Why Are Scottish Fold Cats So Expensive? (And Average Cost)

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If you are an animal lover, or specifically a cat lover, it can be tough to choose which cat you want to adopt as a pet when you are searching. Some cats are more affordable than others. Scottish Fold Cats, however, are on the expensive side, but why?

Scottish Fold Cats are so expensive because they are a unique cat breed whose signature feature is a genetic mutation of folded-down ears on their head.  In the United States, Scottish Folds must be bred with Scottish Folds, American Shorthairs, or British Shorthairs to maintain their pedigree.

If you are interested in learning more about why Scottish Fold Cats are expensive and what makes them so interesting and unique, please carry on with this article. I will guide you through the key points and hope you enjoy learning some of these new facts.

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The Origin of the Scottish Fold Cats Makes Them Expensive

Scottish Fold cats first appeared in 1961 in Scotland, as they were not known to exist before this time. A shepherd named William Ross, and his wife Mary, became the first known breeders of Scottish Fold Cats because of the unique shape and features of their barn cat, Susie.

Susie was bred with other breeds such as Exotic Shorthairs, American shorthairs, Persian, and Burmese cats. Thus, the Scottish Fold cat was born. What made this type of cat so unique, and why did people fall in love with them?

Scottish Fold Characteristics

Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold breed is so expensive because of their unique characteristics, including their ears, which give them their name. They are pleasant to have around the house and are generally healthy with very few health issues.

Let’s talk more in-depth about these traits.

Scottish Fold Ears

Scottish Fold cats are known for their distinct ears, which are flat and lay against their head. If you have seen this type of cat before, now you know what they are called and why.

This look lends to them being compared to owls or even teddy bears. No wonder why people are willing to pay so much money to buy them. Who doesn’t want to curl with a cuddly, furry teddy bear at the end of the day?

The Scottish Fold cats’ folded ears are not a trait found in other cats. However, their folded ears do not make them deaf, as they can hear just as well as any other type of cat.

When Susie the Scottish cat was bred due to her distinct features, the following lineage of cats continued to have the ears that lay flat on their head.

This is now known to be a genetic mutation. Interestingly enough, not all Scottish Fold cats inherit this gene. As a result, only about 50% of the Scottish Fold kittens will develop folded ears, the primary reason why people are willing to pay so much money to own one.

Scottish Fold kittens are actually born with normal ears. However, around the time they are three weeks old, the kittens will develop folded ears if they are to inherit that genetic mutation in the first place.

Are Scottish Folds Friendly?

Scottish Fold cats are super friendly and one of the best types of cats to adopt. They are amiable cats who love to hang around children, people, and other animals and are known to cuddle up in their human’s lap, and if they are played with, they will purr happily.

They Are Intelligent and Beautiful

If you end up paying money to adopt a Scottish Fold cat, make sure you engage with them through a series of puzzles, games, and chase. If they are well-taken care of, they maintain their healthy fur, healthy appetites and are very pleasant in their temperament.

Overall, these cats are gorgeous. They are plump, have that unique round face, and their fur is luxurious whether they are short-haired or long-haired.

No wonder so many people are willing to shell out a lot of money to get their very own Scottish Fold cat.

Buying a Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat

If you are now convinced that you want to keep a Scottish Fold cat in your house as a pet, you want first to make sure you have enough money, precisely a few thousand dollars.

Let’s dig into how much you need to pay and from where you can acquire one of these super cool and distinct cats.

Breeders Need to Breed Scottish Fold Cats With Other Breeds

Breeders, according to TICA, have permission to breed Scottish Fold cats with other breeds like the Scottish Straight, British Shorthair, and American Shorthair cats (depending on which country the cat is in). Breeding with these specific types of cats leads to keeping strong the lineage of Scottish Fold cats.

It is expensive to acquire certain breeds of cats and then breed them, so the offspring results in a specific cat that many people adopt and love.

Their physical well-being often determines the price range of Scottish Fold cats.

For example, award-winning cat show breeders look at the type of Scottish Fold cat, distinguishing markings, and bloodlines. Then, this is how they choose the most well-bred Scottish Fold cat in a competition.

Likewise, Scottish Fold cats who are bred for these types of competitions are undoubtedly very expensive. It takes time and effort to breed animals, including cats that date back to the 1960s in Scotland.

Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

I will share a couple of well-known places located around the United States from where you can buy your very own Scottish Fold cat. I will also share the average price range to get an idea of how much you will need to pay.

Beyond Cuteness

Beyond Cuteness is a cat boutique located in California, where beautiful cats are adopted out to pet parents. They sell Scottish Fold cats and have a few strict rules for those who desire to purchase one and take it home.

