Maine Coon vs Burmese (Best Feline Comparison)

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The Maine Coon is an awesome large domesticated feline that has a proud fan base.  The Burmese cat is a well-known Asian domesticated cat that many people love.  These two cats are both known for their affection, but how do they compare against each other?  If you are considering these two cats, which one comes out on top? 

When comparing the Maine Coon vs Burmese, the Maine Coon cat wins this matchup.  The Maine Coon cat is known to be intelligent and loving.  While the Burmese cat is great, the Maine Coon is cuddly, independent, and enjoys humans’ company and is my pick over the Burmese cat.

The analysis between these two cat breeds (Maine Coon vs Burmese) is deep, so let’s dig in!

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Maine Coon Appearance vs Burmese Appearance

What Does a Maine Coon Look Like? 

A Maine Coon is a large, tough cat with a shaggy long-haired coat with three different lengths and a fluffy tail. A Maine Coon has medium-length legs and big, round, furry paws. The ears are big and wеll-tuftеd. The Maine Coon has huge, expressive eyes which can be grееn, gold, grееnish-gold or coppеr color.

Whitе Maine Coons are cats with white in their coat may havе bluе or odd-еyеs. The Maine Coon can have many colors such as white, black, red, brown, blue, silver, cream, blue-cream, golden, or tortoiseshell.

The patterns can be solid color, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, smoke, shaded, or tortoiseshell. Males can weigh 13 to 18 lbs. and females 8 to 12 lbs. A Maine Coon will reach its full size when they are three to five years of age. 

What Does a Burmese Cat Look Like?

Burmese Cat

The Burmese Cat is a medium-sized, compact, strong, and muscular cat breed with a round head, round eyes, and even round paws. Its legs should be well-proportioned to the body, and the tail must be medium length. 

The gold or yellow-colored eyes are large, expressive, round, and set far apart. The ears are set far apart, leaning slightly forward, medium-sized, wide at the head’s base, and rounded at the ear tips.

The Burmese cat coat is short, glossy, silky and has the colors sable, champagne, blue, or platinum. Gradual, light shading is allowed according to the breed’s standard, but any markings or spots are a serious flaw. Being a medium-sized but heavy boned cat, Burmese males can weigh up to 13 lbs. and females 8 to 12 lbs.

Maine Coon Hypoallergenic vs Burmese Hypoallergenic

Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic? Do Maine Coons Shed?

Maine Coons are magnificent in appearance and, therefore, much adored by many. Some people believe the Maine Coon is hypoallergenic; however, they are not. There is no indication that Maine Coons produce low degrees of allergens.

Maine Coon cats possess a lot of long fur and shed a great deal of it, especially in specific seasons, so keep this in mind when you’re looking for a cat breed with a low degree of allergens, the Maine Coon might not be the right breed for you.

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic? Do Burmese Cats Shed?

Being a short-haired cat breed, the Burmese are thought to be hypoallergenic; however, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. Even “naked” cat breeds like the Sphynx aren’t hypoallergenic. With or without hair, every cat breed sheds dead skin cells, which is the cause of a cat allergy in humans.

The coat of the cat is not the source of the allergy. Hair can contribute to the allergy because the dead skin cells on the cat hair spread throughout your house and onto your clothes, but the hair is not an allergen. The Burmese cat doesn’t shed much, so they need very little grooming. 

For excellent information on Burmese cat shedding, check out our article:  Click Here.

Maintaining a Maine Coon’s Fur Coat

The Maine Coon requires regular grooming. Daily or at least weekly brushing is needed to keep the coat smooth and untangled. The Maine Coon’s coat is oily and almost self-maintaining, but to prevent matting, use a slicker brush or soft bristle brush for regular brushing.

Maine Coons generally love attention from their humans, so grooming will most likely be easy and enjoyable. It’s recommended to groom your Maine Coon at a very young age, so your cat will know grooming is a fun and relaxing experience.

Try to avoid bathing a Maine Coon too often. Shampoo can wash away the natural oils the of the skin and coat. If you must bathe your Maine Coon make sure you use a shampoo, especially for cats.

