Do Devon Rex Cats Need Baths? (Find Out Now)

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Cats don’t love water, and they certainly don’t like baths- but what if your cat needs a bath, like Devon Rex cats? Bathing a cat isn’t usually part of your cats’ regular grooming routine, mostly because the majority of cats bathe and groom themselves. But not Devon Rex cats.

Devon Rex cats need baths regularly. This is because their hair collects more grease than any other cat. As grease and other impurities collect, it will irritate a Devon Rex’s sensitive skin and eventually lead to infection. Therefore, Devon Rex cats do need baths.

Since these types of cats need to bathe more, this article will cover some basics on why they need a bath and how to bathe them. Read on for more information to help you bath your Devon Rex and some problems that can arise if they are not cleaned properly.

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Devon Rex Cat

Do Devon Rex Cats Need Baths?

Sometimes you may fall in love with how a certain breed of animal looks. But unsuspecting to you, Devon Rex cats require more overall care than any other breed. This is partly to do with genetics and the cat itself.

So, yes, you do need to give your Devon Rex cat a bath. This doesn’t mean you need to give your Devon Rex cat a bath daily, but almost every other month is a must. In fact, skipping a bath for your Devon Rex can cause issues down the road.

Devon Rex Cat Fur

Devon Rex cats have a type of fur that is thin, “curly” or crimped, hooked, or bent. The structure of Devon Rex’s fur makes it very fragile, to the point that it breaks easily. Even a super soft brush can cause damage.

Since other cat breeds typically have more hair, the amount of oil produced for healthy skin can be spread out more throughout the hair follicles and across the skin.

Devon Rex breeds are different in this aspect. Since their fur is a “rex” or wire hair type, this makes it harder for this oil to disperse throughout the surface area of their skin. Since the oils can collect in one area, it creates an “oily” or “greasy” appearance and feel to their fur. This can create health and other problems to arise for these cats.

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Here are just a few problems that can arise for you and your Devon Rex cat if you don’t make bath time part of your regular caregiving routine:

  • Extra oily fur can cause your Devon Rex can lose hair.
  • Oil residue on fur can transfer and create marks or grease stains on your furniture.
  • Matted and slick fur is uncomfy for your cat but also makes a great home for unwanted critters like fleas.

Devon Rex Oily Skin

We all have experienced oily skin at one point in our lives. Or maybe you’ve had a pet that felt really greasy and dirty. Anyway, the signs of greasy skin are easy to recognize, but that doesn’t mean their less unpleasant.

With Devon Rex cats, not only do they feel the effects of their oils and greasy skin, but having too much oil collected on their skin and hair follicles can cause skin problems or conditions. These conditions can develop into other areas and problems for them, which may require a vet visit.

Some of these conditions associated with Devon Rex cats’ oily skin are:

  • Having excessive oil buildup will create chronic sensitive skin.
  • Oil buildup can also cause your Devon Rex to get itchy, and excessive scratching can leave skin raw and susceptible to infection.
  • Too much oil can also cause yeast infections to occur.

If your Devon Rex gets a yeast infection, this can cause bigger problems. When a yeast infection on the skin is present, this can also cause problems to arise in their ears. When waxy or oily substances buildup in the ears, it can cause ear infections as well.

Keep in mind, if your Devon Rex has a paler coat, sunblock may be needed. Sunblock is essential for preventing sunburn, of course, but if not applied and removed properly, it can also have adverse effects.

It is important that you wipe or bathe your Devon Rex after each sunscreen application to ensure that the sunscreen and oils from the skin don’t mix and cause a buildup.

Devon Rex Cat

Excessive Oil Buildup Can Even Cause Nail Problems

Sure, most cats have claws. And for the most part, they’re not an issue. But with Devon Rex cats, their nails can be affected by their oily or greasy skin.

When your Devon Rex scratches, the oil secretions can get underneath their nails and cause issues. If your cat is scratching its oily skin, this will spread the oils much faster.

You could try to clean your cat’s nails, but I think we all know how that would go. Instead, keeping the skin clean and free of excessive oils is a much better approach. Trimming the nails, or ensuring that your cats use a scratching post, is also essential for eliminating this problem.

Bathing a Devon Rex Cat

Using the correct soaps and proper water temperature are two key factors in bathing your Devon Rex. Outside of these elements, ensuring bath time is a positive experience for your cat will lessen the burden of the activity. 

It is also possible that you may want to focus on washing your Devon Rex’s bedding.  Loriendale Devons prefers this approach until it is time to get their Devon Rex prepared for a show.

Cat Bath Routine

It is imperative that you start early to get your kitten adjusted to taking baths. Once the kitten, or cat, is adjusted to a bath, Devon Rex cats are known to love bath time, and some even want to take a bath. Using the right method for cleaning your cat can help to remove the oils and buildup that they may have.

Here’s a quick start guide to bathing your Devon Rex. Of course, you’ll want to adapt this routine to your cat’s temperament and what works for you:

  1. Using warm water, only fill the tub up with a couple of inches of water. Try to do this with the cat out of the room; the sound can be scary.
  2. Place your Devon Rex cat in the warm tub.
  3. Wash your cat with a shampoo made for cats. If you’re unsure of what to use, check in with your vet.
  4. Don’t skip any areas when washing your cat. This includes the folds of skin, ears, mouth, and nails.
  5. Towel dry with a soft towel until your cat is slightly damp.
  6. Let your cat air dry the rest of the way to avoid breaking fur or rubbing the skin too much.

Getting the right shampoo for your Devon Rex cat can be a little tricky. When shopping for a Devon Rex shampoo, you may want to get a shampoo that is better for treating oily skin while also helping to keep the skin soft.  If you need a recommendation, ask your veterinarian.

It is important that when buying a shampoo for your kitten or cat that you test out the product first on your Devon Rex cat. When doing this, if you notice a rash or irritation or perhaps your cat seems to get itchier, then stop the use of the product and contact your veterinarian for more information or for recommendations on what to get for your cat.


Video: Devon Rex Bath Time

Devon Rex cats need to be bathed regularly at least every few weeks to ensure that they do not get an oily residue buildup that can irritate to occur. It is also important that you clean their nails regularly for added protection against infections. When your Devon Rex can have great and healthy skin, they can live their life with you to their fullest.

Everything you should know or may need to know about your Devon Rex can be answered by a vet. With the vast amount of information available, you will be able to take care of your Devon Rex cat, and yes, that even includes bath time.

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