Do Siamese Cats Hunt? (Do Siamese Cats Hunt Mice?)

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Today, many animals have become domesticated. Included in these animals are the cats. But even with this domestication, many cats still retain their wildcat instincts when it comes to hunting.  So, do Siamese cats hunt?

Yes, Siamese cats do hunt and are known to be good hunters. The Siamese cat breed has a predatory nature and is specifically skilled in the art of catching mice. Siamese cats are a good choice for homeowners worried about rodent infestations.

Hunting can be an important activity for your Siamese cat, especially if you are worried about a mouse infestation.  Additionally, there are many risks to your Siamese cat hunting.  To learn more, read on!

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Do Siamese Cats Have a High Prey Drive?

Yes, Siamese cats have a high prey drive.  Although domestic cats historically come from wild animals, not all tend to hunt. Siamese cats are considered a more predatory breed than many of their counterparts.

The Siamese cat breed has been around for years. They were owned by many royal families and often used to hunt mice and other rodents because of their predatory nature. So you can say it is in their blood.

Their personality is perfect for hunting mice. They tend to have abundant energy and are curious and happy to catch that little rodent for you. You will also find that females will seek out their prey more frequently and better than males.

Are Siamese Cats Good for Hunting Mice?

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are a solid choice for hunting mice.  Mice are terrible vermin that you do not want infesting your home.  Siamese cats are brilliant animals with predatory instincts that will hunt down any small creatures in their territory. 

Additionally, Siamese cats are social creatures that often need company.  This means you will likely have more than one cat if you have a Siamese.  So, if you have two Siamese cats or a Siamese cat and another breed (say…a Domestic Shorthair), you will have two hunting cats catching mice for you.

I do recommend a Siamese cat if you need a cat that hunts.  Like I mentioned above, Siamese cats are social and need company.  A Domestic Shorthair is a good choice for a companion for various reasons, such as being affordable (you can probably adopt one today at a shelter for not much money), being friendly, and being playful. 

My cat, Charlotte, is a Domestic Shorthair, and she is pretty friendly and has strong hunting instincts. So if any bug gets in the house, she finds it quickly.  Luckily, that doesn’t happen often.

Do Siamese Cats Kill Mice?

Yes, Siamese cats kill mice.  Siamese cats may also catch mice and play with them.  Cats are known to play with their prey.  Siamese cats are brilliant, and you should expect your Siamese cat to be smart enough to find and catch small animals, such as mice.

Best Cats for Catching Mice

I recommend Maine Coons, Abyssinian cats, and Siberian cats if you specifically want a cat to handle a mouse problem for you.  These cats have high hunting instincts and look the part of a hunter.  Siamese cats are a good choice for a mouser because of their ability to hunt and incredible intelligence. 

What If Siamese Cats Have No Prey?

Siamese cats are similar to dogs in this manner. When they don’t have something to keep them busy, they often get bored. Unfortunately, boredom sometimes leads to the destruction of your furniture or yarn or hunting other prey-like things.

They will try to sharpen their nails on your furniture or tear up a bag. You will also find that strings of any kind (yarn, strings on your blinds, stray strings on your clothes, etc.) are not safe. Your cat will go after them and could make a mess out of them.

Should I Stop My Cat from Hunting?

Siamese cats were great for hunting when there were no alternatives to get rid of rodents, but with today’s technology and exterminators, it isn’t necessary to use them for this reason. These alternatives are a good thing, too, because rodents can carry harmful diseases.

Rodents can transmit roundworms to your cat, which can cause them to get sick, including symptoms of poor appetite, throwing up, and diarrhea. Any of these symptoms can lead to dehydration and severe weight loss that will send your cat to the hospital.

Your cat can also be infected with fleas and ticks that originated from the rodents. These tiny parasites can transmit even more diseases not only to your cat but to yourself. Of course, not every disease your cat might receive can be spread to you, but you can get it from rodents or fleas and ticks.