If you buy a Scottish Fold cat from this company, you can resell them to any other pet store or scientific research facility. However, these cats are specifically bred to be sold, so if you decide to no longer keep the Scottish Fold cat, it must be returned to this pet store.

Scottish Kingdom Cats

Scottish Kingdom Cats is located in Massachusetts and is known for selling Scottish Fold cats. At this location, you can buy a Scottish Fold cat for anywhere between $2,600 to $3,000. This is the price you should expect to pay if you want to own this specific cat breed.

Whenever a new litter is born, Scottish Kingdom Cats advertises the availability on their website so keep a lookout for the next available cats.

Pacific Northwest Folds

Pacific Northwest Folds is located in Damascus, Oregon.  This means that the cattery is more convenient for people from Oregon and Washington. In addition, Pacific Northwest Folds is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).  

Pacific Northwest Folds sounds like they love their Scottish Folds very much.  They breed Scottish Fold cats because they love this cat breed.  One nice thing about cat breeders like this is that they usually treat the cats as part of their family.  This usually means the cats’ socialization will be good.

You should expect to purchase a Scottish Fold cat with folded ears from Pacific Northwest Folds for around $1600.  They will collect a $300 deposit.  If you are open to a Scottish Fold cat with straight ears, that will cut down the price, and you should expect to pay $950. 

This cattery is open to shipping a cat to you, which will cost around $200 for shipping within the continental USA, with an extra $25 for purchasing the cat carrier. So basically, they will ship the cat to you, and you’ll go to the airport and pick the cat up.

Wunderfolds Scottish Fold Cattery

Wunderfolds Scottish Fold Cattery is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and would be convenient for people in South Carolina and North Carolina, especially if you are in the Charlotte area.  Wunderfolds is registered with both TICA and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). 

Wunderfolds Scottish Fold Cattery mentions on their website that their cats have great looks and are derived from winning lineages.  Additionally, they take the health of their Scottish Fold kittens seriously and ensure they get vaccinations, microchips, deworming, and other necessary health precautions. 

At Wunderfolds, you should expect to spend between $2500-$5000 on Scottish Folds with folded ears.  The cost range for Scottish Fold kittens for sale seems to be based on the eye color or points.  Additionally, you can buy straight ear Scottish Fold kittens for $1800-$4000.

With a Scottish Fold cat at Wunderfolds, some of the things you can expect for your cat are:

  • Spay or Neuter
  • Microchip
  • Dewormed
  • Vaccinations (per the age of the cat)

What is the Average Cost of a Scottish Fold Cat?

The average cost of a Scottish Fold cat with folded ears, based on my research, is $2700.  For this price, you should expect to receive a Scottish Fold cat that is registered with a major cat association and has its basic health needs met (age-appropriate vaccinations, spay or neuter, etc.). 

Should you Buy a Scottish Fold Cat?

If you are looking for a cat that is affectionate and pet-friendly, then the Scottish Fold cat is an excellent choice for you. However, if the Scottish Fold is too expensive, you should consider reaching out to a rescue that specializes in this cat breed.

When deciding whether or not to buy a Scottish Fold cat, you should consider its cost, temperament, characteristics, pet friendliness, and affection.  Based on these criteria, you should prioritize the most important characteristics to you and compare them to other cat breeds.  Then you will know if you want to buy a Scottish Fold cat. 

Is it Bad to Buy a Scottish Fold Cat?

Some people feel the Scottish Fold cat is a bad cat to buy due to health issues. However, since these cats have been bred to have special folded cat ears, they also bring some bad health issues and a shorter life span with them. 

Why are Scottish Fold Cats Rare?

Scottish Fold cats are rare for two reasons.  The first reason is that Scottish Folds have a genetic mutation for folded ears.  The second reason Scottish Folds are rare is that they can only be bred with other Scottish Folds, American Shorthairs, or British Shorthairs in the USA.

Are Scottish Folds Good Cats?

Yes, Scottish Folds are good cats because they are loving towards humans and other animals.  However, some people may consider the Scottish Fold to be a less desirable cat breed due to its short life span.


Video: Scottish Fold Cat 101

Scottish Fold cats are pricey because they have to be bred with specific breeds in order to acquire that unique look of folded ears. So if you want to adopt a Scottish Fold cat, expect to pay around a thousand dollars or more if you get one directly from a breeder.

It is truly an expensive purchase, but, hey, if you want a Scottish Fold cat, it will be well worth it because they are such fantastic pets.

After all, who doesn’t want to snuggle with a loving, content, and unique-looking cat after a long day?

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