Maintaining a Burmese Cat’s Fur Coat

The Burmese have a short, soft coat which doesn’t need much grooming—brushing a Burmese once a week to remove dead, loose hair is sufficient. Burmese cats seldom need baths. Other grooming that might be needed is regular cleaning of the ears or trimming of the nails.

Maine Coon Personality vs Burmese Personality 

Maine Coon Personality

While the large Maine Coons appearance is regal and formidable, this breed has a pleasant temperament and gentle nature. They are intelligent, highly trainable, and want to be around their humans all the time. Not in a clingy way, they are independent, but they love being around their people.

Maine Coons are playful and outgoing, but at the same time, they love cuddling up on your lap after they’ve had their exercise. Many Maine Coons are known to love water so don’t be surprised if they want to jump into the shower with you. They can be around children, dogs, or other cats. The Maine Coon loves to “talk.” They make all kinds of vocal sounds which can be very funny as well as entertaining. 

Video: Maine Coon Personality

Burmese Cat Personality

Burmese cats love their humans. They love to play with their owners, especially when they are kittens or young adults. When a Burmese gets older, they tend to become introverted. Burmese cats can be trained to do tricks. Some say they resemble dogs because of their desire to be with their humans all the time. It is recommended that they should not be left alone for long periods.

Burmese are very vocal and will let their owners know what they want. They are good around children, dogs and are comfortable around other Burmese cats but might not get along with other cat breeds.

When they’re not playing or “talking,” they love getting attention and affection, so owning a Burmese means lots of cuddles, stroking, and snuggling up on your lap. It’s recommended never to allow a Burmese outside. Burmese cats are very trusting and fearless, which could be dangerous when they go out of their safe home.

Video: Burmese Cat Personality

Are Maine Coons Intelligent?

Maine Coons are highly intelligent. They can be trained to do numerous tricks like playing fetch, and they can be leash-trained if you want to go on neighborhood walks with your Maine Coon. That may sound a bit strange, but it’s more common than you’d think. Maine Coons love to play with their humans and are very interactive. 

Are Burmese Cats Smart?

The Burmese are an intelligent and trainable breed. Being very people orientated, they tend to have playful, puppy-like characteristics and can be taught several tricks such as “tag” or “fetch.” They are a social breed and need a companion to prevent boredom and loneliness.

Maine Coon Lifespan vs Burmese Cat Lifespan 

Maine Coon and Burmese Cat Lifespan

The lifespan of a Maine Coon is estimated to be 9 to 13 years.  The lifespan of a Burmese is estimated to be 10 to 17 years.

Enriching Your Maine Coon and Burmese Cat’s Life

Cat Owner Affection

Both the Maine Coon and the Burmese are affectionate cats that need love and affection from their owners. Spending time with your cat by playing, training, cuddling, petting, or talking to them will strengthen the bond between you and keep your feline friend happy and healthy. 

Cats Going Outside

Cats like to be out and about. They love exploring and discovering new things; however, going outdoors can be dangerous for cats. Traffic, dogs, or sometimes strangers, can be a threat.

If you want to take your cat outside safely and under your supervision, you can use a cat backpack, a cat stroller, cat harness, or cat leash to take your beloved cat out and let them explore and be curious while you are there with them. We go into more detail about the safety of cat backpacks in our article on the subject:  Click Here.

Cat strollers are a great option to let your cat experience the outdoors safely. 

Since the Maine Coon is an exceptionally large cat I like this pet stroller on Amazon (affiliate link) since it is exceptionally large and durable:  Click Here.

I like this pet stroller on Amazon (affiliate link) for the Burmese cat since it is still a large pet stroller but is quite versatile:  Click Here.

Cat Condo / Cat Tree

To keep your cat stimulated indoors and avoid boredom, resulting in unwanted behavior, a Cat Tree, Cat Tower, or Cat Condo will be a great addition to your cat’s life. Your cat can climb, scratch, play, and have a high, safe place, which cats love.  Our article that goes deep on cat condos / cat trees:  Click Here.

Cat trees are fantastic, and my cat uses her cat tree multiple times a day. 

