Can Siberian Cats Go Outside? (The Most Useful Answer)

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The Siberian Cat is well-known for its fluffy and plush fur coat topped with a loveable, passive, friendly, and affectionate personality. Even though they are exceptionally playful, this breed tends to be more laid-back. So, should such a gentle lap cat go outside?

Yes, Siberian cats can go outside. Siberian cats are robust cats that are agile and enjoy climbing. However, Siberian cats should be monitored while outdoors for safety due to their friendliness and tendency to climb to great heights.

While this breed can certainly benefit from a balance of being indoors and spending time outside, there are still plenty of risks and safety factors that caregivers should consider.

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Stick around to find out everything you need to know for taking a Siberian outdoors and what measures you should put in place to ensure that your fluffy feline friend stays safe. 

Can Siberian Cats Go Outside?

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There is a wide range of health and safety hazards outdoors, and unfortunately, caregivers have limited options for ensuring safety. Significant dangers include vehicles that pose the risk of collision and physical harm and foreign cats that may be aggressive or territorial.

One animal that cats can run into while outside is the raccoon.  To learn more about whether cats and raccoons can get along or if raccoons are a danger, check out our article:  Click Here.

Some cats which wander outdoor areas may be domesticated and cultivated. Still, others may be strays, which are notorious for carrying parasites, illness, or diseases, some of which can be too severe or even life-threatening.

Although these dangers exist in abundance, finding ways to accommodate them is vital for ensuring that your Siberian gets optimal exposure to indoor and outdoor life. The best way to approach such hazards would be to monitor your cat’s movement and demeanor closely. You should also stay within enclosed zones, steer clear of vehicles and roads, ensure that vaccinations are entirely up to date, as well as a tick, flea, and heartworm medicine.

Good ways to take your Siberian cat outside while minimizing risk to her would be to take your Siberian cat outside using a cat harness and leash, cat backpack, or cat stroller.

Can You Keep Siberian Cats Outside?

It’s not recommended to keep this fluffy friend outside entirely.  If the area has harsh climates such as extremely scorching summers or freezing winters, they could be put at risk due to the climate.

Although the Siberian is more resistant to the weather due to its unique coat, which adapts per the climate, whether it be hot or cold, there are many other risks posed for a cat that lives outside.

Some people use cat doors so their cat can come and go freely between the house and outside.  My recommendation is to keep your cat inside the house and when you do not let your cat roam freely outdoors.

To learn more about cat doors and if they are safe, check out our article:  Click Here.

Can Siberian Cats Live in Hot Weather?

Yes, Siberian cats can live in hot weather.  Siberian cats shed fur to attain a shorter, sparser coat in summers. This allows them to live in varying climates, and they are thus suitable for living in areas that experience hot weather. I’d still keep a close eye on them though since they are known for living in colder climates.

The fur coat of a Siberian cat alters its state to meet the environment’s demands and keeps the body temperature regulated. This breed boasts a lush, dense, full triple coat in winter which protects from the cold.  

Is it Bad to Let Cats Outside?

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No, it is not bad to let cats outside.  When you let cats outside you should do so in a controlled way via harness and leash, cat backpacks, or cat strollers to ensure you minimize risk to your cat.

Cats benefit from a stable blend of indoor and outdoor experiences, as long as conditions suit their unique needs, and they are happy, healthy, and comfortable. Allowing exposure to fresh outdoor air, warm rays of sunlight, as well as various aspects of the outside world would be extraordinarily constructive for them, topped with indispensable exercise and physical activity.

Other ways to ensure that the outdoor area is secure is by selecting public spaces that are safe, shielded, and away from dangers or hazards such as stray animals, potentially harmful substances, and traffic. 

Things to Consider if You Let Your Siberian Cat Outside

Is My Cat Chipped?

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of this gentle and friendly breed somehow getting lost while they are outside. They can get frightened by loud sounds and runoff in random directions, may follow in pursuit of something that catches their attention, or may even find entertainment with strangers since this breed is incredibly friendly.

