Persian Cat Mating Guide (Read This First)

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Persian cats are one of the most sought after breeds of felines that you can purchase full bred. Thanks to the intricacy of documentation and guidelines with what is considered full-bred, you can pick and choose genes to produce specific colors and features.

Mating Persian cats is not a difficult task; it will take more time than anything. Some things that are very important about mating Persian cats are:

  • Purebred documentation for male and female
  • No genetic diseases or issues
  • Ensuring the cats are not related.
  • Protecting cats from overbreeding.

Obviously, that is not all there is to breeding Persian cats, but once you do your research and understand the do’s and don’ts, it shouldn’t be hard to get the hang of. Persian cats can be bred and sold for large amounts of money or just to have good family pets. No matter the why, how you get the kittens is important to the Persian cat bloodline’s authenticity.

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What Age Do Persian Cats Mate?

Most felines can reach puberty or go into heat as early as five months of age, and most females can even produce litters of kittens that early as well. However, this is not the same for Persian cats.

Persian female cats generally mature slower, and while some can reach puberty at a year old, it is not likely that they will start effectively mating until closer to 18 months. Male Persian cats may take up to two years before they begin to understand what is happening and effectively breed.

How To Breed Your Persian Cat

Before you begin to breed, or even start the process of looking for mates, you have to know precisely why you want to breed them. If you are looking for a high profit off of the kittens, you will have to know the ins and outs of the DNA and specific characteristics that people would want to pay money for.

If you just want some kittens to have around the house, that’s perfectly fine too, but you might still be interested in figuring out the right combination of genes to make certain colors. Persian cats come in many colors, such as:

  • Solid Black
  • Solid White
  • Black and white patches
  • Black and Blue patches
  • Himalayan, etc.

Once you have figured out what color or characteristics you want the kittens to have and why you want kittens, you can move on to finding a mate.

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Persian Cat Mate

The first thing you want to do when looking for a Persian cat to mate with yours is to make sure the owner has all of the proper documentation to prove that it is a purebred Persian cat. Some breeding issues can arise when cats are cross-bred that just make their life uncomfortable.

The feline you mate your Persian cat with is also important for your investment because you will get more money for the kittens if they are all purebred and if you can prove that. You also want to check to make sure they are not related and make sure neither of the cats has any genetic diseases that can be passed to the kittens.

It is always best not to mate with a cat with any genetic disease just so that the kittens have no chance of becoming sick. If the cats are related, it can cause a long list of health problems that can sometimes result in death.

Best Time to Breed a Cat

Even if your cat has gone into heat several times, if your cat is under a year old, mating may not happen effectively, and you stand a chance of wasting your time and money. It is best to wait until after your cat is a year old; this way, their body is as ready for mating as it can be, and things should be more effective.

Tracking your cat’s cycles can help you figure out when you need to schedule a mating appointment. Cats won’t even try to mate unless the female is already in heat, so planning it at the wrong time will be pointless. Female cats go into heat about every 2-3 weeks, and it should be pretty consistent so that you can track it.

Slow and Steady

If you expect to have the Persian cats meet once, mate, and then have kittens, you are sorely mistaken. When mating cats, you have to give them time to get comfortable around each other. Having the cats spend days together or seeing each other for a few hours a day for several days is the best way to get them to mate.

You want the cats to mate as naturally as possible to remove stress or anger from either of the cats. You don’t want any fighting between the cats, and trying to force them to mate will only cause them to be stressed out and reduce your chances of pregnancy.

It’s also recommended to use the same location every time the cats meet to reduce the chance of stress, and so they don’t have to get used to a new location every time. Making sure both cats feel safe and comfortable is a large part of the breeding process.

Cat Pregnancy Time

Once the cats have mated, you have to wait approximately 20-30 days before you will be able to feel or notice any signs of pregnancy. After waiting for the recommended amount of time, you can start to feel swollen nipples and small balls or masses in her uterus. A pregnant cat will be in this state for 63-67 days.

When cats go into labor, it’s always a good idea to have a nesting area. This is a good place for her and the kittens to settle in and sleep after she is finished with labor that makes her feel safe and protected. You can use several items, including:

  • Laundry basket
  • Cardboard box
  • Larger animal carrier with no door
  • Larger animal crate, with no door
  • Any bins that are plenty large for the cat and her kittens to move around in

It’s always a good idea to have a nest ready for your cat’s birth as soon as you notice she is pregnant. You won’t be able to predict the day or time she will start labor, so having the nest ready will save you from having to rush anything.

The Birth of a Cat

As the owner, it is perfectly fine for you to be part of your cat’s birth. Be in the room to ensure that she needs no help or make sure everything goes exactly how it is supposed to. It is also your job at this point to keep the Persian cats and kittens away from any other pets to reduce stress or over-protectiveness field outburst from momma cat.

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As soon as it is possible and safe, you want to get the kittens documented as purebred and get them to the vet. Getting the kitten vaccinated and checked out will help reduce the chance of any issues later in life as well as unexpected problems before they can be adopted.

Final Thoughts

Video: How to Breed a Persian Cat

Breeding Persian cats can be a beautiful and rewarding thing. You can pick and choose mates based upon recessive or dominant traits that they carry to ensure you get certain colored kittens or different faces or body types.

It is essential to have everything documented and verified by a vet with testing to ensure that the Persian cats stay purebred. Crossbreeding can sometimes cause issues that make the life of the cat uncomfortable to live.

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