The cat condo / cat tree that I like on Amazon (affiliate link) for Maine Coons: Click Here It is a larger cat tree, and many reviews are by Maine Coon owners who say their cat enjoys the two top platforms. 

The cat condo / cat tree that I like on Amazon (affiliate link) for Burmese cats:  Click Here.  This is the cat tree that I own for my Domestic Shorthair cat, Charlotte, and she loves it. 

Cat Grass

Despite that cats are carnivores, cats like chewing on grass when they’re outdoors. If your cat can’t go out, Cat Grass can be a good alternative. Cat Grass consists of a grass mixture such as wheat, oats, or rye and is different from outdoor grass you have on your lawn.

Cat Grass contains vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the digestive system. It’s a tasty, healthy snack that also provides enjoyment for your cat.  Our article that analyses the importance of cat grass:  Click Here.

Maine Coon Health Issues vs Burmese Cat Health Issues

Maine Coon Health Issues

Maine Coon cats are prone to the following health issues:

  • Hip Dysplasia: An abnormality of the hip joint can cause crippling, lameness, and arthritis.
  • Hypеrtrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM):  Maine Coons are believed to inherit this type of heart disease, which is known to be the most common heart disease in felines.
  • Polycystic Kidnеy Disease (PKD): is an inherited disease that causes multiple cysts to form in the kidneys. Initially, they are minimal, but they grow larger over time and may eventually disrupt kidney function, resulting in kidney failure.
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA): another genetically inherited disease that causes the loss of the spinal cord neurons activates the skeletal muscles of the trunk and limbs.

Burmese Cat Health Issues

Burmese cats are prone to the following health issues:

  • Diabetes Mellitus: Burmese cats in Europe and Australia are at increased risk of diabetes mellitus. The American Burmese do not share this increased risk due to the genetic differences between American Burmese and other Burmese.
  • Hypokalemia: A genetic disease. Clinical signs include skeletal muscle weakness. Due to this, the Burmese cat can have a challenging time walking and keeping good posture. In the worst cases, death can be a outcome.
  • Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome (FOPS): Certain bloodlines suffer from an acute teething disorder in young kittens. The second teeth’ eruption causes extreme discomfort, and the young cat tears at its face to try to alleviate the pain. The outbreak of the new teeth in the jawbone cannot be fixed easily.

Maine Coon Price vs Burmese Cat Price

Maine Coon Price

When I started looking up how to find a Maine Coon for sale, I found the websites of two Maine Coon breeders and saw some prices. One site I found was for Wildcat Creek Cattery, in Indiana, and the Maine Coon Price ranges from $1500 – $2500, with potential added costs for delivery.  Deposits are $500 and can be paid through a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. It does look like they have Maine Coon kittens.

Wildcat Creek Cattery will deliver the Maine Coon kitten by automobile, up to 400 miles round trip, for $1/mile.  You could also have them bring the cat to you at the airport if you fly in.  This special option costs $145 extra for their effort and a cat carrier for your new Maine Coon kitten or cat.

Another Maine Coon cattery I found, Riggs Maine Coon Cattery the Maine Coon Cost ranges from $1400-$2200.  They also have Maine Coon kittens for sale.  Riggs Maine Coon Cattery has a waiting list but does not require a deposit unless there are kittens available to reserve.  Deposits for a Maine Coon cat are $400 with a variety of payment options to use.

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery has multiple delivery options that can affect cost.  The cattery can deliver a Maine Coon cat by driving long-distance at $.40/mile (up to 400 miles round-trip max).  They can also fly your Maine Coon kitten out to you, which could range from $500-$800.  This cattery is also willing to meet you at the Fort Wayne, Indiana airport (FWA) if you prefer flying to them and then picking up your new Maine Coon cat.

Burmese Cat Price

I searched for Burmese cat breeders to find Burmese cat costs, and I discovered Evita Burmese and Bombay, a Burmese cat breeder in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and Minnesota, USA.  Their Burmese kittens cost between $1600-$1800.  They do have a waiting list that you will want to be on if you are interested in purchasing a Burmese cat.