It’s crucial to safeguard your cat’s identification by making sure they are wearing a well-fitted collar with an up-to-date ID tag on at all times, whether they are indoors or outdoors, as this allows credentials to be recognized if they are found.

Some people wonder if making your cat wear a collar is ethical or safe for your cat.  To learn more about whether cat collars are inhumane:  Click Here.

Microchipping your cat is an incredible option for additional safety measures, as this will allow someone who finds your cat to quickly get them scanned to see who their owner is.

Are You Leaving Water Out for Your Cat? 

When you let your cat spend time outside, it’s vital to ensure that hydration and nutritional needs are met. Always bring along fresh water and plenty of treats for your fluffy feline to make sure they do not get dehydrated and are entirely hydrated and sustained.

This will also help prevent toxicities and sicknesses, as cats may ingest harmful plants and substances or drink from tainted water sources if they feel inclined to do so. The Siberian often tends to show interest in water as they enjoy playing with it, whether it is clean or not, so this will need to be monitored closely. 

Did you bring the Siberian Cat in at night? 

The Siberian is quite deft and nimble with their heavyweight paws and may get up to mischief if left unattended overnight. They may get attacked by street animals, like feral cats or dogs, resulting in unforeseeable outcomes. It’s best to ensure this soft and gentle feline is brought in at night.

Fighting with feral cats is a serious concern.  To learn more about if cats will fight to the death, read our article on the subject:  Click Here.

Should you give them a bath afterward?

Whether or not you bathe the cat after they have been outside will depend on several factors. The Siberian has a long fur coat plus a luxuriously plumed tail which may increase the extent of matter tracked in from the outside environment.

If they have come into contact with dirt, grime, other animals, unknown substances, or new plant matter, it may be a good idea to give them a good bath.

But, if they have only encountered toys, sidewalks, or grass, then gentle brushing may be adequate. Bathing is not needed frequently for this breed thanks to their triple-layered water-resistant coat, but one can wipe them down for quick cleaning.

Can Siberian Cats Be House Cats?

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Yes, Siberian cats can be house cats. The Siberian cat is fairly active but is quite happy relaxing in cozy spots within the home. Although they love to climb to high points and perform agile tricks, they should be pleased as indoor cats if their cat owner gives them an enriching life.

Every cat is unique, and your Siberian may or may not be as interested in spending time outdoors than playing in the home. They would still benefit from spending time outside in moderation.

Can Siberian Cats Be Left Alone?

No, a singular Siberian cat should not be left alone. This breed does not enjoy being left alone at home, as they love having an audience and interacting with others. If you are going to leave this cat home alone it would probably be best to have a second cat to keep your Siberian cat company.

Ways to Take a Siberian Cat Outside More Often

This breed adores following loved ones around since they are quite observant and enjoy participating in whatever activities that caregivers are busy with. It could be a great idea to invite your cat to join in on outdoor happenings, even if it means reclining and watching the sunset from your deck or porch or tending to the garden. Having trees or climbable objects in nearby outdoor areas may be more inviting for this breed.

Cat Backpacks: Cat backpacks allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without being exposed to environmental conditions. The Siberian is not overly active and may enjoy experiencing the journey with their loved one.

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Cat Strollers: Cat strollers allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without walking or interacting with the environment. The Siberian may enjoy such an accessory, as it provides a balance of freedom and experience with relaxation.

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Cat Harness and Leashes: Cat harnesses and leashes are most beneficial for this breed. It provides the freedom to explore plus necessary physical activity within boundaries set by the caregiver. This allows caregivers to monitor outdoor experiences closely for safety. 

Read more about whether cat harnesses are safe for your cat:  Click Here.


Taking the Siberian cat outside can be incredibly beneficial for their overall health, activity levels, and happiness. This cat should love going out and you will probably enjoy seeing your cat interact with nature.

With some immaculate safety measures, proper training, ground rules, plus lots of love and patience, your Siberian cat could be soaring through the air with leaps and bounds outdoors in no time.

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