Do Cats Like Cat Beds? (All The Answers)

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No doubt, cats are sleep lovers. But as a cat owner, it is our responsibility to make sure that our feline friend gets fabulous sleep. If you are deciding to buy a cat bed, then chances are you are seeing all the options and maybe actually wondering if cats do like cat beds.

Yes, cats do like cat beds.  Cat beds provide a comfortable sleeping experience, a secure sleeping environment cats can call their own, and a therapeutic setting for their body.  A good strategy is to have more than one cat bed positioned in your house where your cat will want to sleep.

Understanding their cat’s preferences is what many cat owners find perplexing! I too had the same confusion until I found my own feline a cat bed to sleep in.  Actually, I bought two cat beds for my Domestic Shorthair Tabby, Charlotte.

My cat likes to sleep in different places.  At night, she likes to sleep right under me under my bed.  During the daytime, she’ll take cat naps in the two cat beds I have for her, as well as on the floor if the sun is hitting it, or in a cardboard box that I like to stick catnip in.    As I type this, she is sleeping at my feet under my desk because sometimes she wants to just be near me when she sleeps.

I try to be a good cat owner and provide my cat with a bunch of different places to sleep which is why I like having the cat beds that I bought for her.  Cat beds are important for a cat so read on to learn more!

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What are Cat Beds?

A cat bed is a bed explicitly designed to provide a comfortable sleeping space to your cat. They are typically made up of soft and warm material to keep your feline friend cozy while sleeping. Cat beds come in variable shapes, designs, colors, and materials. You can choose one according to your cat’s preferences.

Cats are fond of sleeping on soft objects like your pillow, couch, a pile of clothes, or any other similar cozy item. Cat beds are generally good products to help enhance your cat’s life, especially since cats sleep so much of the day.

Does My Cat Need a Cat Bed?

Cats sleep a lot during the day and the truth is you can get by without your cat having a cat bed.  A cat bed might give your cat the following:

  • A nice place for your cat to sleep
  • Cats like sleeping in small places, such as cat beds
  • More of a routine in the places your cat sleeps

A cat bed might also be beneficial if your cat sleeps in places that you don’t want her sleeping.  Potentially the cat bed will entice her to sleep where you place the cat bed.  One thing I did to make sure that my cat knew the cat bed was for her, was to spray some catnip spray on the cat bed.  If you are going to use catnip spray, my advice is to spray more than you think you need to.  It took quite a few sprays for my cat to really notice.

How Do Cat Beds Make Cats Feel?

Your cat’s daily routine is probably to sleep, eat, sleep, play, and sleep…zzz. It is normal for cats to sleep most of the time. Most cats sleep at least 15 hours a day. Kittens can even sleep 20 hours a day.  My cat Charlotte loves to play and loves to sleep.  She will often play a little, watch some activity outside from one of her favorite windowsills, then go somewhere for a cat nap. When I see her sleeping in a cat bed, she looks really content.

If you end up getting your cat a cat bed or two you should feel good about providing for your cat’s needs.  It feels good to see Charlotte sleeping in the cat beds I have bought for her, similar to seeing her play with toys that I’ve bought for her. When a cat is in a cat bed, it really looks like she has found her home.

If your cat spends time on your furniture, you may find that your cat spends more time away from your furniture when you provide her with more alternatives for places to sleep.  Sofas or couches are especially problematic places for a cat to spend time since they can potentially scratch or puncture the sofa with their claws.  There is more about scratching couches, specifically faux leather, and the best alternative materials.

Which Features You Should Look for in a Cat Bed?

Material Matters

Cats can be very picky when it comes to choosing their next meal and a sleeping spot. They often do not like artificial odors that come from newly manufactured things. Natural materials such as wool, cotton, etc. are less smelly and more breathable. So, try to pick a bed made up of natural materials.

As a tip to help your cat know that the new cat bed is for him or her, you can use a catnip spray and spray the bed a bunch of times.  Your cat will end up smelling this and know that this bed is safe for them.

Easy to Wash

Cats can get their newly bought beds dirty after using them a bunch of times. Then who will wash it? Cats? No, it would be your fun job. So, make sure you pick a cat bed that is machine washable.

Must be Long-Lasting

Cats have a habit of scratching things, especially when these things feel soft and smooth to their paws. If you are planning to buy your cat a cat bed, then make sure the material is durable and can tolerate scratches.

