Should Cats Wear Clothes? (Honest Information)

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Humans wear clothes to shield their bodies from the external environment.  Also…many humans like the style!   If you think that your cat needs clothes to shield them from the external environment, then you are mistaken.

No, cats should not wear clothes.  Cats do not require clothes to be shielded from the external environment because they have their fur.  You may put clothes on your cat, but you should monitor your cat closely to ensure your cat does not become overheated.

Cats have different needs than us humans. They are born with beautiful fur (especially the Tabby’s!) on their skin to protect them from hot, cold, or harsh surfaces. You should not get very confused about whether cats should wear clothes unless you have a special cat that needs special care.

Truthfully, I haven’t put any clothes on my cat, Charlotte yet.  I’m not sure I will.  I don’t think she needs them, but I do think cat clothes can be pretty cute.  I thought this article topic was pretty interesting though because I hadn’t really thought about the effects of clothes on cats and whether or not it was a good idea.

Read on to find out the truth about cats that wear clothes!

Is it Cruel to Put Clothes on Cats?

There are only three reasons a cat owner would try to put clothes on a cat. One reason is to make their cat feel warm in Winter. We know that some cats love the warmth and try to sneak into a blanket to cuddle and sleep.

You love your cat and maybe you’ll want to make her feel better by wearing a sweater when you snuggle her, but your furry friend may not feel as cold as you think. Maybe you’ll think she would rather stay cold than wear a sweater (LOL). So, if she is not OK with the sweater, leave her on her own. Don’t force her.

In fact, if she gets cold, she may just rather snuggle up in a warm, fluffy cat bed.

Another reason is you may get tempted to make her look cute by wearing cute clothes. Some cat owners may force their cat to wear clothes so they can post her cute pictures on social media to get a few more likes. For real, I am sure there is no doubt that some people do this!  If that is the case, then this act of forcing a cat to do what she is not comfortable doing is definitely borderline cruel.

The last reason could be your cat needs special care. She scratches her already injured skin a lot. If so, then putting clothes on her to protect her from scratching herself is a good idea. You are trying to save her which she does not realize now but will be thankful later.  Just make sure you monitor her closely.  You don’t want her getting overheated or snagging the clothes on something around the house.

So, we can say that if your cat is comfortable with cat clothes or she needs special care then there is nothing wrong with putting cat clothes on your cat.  Just remember to respect your cat’s wishes and keep an eye on her closely.

Should you put clothes on a Sphynx Cat?

Sphynx cats are known for being hairless. They are not completely hairless since there are fine hairs on their skin, but they do not have eyelashes or whiskers at all.

Sphynx cats are some of the most photographed cats in cat clothes because the contrast of being hairless and wearing clothes makes for a good photo opportunity!

Sphynx cat owners may want to protect their cat from the cold by making them wear warm clothes.

If you study more about these cats, you will come to know that their body temperature is usually higher than the body temperatures of other kinds of cats that have fur. If you are still concerned about your feline friend’s health, then there is no problem in making her wear clothes as long as the clothes do not irritate her.

Sphynx cats may feel more comfortable without clothes in the Summer. A Sphynx wearing clothes in the Summertime is probably a bad idea since they could be at risk of overheating. Compared to other cat breeds, Sphynx cats may get used to wearing clothes since people will generally try to put clothes on them earlier in their lives.

If you decide to put warm clothes on them then make sure that you regularly change their clothes as dirty clothes can irritate their sensitive skin easily.

What are the Benefits to Cat Clothes?

Give Protection from the Cold

Cats feel cold temperatures like any other animal. If cold air gives you goosebumps, then your cat may also feel the chilly wind at the same time. One way to protect them from the cold is by putting cat sweaters on them. If the sweater is wooly, cats may love them more.

You can also use a warm blanket to help them stay warm.  This can actually make it a little easier for the cat since if they get overheated, they can just walk away from the blanket.

Help Them Handle a Particular Medical Condition

If your cat, unfortunately, had an accident and got some stitches then chances are she would try to scratch her wounded area – this is just something many animals do although we would rather them not. But if you cover that area with a cat shirt then she may not have access to that area and hopefully it will get healed quicker.  This is something you should talk to a veterinarian about for sure.

Create a Stronger Bond

If your cat enjoys warm clothes and has no issue with them, then dressing her may help you develop a stronger bond with your cat. If you are a busy cat parent but cannot give your cat much of your time, then putting warm clothes on your cat may endear her more to you.

This is more about you than your cat – your cat really doesn’t need clothes.  But, this may make you feel closer to your feline friend.

What are the Drawbacks to Cat Clothes?

There are some drawbacks to cat clothes as well. Let’s go through this list to find out.

Hinder Their Free Movement

Cats are super-flexible and love being acrobatic, climbing, jumping, and running. If you put tight clothes on your cat…or even loose clothes, chances are they will hinder your cat’s movement or get caught up on something.

She will not be able to move freely. They may also irritate her while eating food.  They could get caught up on her collar if she wears one.

Cats May Get Overheated

Sometimes, owners make their cats put on clothes, take their cute pictures, and then forget to look after them. The clothes may not let your cat’s body heat go out and instead trap it inside. It will make your cat get overheated which can cause her great harm.

If you are putting clothes on your cat, then keep an eye on her and notice the cues that she might be uncomfortable.

The Cat can Get into an Accident

Cats are playful animals. They like chasing shadows and doing other silly things. If you put clothes on your cat, your cat could potentially get into an accident due to them. For instance, while climbing around the house she could get caught up on something.  This is a serious risk that you should consider.

Should I Take My Cat’s Clothes Off at Night?

We know that cats love sitting on laps, near your laptop, in the sunlight, but why? Because they love getting warmth. But do not think that they cannot be overheated due to too much heat.

Cat clothes trap their body’s heat. So, if you make your cat sleep in clothes then she may get overheated at night. She will not be able to tell you how she is feeling so it is better to take their clothes off while going to sleep.

This way your cat will not have any risk of getting harmed due to heat.  This is especially true since you will likely be sleeping at night as well – so that means you won’t be monitoring your cat if she is still wearing clothes.

If you still worry that your cat will feel cold at night you can try using a warm and cozy blanket. She will love that blanket even more. You can also buy her a cat bed. Cat beds are also amazingly comfortable and some of them even have a built-in heater.

So, next time you are going to bed at night – go and remove your cat’s clothes. Place her in a comfortable and soft bed and put a warm blanket on her. if your cat is wearing clothes even during the daytime, then keep an eye on her movements. Make sure her clothes are not troubling her in any way.

Conclusion – Should Cats Wear Clothes?

If you care about your cat and love her then do not force her to wear clothes or anything else that makes her feel uncomfortable. Cats are cats, not humans, so do not try to make them look like us. They have their own uniqueness, so cherish that uniqueness. Your furry friend will fall in love with your uniqueness too.

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