I also found Mocha Blast Burmese, which is a Burmese cat breeder in Northern, CA, USA.  They are also a Bombay cat breeder.    Mocha Blast Burmese charges $1500 for Burmese kittens.  You will want to get a refundable deposit if you are interested in one of their Burmese kittens.  It also appears they take paypal and personal checks for payment. 

Maine Coon Cat Breeders vs Burmese Cat Breeders

Maine Coon Cat Breeders

Maine Coon cat breeders have systems in place to keep high standards for the Maine Coon kittens that they raise in their Maine Coon cattery operations.  This is especially true at Wildcat Creek Cattery, which have champion Maine Coon Cats.  Wildcat Creek Cattery is in Kokomo, Indiana, USA.

Wildcat Creek Cattery has Maine Coon cats with an origin from Russia.  There is also a careful eye on the health of the cats as they are tested for important cat diseases, such as:

  • Feline Hypertrophic Cardomyopathy (HCM) – which is the cat condition where the cat’s heart walls thickens, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the heart and could lead to the heart beating irregularly, including too fast or too slow. 
  • Feline Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – which is a feline neurodegenerative disorder that can result in muscle tremors, muscular instability, and irregular posture. 
  • Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) – which can create the formation of plural cysts in the bilateral kidneys and sometimes also in the liver and pancreas.  As the cysts get larger, they may lead to feline chronic kidney disease (CKD). 
  • Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) – which is a common feline infectious disease that infects between 2% – 3% of felines in the United States of America. 
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) – which is a feline virus that causes depressed immune systems in cats.  This disease cannot be spread to human beings.

Additionally, Wildcat Creek Cattery has an impressive Maine Coon Manor that is 728 square feet.  They keep the building heated and cooled for their Maine Coon cats, which is important, because Indiana has a climate with hot Summers and cold Winters. 

Wildcat Creek Cattery has a birthing process for the Maine Coon kittens where they provide a birthing box that the Maine Coon Mother cat feels comfortable giving birth.  They have a birthing kit and have video cameras set up so that they can monitor everything going on.  After a few weeks, the birthing box will go away and other things will be introduced, like a cat tree for the Maine Coon Mother cat and new Maine Coon kittens. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery is located in Montpelier, IN, USA.  Riggs Maine Coon Cattery treats all of the Maine Coon cats they raise as a part of the family.  Because of this, their Maine Coon kittens live as family members right in their own home – no separate building for a cattery. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery is known to breed larger Maine Coon cats that tend to be on the heavier side of the weight range for Maine Coons.  Riggs keeps a close eye on the health and well-being of the Maine Coon cats since sometimes health issues can arise with higher weight. 

Riggs Maine Coon Cattery typically has cats with the following Maine Coon colors:

  • Black Smoke
  • Black Tabby
  • Silver Tabby
  • Black
  • Red Tabby
  • Red Smoke Tabby
  • Black Tortie
  • Black Tortie Smoke

Burmese Cat Breeders

At Evita Burmese and Bombay, they are focused on producing Burmese cats that meet the Burmese standards.  It is important to them that the Burmese cats they produce meet the expectations of a sweet disposition for Burmese cat personality, and are genetically and physically healthy. 

Evita Burmese and Bombay cattery won the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) Midwest Region Spotlight Award in 2012.  They are also a 2020 CFA breed council member. 

The website for Evita Burmese also offers some great tips for being a better cat owner, such as daily exercise to keep your cat fit.  These tips are worth a quick read. 

Mocha Blast Burmese and Bombay is in Northern California, USA and the Burmese cattery was created as an outlet out of love for the Burmese cat and as an operation that could grow as the owner’s knowledge improved over time.  It is clear that they really love the Traditional American Burmese breed. 

Mocha Blast Burmese and Bombay also makes it clear that they offer a health guarantee with their Burmese kittens.  They go on to say that a health guarantee is important when buying any pedigreed kitten, but that they take pride in keeping their Burmese kittens up to health standards.  They also recommend new owners get their new Burmese kittens seen by a veterinarian within 7 days of taking ownership.  

