Do Savannah Cats Need Company? The Wild Answers

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Savannah cats are fantastic!  They are intelligent, energetic, and get along with people.  But do Savannah cats need company?

Yes, Savannah cats need company because they are extraordinarily high-maintenance and need to be supervised. Savannah cats will rely heavily on their owners for entertainment. Without sufficient stimulation and supervision, Savannah cats may become destructive.

You might be able to leave your Savannah cat home alone for a short period of time, but my recommendation is not to leave them by themselves too long.

Don’t be scared off of the Savannah cat breed, though. They are fun and loving, they require masses of attention, and their care requirements have even been likened to those of a toddler.  Read on to learn much more about Savannah cats and if they need company!

Do Savannah Cats Get Lonely?

The confident and independent nature of a Savannah cat means that they probably won’t get lonely without the emotional companionship of their owner if left alone for a few days. However, their intelligence and high activity levels mean that they get bored quickly. They are more likely to miss the stimulation provided by companionship, and boredom can lead very quickly to mischief with a Savannah cat.

Can Savannah Cats Be Left Alone?

Yes, Savannah cats can be left alone.  However, Savannah cats are one of the most high-maintenance breeds of cats. Their high intelligence and their activity levels mean that you should not leave them alone longer than one day, and even that may be pushing the limit.

Can Savannah Cats Go Outside?

No, Savannah cats cannot go outside on their own.  If you want to take a Savannah cat outside, you should effectively use a cat stroller fit for a large cat

Risks, like dog attacks, diseases, and cars, abound for cats who are allowed to roam outside of the house on their own. Therefore, many veterinarians and professional organizations recommend that most cats be kept as indoor cats. Some breeds are more suited to an indoor life than other breeds.

The Savannah cat’s activity level makes it seem like a less likely candidate for being a happy indoor cat. But Savannah cats cannot ever be allowed outside on their own. If they are allowed outside, there is a very strong chance that they won’t come back home. Additionally, these are very distinctive and expensive cats, and people have been known to steal Savannah cats that they see outside and unattended.

As Savannah cats have to be kept inside, they only have the food, water, stimulation, and opportunities for exercise that you provide for them. Going away for a long time will affect your ability to provide for these needs.

Are Savannah Cats Hard to Take Care Of?

As mentioned previously, the behavior of a Savannah cat is reminiscent of that of a toddler. They can learn to open cupboards and turn on faucets, among other things. You may come home to a ransacked pantry cupboard, broken dishes, and the grim prospect of a high water bill if you leave them alone too long.

Do Savannah Cats Like Water?

Savannah Cat

Unlike most other domestic cats, Savannah cats love to play in the water. So, if they figure out that they can provide themselves with some lovely water-based entertainment by turning on the kitchen or bathroom faucet, this can become a recurring problem.

If challenges with Savannah cats and faucets persist, you will have to plan to prevent them from opening the faucets. You can lock your bathroom and kitchen when you go out. If you have an open-plan kitchen or cannot lock the kitchen or bathroom doors, my advice is to contact a cat behaviorist or veterinarian for advice on how to block access to faucets.

Their love of water can also lead to a Savannah cat tipping out the contents of its water bowl and being left with no water to drink until you get home.

Are Savannah Cats Destructive?

Savannah cats can be destructive if they are not entertained and get bored. Savannah cats love jumping and being up high. They will frequent countertops, the top of your refrigerator, shelves, curtain pelmets, etc. During their climbing, Savannah cats can accidentally knock items onto the floor.

Savannah cats might also decide that this is a good game and you’re your trinkets off on purpose. If they knock over something that is made of glass, there is the danger that they can cut themselves on the sharp shards or get them stuck in their sensitive paws.

Are Savannah Cats Good with Other Animals?

The best companion for a Savannah cat is another Savannah cat or a breed such as the Bengal or Abyssinian, which will match it in activity level and roughness of play. Still, you may find that having more than one high-energy cat is overwhelming. Additionally, having two Savannah cats is extremely expensive, costing up to $18,000 for a first-generation Savannah.

It would help if you did not consider getting your Savannah cat a rabbit, hamster, goldfish, bird, etc., as a companion. Additionally, you should know that it is not a good idea to bring a Savannah cat into a home with any of these pets or bring any of these pets into your Savannah cat’s home. Savannah cats are still genetically very wild, and they have incredibly strong hunting instincts.

Cat-friendly dogs in a similar weight category to the Savannah cat can make excellent companions for these cats, coping with the high energy and rougher play. I think this the best option for finding a companion for your Savannah cat.  My recommendation is to get a Golden Retriever or Beagle that has been socialized with cats. 

If you are going to be away for a longer time, you need to get another person to look after your Savannah cat. If you do not have a friend or relative who can help out, you can hire a professional pet sitter.

Are Savannah Cats Loyal?

Yes, Savannah cats are loyal.  Savannah cats can bond strongly with their families and are loyal and affectionate pets. They will greet you at the door, follow you around the house, and prefer to be in your company to go off on their own. However, they are quite independent and are not likely to become lap cats.

Do Savannah Cats Like to Cuddle?

