Are Maine Coons the Biggest Cats? Find Out Now

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Maine coons are great large cats that have grown in popularity over the past few decades. While they are known as large cats, it is common to ask if they are the biggest house cats around.

Maine Coons are some of the world’s biggest house cats, but Savannah cats can match them in size. Maine Coon cats have held the Guinness World Record for the longest cat for years. They have a great temperament and make great family pets despite their size.

Maine Coons are great house cats whose size helps differentiate them from other cats. For more information on how big a full-sized Maine Coon is compared to other cats, read more below.

How Big is a Maine Coon?

Full-sized Maine Coons are some of the most prominent house cats in the world. Their size will vary depending on age and sex, with adult males being the largest.Still, all Maine Coon cats are enormous.

The average adult female Maine Coon is between 12 to 15 pounds. However, on The International Cat Association’s breed page, they point out that this is still larger than the average cat. For comparison, most cats weigh under 10 pounds.

The average adult male Maine Coon weighs between 18 to 22 pounds. This is much larger than other cats and can often be a source of shock for people comparing them to other cats for the first time. Put simply, a full-sized Maine Coon will almost always be the largest cat in the room.

Both of the weight ranges listed here are for healthy cats; while larger Maine Coons certainly exist, they usually are either outliers or overweight. In addition, their fur is thick and heavy and can contribute significantly to their look, making them appear even more prominent than they are.

As expected, Maine Coon cats go through a growth period similar to other cats, although they often start larger than usual either way. 

How Quickly do Maine Coons Grow

Many of the critical factors that play into a Maine Coon’s growth appear during their young years as they are actively growing. While some elements such as sex and heritage are determined at birth, other elements like nutrition and neutering or spaying begin to play a role at this point.

Maine Coons reach full maturity around the age of 4. Until that point, your Maine Coon will continue to grow and may already be quite large well before then.

During this period, their nutrition can play a significant role in their size. Proper nutrition and feeding habits will help them thrive rather than simply getting fat. Also, it will help with the health of their coat, making it grow longer and thicker, contributing to their perceived size.

Even after their growth period, it is essential to provide a Maine Coon, like any other cat, with proper nutritional value.

Maine Coons also grow larger if they are unneutered or unspayed, but this is not recommended for the average owner. Unless you plan on breeding the animal further, it is best to fix your pets to make care easier and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Are Norwegian Forest Cats Bigger Than Maine Coons?

Norwegian Forest Cats (NFC) are BIG!  But, Norwegian Forest Cats are not quite as big as Maine Coon cats.  On average, a female Norwegian Forest Cat weighs between 8-18 lbs, and a male Norwegian Forest Cat weighs between 10 – 20 lbs.  So, you can see that it is possible that a Norwegian Forest Cat is close in size to a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Size vs Norwegian Forest Cat SizeMaine Coon catNorwegian Forest Cat
Length19 to 32 inches12 to 18 inches
Height8 to 16 inches9 to 12 inches
Weight12 to 22 lbs8 to 20 lbs

As stated above, female Maine Coons typically weigh between 12 to 15 lbs, and male Maine Coons usually weigh between 18 to 22 lbs. 

Are Maine Coons Bigger Than Ragdolls?

Maine Coon

Yes, Maine Coons are bigger than Ragdoll cats.  Female Ragdoll cats typically weigh between 8 to 15 lbs, and male Ragdoll cats usually weigh between 12 to 20 lbs.  So, Ragdoll cats can get quite large!  

Maine Coon Size vs Ragdoll Cat SizeMaine Coon catRagdoll Cat
Length19 to 32 inches17 to 21 inches
Height8 to 16 inches9 to 11 inches
Weight12 to 22 lbs12 to 20 lbs

Ragdolls are still a little bit smaller than Maine Coon cats, though.  Male Maine Coons can get up to 22 lbs.  They can get big!

Are Maine Coons Bigger Than Bobcats?

Maine Coons can be larger than some bobcats, but it is possible for bobcats to be larger than Maine Coons. For example, the average female bobcat weighs 15 lbs.  The average male bobcat weighs 21lbs.  So, just looking at averages, you can see that Maine Coons might be larger sometimes.

Maine Coon Size vs Bobcat SizeMaine Coon catBobcat
Length19 to 32 inches18.7 to 49.2 inches
Height8 to 16 inches12 to 24 inches
Weight12 to 22 lbs8.8 to 49 lbs

However, the largest bobcat on record was weighed 49 lbs.  Bobcats can absolutely get larger than Maine Coons.

Are Male Maine Coons Bigger Than Females?

