guard hairs
  • Large ears
  • The coat has a washboard appearance
  • Origin is in the county of Cornwall, England
  • Enthusiastic personality

Selkirk Rex Characteristics

The Selkirk Rex has the following characteristics:

  • Usually shorter than the Cornish Rex
  • Looks heavier
  • A thick coat of hair
  • Ears are not as pronounced as the Cornish Rex
  • Origin is in Montana, United States
  • More relaxed personality

Do Selkirk Rex Cats Shed A Lot?

Selkirk Rex cats do not shed a lot even though they have a thick fur coat that can get matted without regular grooming.  Even though Selkirk Rex cats do not shed a lot they are not hypoallergenic and still need to be brushed weekly with a glove brush. 

Are Selkirk Rex Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, Selkirk Rex Cats are not hypoallergenic; however, they also require less upkeep than most other cats because they do not shed that much.  Selkirk Rex cats will still trigger allergies in people because they will lick their thick fur coat and the saliva carries the allergens.  

Are Cornish Rexes Friendly?

Yes, the Cornish Rex is a friendly cat.  This cat is enthusiastic and wants to play while also being affectionate.  The Cornish Rex loves people and often ends up in a person’s lap.  The Cornish Rex is vocal, so if you enjoy cats that talk to you, this may be the cat for you.

Honestly, the Cornish Rex is the type of cat any cat lover would want because of the playfulness.  An energetic cat is an incredibly fun cat.  These cats also like to climb, so it would be good to invest in an enriching cat condo or cat tree.

Are Cornish Rex Cats Lap Cats?

Yes, Cornish Rex cats are lap cats in that they love to be handled by humans; however, these cats are also hyper so do not expect them to be on your lap very long because they love to run around.  Cornish Rex cats adore people and enjoy crawling on their laps.  

Are Cornish Rex Cats Good Pets?

Yes, Cornish Rex cats are good pets.  Cornish Rex cats are loyal, loving, and playful cats which makes them excellent cats to be part of a family.  Additionally, Cornish Rex cats get along with other pets which makes them an excellent pet to own. 

Do Cornish Rex Cats Like To Cuddle?

Yes, Cornish Rex cats like to cuddle.  Cornish Rex cats have loving relationships with humans and enjoy cuddling with them.  Cornish Rex cats can get hyper so do not be surprised if this cat does not cuddle for that long since they have a lot of energy.  

Can Cornish Rex Cats Be Left Alone?

Yes, you can leave a Cornish Rex cat alone but do not leave them alone for longer than one day.  Cornish Rex cats do become attached to people and should be boarded if you are gone for longer than one day.  When you return your Cornish Rex should be excited to see you. 

Can Cornish Rex Cats Go Outside?

Yes, Cornish Rex cats can go outside but only with a harness and leash under careful monitoring by their owner.  A Cornish Rex has a gentle coat that may become damaged if you let them run off on their own outside.  If you take your Cornish Rex outside, maintain control over the cat with a leash, cat backpack, or cat stroller. 

Are Cornish Rex Outdoor Cats?

No, Cornish Rex cats are not outdoor cats because they have such a gentle coat that can easily be damaged.  Additionally, Cornish Rex cats have a light fur coat which means they could become cold easily if they get wet.  Cornish Rex cats should be kept indoors unless accompanied by their owner outside. 


The Cornish Rex cat does not shed much due to her unique, short fur coat.  The Cornish Rex has less Fel d 1 protein, and when combined with the low shedding, this likely makes for a better cat for someone who is worried about cat allergies.  This cat has a fantastic personality and loves to play and climb.

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