Savannah cats are not the biggest cuddling cats.  However, Savannah cats do love social interaction with humans.  A crucial factor in developing a bond between a Savannah cat and its owner is good human socialization while they are kittens. All cats require this, but the wild genes of a Savannah cat make it even more vital for them.

Are Savannah Cats Lap Cats?

Don’t expect your Savannah cat to be a lap cat.  I struggle with this also because my Domestic Shorthair cat is not a lap cat either.  She loves interaction and being petted, but she is not a lap cat.  If you are looking for a lap cat, a couple of great options are the Exotic Shorthair cat and the Ragdoll cat.

3 Ways to Keep a Savannah Cat Entertained

Just as people liken the care requirements of a Savannah cat to those of a toddler, Savannah cats have been said to have a more dog-like personality.  Three ways to keep a Savannah cat entertained are through an outside catio, cat toys, and a large cat tree.

Savannah Cat Catio

Providing a large catio for your Savannah cat to experience the outdoors can help keep them entertained. Savannah cats are large (12-25 lbs.), athletic, and high-energy cats, so smaller homes are not ideal unless you can devote a significant amount of time to waking them outside and entertaining them.

This catio on Amazon is large (just like a Savannah cat) and spacious.  It is also the catio that I recommend for another super large cat, the Maine Coon.  Check out this catio on Amazon(affiliate link):  Check Out This Large Awesome Catio On Amazon.

Play with Cat Toys

Provide your Savannah cat with a variety of toys. You can also successfully entertain them with a paper bag or a newspaper, although this can get quite untidy. Savannah cats will even play hide and seek with you.  My favorite toy, a rainbow cat charmer on Amazon, to play with my cat should be one that your Savannah cat loves too.  Check this rainbow cat charmer on Amazon (affiliate link):  Check Out This Fantastic Cat Toy!

Savannah Cat Large Cat Tree

Savannah cats would likely get a kick out of a big cat tree being available to them.  Besides the different platforms to jump on, cat trees are nice because they usually have multiple scratching posts.  These scratching posts are much better places for your Savannah cat’s claws than your furniture. 

I not only recommend this big catio on Amazon for Maine Coons, but also the Savannah cat breed.  Check out this cat tree on Amazon(affiliate link):  Check Out This Large Cat Tree on Amazon.  

Are Savannah Cats Intelligent?

Savannah cats have high intelligence, and they have a love of play and activity shown in their willingness to be trained. Savannah cats will play fetch and walk happily on a lead. Walks can provide a change of scenery, not just exercise, adding diversity to the stimulation your cat receives.

To learn more about if Savannah cats are easy to train, check out my article:  Click Here.

Can you Have a Savannah Cat as a Pet?

Yes, you can have a Savannah cat as a pet in most states, but you may need a permit in certain states, ownership may be restricted in other states, and they are illegal in Nebraska, Hawaii, and Georgia.  You could also find that in certain cities, Savannah cats may be illegal.

Before you go and get a Savannah cat, it is a good idea to check your local and state laws to ensure you can legally have one. 

Why are Savannah Cats Illegal?

Savannah cats are illegal in some states, usually because of their wild hybrid heritage.  Savannah cats are hybrids between a wild serval and another breed of cat.  However, in other states the Savannah is legal.  Before buying a Savannah cat, be aware of your local and state laws around Savannah cats. 

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous?

Savannah cats are not dangerous to humans if you are a good cat owner and treat them well.  However, Savannah cats could be dangerous to smaller cats since Savannahs can be rough, and other smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. 

Savannahs have a lot of energy and get large, and can be destructive if they are not properly entertained. My advice is also to have a dog that is good with cats.  This will provide a good playmate (that can deal with some of the rough behavior) for your Savannah. 

Are Savannah Cats Wild?

No, Savannah cats are not wild since they are hybrid cats.  The Savannah cat is undoubtedly a wild-looking feline, though. But what makes them look that way? Savannah cats are a hybrid breed of cat, a cross between a domestic cat and a wild Serval.

Savannah Cat History

The first Savannah cat was born in 1986 to a male Serval cat and a female Siamese cat. In 2001, the Savannah cat breed was accepted by The International Cat Association, but the Cat Fanciers Association does not recognize it. As a result, different domestic cat breeds are included in the breeding program, but some breeds cannot be used, like the Bengal cat.


Savannah cats are high-energy, high-maintenance cats that require a lot of attention and supervision to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive. While Savannah cats can form strong bonds with their owners and are known to be loyal and friendly cats, they are not lap cats, and they value their own space.

Savannah cats cannot be allowed outside because there is a strong chance that they won’t come back home. Unfortunately, this means that all of their exercise and entertainment rely on the provision of their owners.

An animal companion can help to ease the burden of entertaining such a high-energy cat. Most domestic cats will find Savannah cats too rough in their play, but a cat-friendly, size-matched dog is a great option. I recommend using a Golden Retriever or Beagle that is familiar with cats.  However, if you will be absent for longer than a day, you need to get another person to watch your Savannah cat.

If your Savannah cat does become lonely, they will let you know about it in their confident, forceful way; they won’t sit in a corner feeling sorry for themselves.

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