Birds are also a breeding ground for diseases that can enter your home if your cat goes out and catches one. Don’t forget that when your cat brings a bird into the house, this is their instinct, and they may be doing this for you. Try not to scold these habits but sway them.

You can sway those hunting tendencies to help prevent spreading all those diseases. You can keep your cat indoors, provide activities or play for your cat, and you can train your cat. Both will offer a mental and physical outlet for the energy they would typically use for hunting.

Just remember that if your cat is tired, then that means they are happy. The workout made them want to relax and fall asleep.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

The easiest way to curb that craving for the hunt is to keep your cats indoors. If you have an indoor infestation, you will want to get a professional exterminator to help you rid of it so that your cat doesn’t contract any of the diseases.

Having your cat strictly be an indoor cat will protect not only your cat but the wildlife it wants to prey upon. In addition, your cat will less like being exposed to ticks and fleas as well as other parasites.

Activities To Replace Hunting

You can do many exercises or activities with your cat that will help expend that extra energy. You can do the following to wear them out:

  • Play hunt.
  • Use interactive cat toys.
  •  Use a laser pointer.
  • Give your cat a bird viewing station.

Play Hunt

You can provide different ways to play hunt so that your cat can practice those skills while getting all that energy out.

To do this, you can hide their favorite treats around the house or apartment. Then, they can practice their skills, find the hidden treat and hone those skills that are a part of their nature.

You can also find toys that are made to hide treats. Your cat must find a way to get it out with its intelligence and determination.

If you can’t afford toys or you would like something different than artificial toys to help your cat play hunt, you can always put treats in ice. Doing this will distract your cat for hours and will provide mental stimulation. But, on the other hand, it will wear your cat out.

Use Interactive Cat Toys

Many different types of toys can keep your pet busy. With the accessibility to online stores, you can find many toys that may not be available in local stores. Here are some possible choices you can pick from:

  • Balls and bells
  • Feather wands
  • Fake mice
  • Electronic, moving balls
  • Electric mice
  • Butterfly spinner toy

You can find more classic and straightforward toys at your local stores, like those with bells in them or a feather wand that bounces when your cat swats at it. Or you can find more complex toys like balls that move around so your cat can have something to chase.

Use A Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is a classic device you can use to distract your Siamese cat and expend their energy.  You can be the one to play with your cat by moving the red dot around. Your pet will chase it like it’s on the prowl.

You can also find special devices that move a laser around if you don’t always have the time or the energy. This way, your cat still gets the exercise they need, and you can relax.

Give Your Cat A Bird Viewing Station

These bird viewing stations have become quite trendy these days, and you can find so many different styles. For example, you can make a simple viewing station indoors on a window seal or just position a cat tower near a window.

You can also make a viewing station that the cat can go outside. Again, there are many types to choose from, and people have gotten quite creative with this type of perch.

A bird viewing station provides mental stimulation and lets your cat practice their predatory skills. This is especially true with a Siamese cat. They will also practice their playful nature by watching the birds and swatting at them from time to time.

Train Your Siamese Cat

Just like dogs, your cat can be trained. They are just a little more stubborn in temperament than a dog. You may have to put in a little more effort initially, but it all works out in the end. All you need to do is teach them new tricks and commands 15 minutes a day to wear them out.

Training your cat does two things for you. One, it will exhaust them mentally. Learning new commands and tricks can be tiring, so they become mentally drained even after 15-minute intervals. Secondly, your cat will be physically tired because of the physical demands of some tricks.


Video: Is the Siamese Cat Breed Right For You

Siamese cats are considered a predatory breed that can hunt. They love to socialize and play. Hunting is part of a Siamese cat’s genetic makeup and instincts.  There are risks to hunting, and if you decide you would like your cat to spend time doing other things, there are ways you can occupy their time, like laser pointers, interactive toys, and a bird viewing station.

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