To channel your cats scratching behavior in the right place, and even give your cat another place to sleep, it makes a lot of sense to have a cat condo/cat tree, which usually have scratching posts on them.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cat Beds

What makes buying a cat bed worth it and what are a cat bed’s drawbacks? Let’s find out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Cat Beds

Gives a Comfortable Sleeping Experience

Cats like sleeping in different places, including on floors; however, they often like the soft comfort that a cat bed can give them.  They will walk up and get snuggled for their catnap.

Cats love sleeping in cozy places but if you do not allow them to sit on your bed or furniture, then from where would they get the comfort?  The topmost benefit these cat beds give is the comfort and coziness.

Cat beds can give them the relief they crave, helping them enjoy a healthy day or night’s sleep.  Plus, providing more places for your cat to sleep further enhances their life.

A Place to Call Their Own

As a human, you as a cat owner can sit and sleep wherever you want (I think the same is the case with your cat as well). But we often disturb our cat’s sleep when we need something they might be sleeping on – for me that is usually a jacket or the blue jeans I may have left on my bedroom floor.  Surprisingly, this has actually happened to me more than once.

Or maybe your cat was sleeping on the couch and some guests came, then you would have no choice other than to wake your kitty up even though you did not want to.

But if you own a cat bed and have placed it in a secure location, you will not have to disturb your cat’s sleep. Or, you will know exactly where to move your cat when those guests arrive.  Your cat will absolutely be able to call the bed her own from where she hopefully will not be disturbed.

Cat Beds can be Therapeutic

Cat beds are designed by keeping in mind the body structure and needs of the cats. All these beds have a therapeutic nature to them. But some types are designed specifically for special cats. They help their weak joints, sore muscles, and fragile bones.  This is something you will definitely want to keep in mind if you have a sick cat or a senior cat.

Cat beds will also usually keep your cat warm on a cold night.

Drawbacks of Cat Beds

Do not Know Your Cat’s Preference for a Bed

Unfortunately, cats do not speak human languages so they can’t just tell us which cat beds they might enjoy sleeping in. You may have to try different beds to find which type of cat bed suits your cat’s taste. Hopefully, you can observe where your cat likes to sleep in the house and pick a bed that meets those same characteristics, but that can be challenging for a cat owner.

Cats do not Stick to a Single Place

Some people may feel a cat bed is useless if their cat does not stick to a single place to sleep and instead chooses to sleep wherever she wants. Most cats have this nature. My cat Charlotte does this.  It is hard to predict their behavior. Cats will do whatever they will feel like doing.

If your cat has the same nature, then you may find investing in a cat bed a poor use of your money.  Personally, I like providing a lot of places for my cat to get her sleep.

What Kind of Cat Bed Should I Get?

Cats have an unpredictable nature. You may find your cat sleeping on a window ledge, in the corner of a couch, beside your head on your bed, or any other place that only she knows the exact reason she likes it.

So, there is no particular bed type that cats like. It all depends on their preferences. This is why it is imperative that you try to observe what your cat likes.  Certain factors can help you choose a cat bed according to your cats (often changing) preferences.

What is the Climate of the Area You Live In?

If you live in a hot climate, then the preferable material for your cat should be a natural fabric that is breathable yet soft. It should be open so that your cat does not get too overheated.

On the contrary, if you live in a cold environment, then a closed and heated bed is what your cat may prefer the most.

This super cat bed on Amazon (Affiliate link) is what many people prefer for their cats. It has an open roof for cats to sit when they need air and a closed room-like bed to protect them from cold air in winters.  It is kind of nice that this bed covers both bases when it comes to open-air beds and beds that are more like a cubby.

What is Your Cat’s Size?

Your cat will prefer a bed in which she can sleep freely in different poses. So, it is better to measure the size of your cat before making a purchase. Then choose the bed in which your cat will be comfortable.  The last thing you want to do is buy a small cat bed when you own a large cat.

Does Your Cat Like Sitting in Open or Closed Places?

If your cat is not fond of sitting in closed spaces, then chances are she will not like a bed that has a closed cubby-like appearance. On the contrary, if your cat is comfortable with a closed bed then go for it. A cubby-type bed will likely make a cat feel secure.

Do Cats Like Hard or Soft Beds?

Many new cat owners become confused about the preference of their cat. They see their cats enjoy laying on both hard and soft surfaces. But what they do not know is that cats like different textures at different times and for different purposes.