Maine Coon Adoption vs Burmese Cat Adoption

Maine Coon Adoption

Adopting a Maine Coon kitten or cat is a great way to give a cat a loving home.  Maine Coon Adoptions is appears to be a great organization that provides Maine Coon kittens and Maine Coon cats for adoption. 

Maine Coon Adoptions is located around the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.  They only adopt to people who live in California, USA.

Maine Coon Adoptions usually has Maine Coon cats that are not pedigreed.  These cats still need a loving place to live.  Maine Coon feline adoptions through Maine Coon Adoptions usually costs:

  • Purebred Maine Coon Cat Cost:  $225
  • Maine Coon Kitten Cost: $160
  • Healthy Maine Coon Cat Cost (Age 1 – 8):  $135
  • Special-Needs or Mature (8+ years old) Maine Coon Cats: $110

Maine Coon Rescue is a nationwide Maine Coon adoption network dedicated to placing Maine Coon cats in good homes.  A quick look at their available Maine Coon cats shows me that they probably cannot guarantee the cats’ parentage that they have available for adoption.  These cats clearly still need loving homes though. 

Maine Coon Rescue is able to operate through a combination of donations, adoption fees and fundraising events.

Burmese Cat Adoption

Adopting a Burmese kitten or Burmese cat is a great way to give a Burmese cat a loving home.  I did a search for Burmese adoption organizations and did not see any specifically set up for Burmese kittens or Burmese cats. 

I did see some websites for nationwide adoption organizations and these websites did not always appear to have high quality information on them.  One organization that did appear to have Burmese cats for adoption and have decent information available was Rescue Me

Rescue Me appears to be a nationwide adoption network for many breeds of cats, including Burmese cats.  One of their website’s nice features is the ability to just focus in on the cat breed you are looking for, such as the Burmese cat breed.  They give you the ability to look at a map of the USA and see where the cats are currently up for adoption. 

Maine Coon Meow vs Burmese Cat Meow

Maine Coon Meow

Maine Coon cats are known to be vocal.  This means you should not be surprised if you hear your Maine Coon kitten speaking to you in a number of different ways.  This could include different ways of talking such as meows, yowling, trilling, chirping, etc.  Below is a video of some Maine Coon noises (mostly meowing) for treats.

Video: Maine Coon Meows

Burmese Cat Meow

Burmese cats are well-known to be very vocal cats with soft voices.  This means you are going to hear this cat, which loves humans, talking to you but it will be nice sweet sounds.  Below is a video of Burmese cats using their voices.

Video: Burmese Cat Meows

Maine Coon History vs Burmese Cat History

Maine Coon History

There is a lot of lore around the Maine Coon Cat Origin.  There are some theories that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France’s, cats were able to escape France and land in Maine, USA where they eventually were bred into the Maine Coon. 

It is also theorized that the Maine Coon is a crossbreed with a raccoon, which is definitely not true.  The general consensus among breeders is that the Maine Coon is a product of breeding shorthaired domestic cats in North America with longhaired cats from overseas. 

If you are interested in learning more about cats and racoons, our article on the subject goes into detail about whether cats and raccoons get along:  Click Here.

We do know that the Maine Coon starts getting mentioned historically in documentation in the 1860s. 

Burmese Cat History

Historically, Burmese cats come from a hotbed of feline creation, Southeast Asia, specifically Burma in this case.  It is generally believed that the majority of Burmese cats are descended from a cat named Wong Mau, which was brought to the USA in 1930 and bred with an American Siamese cat. 

There are two different offshoot breeds of Burmese cats, the American Burmese and the European Burmese.  The European Burmese are beleived to have been brought about by British breeders. Historically, in Burmese cat history, the Sable (dark brown) color is the Burmese cat origin color, but now the Burmese cat is available in many colorations.


Both the Maine Coon and the Burmese cat are awesome cats with unique cat origins.  If you are lucky enough to have either one of these cats, I think you will be happy.  Personally, after conducting the analysis in this article, I think the Maine Coon cat narrowly edges out the Burmese cat. 

Additionally, it seems like there are more Maine Coon breeders and adoption possibilities in the USA than with the Burmese cat. 

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