Male Maine Coons are larger than female Maine Coons.  Check out the chart below to see how they compare with each other!

Maine Coon Cat SizesMaleFemale
Length19 to 32 inches19 to 32 inches
Height10 to 16 inches8 to 16 inches
Weight18 to 22 lbs12 to 15 lbs

So, while it looks like there are significant differences in height and weight between male and female Maine Coons, they can get to about the same length

Maine Coon vs Other Cats

Other large cats are often compared to Maine Coons, such as the Norwegian Forest Cat or Savannah cats. However, each breed is distinct in its personality, size, and other traits.

The two largest cats in the world are the Maine Coon and the Savannah. They are distinct from the other in a few key ways, including:

  • Hair length
  • Build
  • Fully domestic VS. hybrid
  • Temperament
Maine Coon Size vs Savannah Cat SizeMaine Coon catSavannah cat
Length19 to 32 inches20 to 22 inches
Height8 to 16 inches13 to 15 inches
Weight12 to 22 lbsEarly Generation: 9.9 to 24 lbs
Later Generation: 7.7 to 17 lbs

As you can see, sometimes, the Savannah can weigh more than a Maine Coon.  Typically, Maine Coons will end up weighing more than Savannah cats, though.

Savannah cats look extremely different, featuring slick short hair and a slender frame that resembles their wild cat heritage. They are natural hunters and tend to enjoy heights more than Maine Coons.

Other large cats such as the Norwegian Forest Cat can be similar in size or even larger than the Maine Coon, but will, on average, be slightly smaller.

What is the Longest Cat in the World?

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the longest cat in the world as a Maine Coon for many years. This has held true between a few different Maine Coons; the last time another breed won was in 2009 when the Savannah “Magic” won the award. A history of the award can be found here.

Currently, the longest cat is Barivel, measuring 120cm long – almost 4 feet.

Savannah Cat Personality Traits

The Savannah cat is a hybrid, meaning that they mix a wild cat and a domestic. In addition, Savannah cats have the African Serval, a wild cat that looks highly similar to a recent ancestor. This contributes to their strong hunting instincts and characteristics.

While Savannahs can be friendly and sociable, Maine Coons tend to be a better choice for households with other pets and children. This is especially true if the Savannah has not been socialized properly as a kitten; their strong hunting instincts may cause them to attack, similar to a wild cat.

In comparison, Maine Coons tend to have relaxed and playful temperaments that make them easier for large families.

Thanks to their hybrid status, Savannah cats are even banned in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Georgia. Still, they can be fantastic cats, even for families – they are just likely to require more work with socializing and a closer eye than a Maine Coon would.

Are Maine Coons Dangerous?

Despite their size, Maine Coons tend to be highly relaxed and affectionate cats. Unlike the Savannah cat, which is partially mixed with a wild cat, the Maine Coon is fully domesticated. Therefore, a Maine Coon is no more dangerous than any other cat to keep as a pet.

Maine Coons are commonly regarded as having great personalities and traits. The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association even suggests that they are great pets for families with kids and other animals, as they stay relaxed through a variety of situations and maintain a great personality.

As with any animal, it is essential to note that individuals will vary from the average; you may find one Maine Coon particularly friendly or one that wants to be left alone. Therefore, it is essential to take each animal on a case-by-case basis while considering the breed’s general attitude.

What are Maine Coon Personalities?

The average Maine Coon cat gets along very well with people without ever becoming overly dependent on contact. As with any cat, they may call for attention in several ways:

  • Following people around
  • Waiting near doors
  • Sitting near you

They are unlikely to become aggressive or scratch at people unless particularly annoyed, as with most cats. Their larger size does not mean that Maine Coons are more dangerous or harmful than any other house cat. There is no reason to believe that a scratch will worsen from a Maine Coon than any other smaller house cat.

In fact, given their temperament and easy attitude, they may be better for children and other pets to be around than other cats who may get frustrated more easily. Especially as kittens, they enjoy playing and “helping” with most activities.

Occasionally, you may hear a Maine Coon described as having a “clown-like” personality due to their play preferences long into adulthood. However, they are often amusing to both watch and be around, making them perfect for families.


The Maine Coon is one of the world’s largest cats, with some other breeds such as the Savannah coming close. They are amiable cats that enjoy playing and can be goofy. As such, they are often referred to as “clown-like.”

A full-sized Maine Coon is between 12 to 22 pounds, depending on their sex. They have long coats that contribute to their size and looks, making them appear even larger. A Maine Coon has won the award for longest cat every year since 2009.

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