Sometimes cats just like laying on a hard surface.  My cat will often jump on my desk when I am working and lay down.  I know she just wants to be near me, and she isn’t complaining about the hard surface.  On the contrary, sometimes I find her sleeping on the couch or on top of my fleece jacket, which is exceptionally soft.  Different beds will provide different types of surfaces for your cat to sleep on.  So, observing what your cat likes is important.

Hard Cat Bed

Some cats like a hard bed to lay on. It can feel good to stretch out on a hard surface from time to time.

However, sometimes cats like chewing objects made up of hard material or they may scratch up a harder surface. This is something you need to watch for if your cat likes laying on desks, shelves, or other hard surfaces.

My advice is to place scratching posts nearby.  Scratching posts are an excellent investment because your cat will probably scratch the scratching post when they feel like scratching something.

I have a couple scratching post / cat hammocks that I got from Amazon, which have 2 scratching posts on them and a place for my cat to sleep.  My cat Charlotte uses the scratching posts all the time and occasionally sleeps in the Hammock too – it took her a good month to figure out what the hammock was for though.

This is an Amazon affiliate link to the scratching post/cat hammock I use:  Right Here.

Soft Cat Bed

You may often find your cat sitting on dirty or clean laundry, your couch, bed, or any other soft surface.

Cats may feel like they can relax more on soft surfaces. Maybe it reminds them of a hug from their owner.  They also like your smell coming from these objects. So, if you are confused about which bed to choose then first observe your cat’s needs according to your cat’s behavior.

I will often see my cat kneading a soft bed prior to laying down on it.  I read that a cat kneading is connected to kittens wanting a mother cat’s milk.  So, older cats must be reminded of this when they find a soft bed they like that makes them feel safe and so they knead.  That is pretty cool.

Where Should You Put a Cat Bed?

Some cat parents complain that their cats do not sleep in cat beds even if they have bought them according to their cat’s preferences. One of the reasons your cat may not sleep in her bed is if you have put it in the wrong place.

If you do not know where you should put your cat’s bed, consider the below criteria.

Your Cat’s Favorite Places

Look for the places your cat likes to take a nap in. Is it at your bed’s foot or a corner of your room? Cats are very choosy in nature. Once they make their mind to sleep on specific spots in your house then they will often sleep there no matter how hard you try to change the location.

So, there may be one or more preferred places for the cat bed. These would be where your cat spends most of her time sleeping.

A Quiet Place to Keep Them Away from Disturbance

Cats are very good at using their large and perky ears. They can hear sounds of low and very high frequencies. We often see their ears moving in different directions even when they are sleeping. This is because their sense of hearing is very advanced.

So, if your house often stays crowded with people or you like to play music, then it is better to place the cat bed in a place that is far from the noisy spot. Your bedroom could be the right pick if you are searching for a quiet place. This way, your cat will enjoy a healthy and sound sleep for a longer time.  There will likely be less disturbances for your cat this way.

A High Place

Cats often like sleeping in places from where they can keep an eye on their cat owners and the entire room. They feel comfortable and secure while sitting in a high place. This is one reason you may find your cat sleeping on your couch’s arm, chair, window ledge, etc.  This is also one of the benefits of cat shelves or a cat tree.

This is the cat condo / cat tree on Amazon (affiliate link) that I recommend: Click Here.

It may be better to place a cat bed in a higher place like a chair etc. so that your cat becomes comfortable with her cat bed. Once she gets used to her bed, you can place the bed in different spots around the house and your cat will likely still use it.

I have been working from home a lot lately, so I’ve been putting a cat bed near me where I work in my house.  My cat likes to be near me pretty much all the time, and it helps to keep her off the desk while I’m working.

Sometimes, I will put a cat bed on my desk next to my PC to keep Charlotte from sleeping in front of my keyboard, but if you do this, you definitely must be careful because you don’t want that cat bed slipping off your desk somehow.

Conclusion – Cat Beds

Most cats love sleeping on cat beds, although they may still choose to sleep everywhere when cat beds are still available to them.  Cat beds provide nice places for cats to sleep and are another way that cat owners can choose to enrich their cat’s lives.

Cats love sleeping, so chances are your cat will get used to her bed if you use the right tactics. As a cat parent, you likely want to give your cat the best lifestyle possible, and a cat bed generally fits into those plans.

We’ve talked a lot about cat beds, so make sure you observe where your cat likes to sleep so you can hopefully predict which cat bed will be right for your cat!

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