Can Ocicats Go Outside? (The Most Helpful Reasons)

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An array of extraordinarily charming characteristics adorns the Ocicat, including their loveable and playful nature coupled with their exotic appearance. If you are thinking about the advantages and the risks of Ocicats going outdoors, it begs the question can Ocicats go outside?

Ocicats can go outside, as they are incredibly playful, fast, agile, and athletic in nature. However, they should be monitored while outdoors for safety due to their innate tendency for curiosity and investigation.

While this breed can certainly benefit from a balance of being indoors and spending time outside, there are still plenty of risks and safety factors that caregivers should consider.

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Stick around to find out everything you need to know for taking an Ocicat outdoors, and what measures you should put in place to ensure that your furry feline friend stays protected.

Can Ocicats Go Outside?

Video: Ocicat Outside!

There is a plethora of health and safety risks that exist outdoors. Unfortunately, there is not much that caregivers can do to influence external factors apart from monitoring the environment.

Certain dangers include vehicles that pose the risk of collision and physical harm and threats posed by foreign cats dwelling in outdoor areas, which may be antagonistic or territorial. Some cats which roam the outdoor areas may be domesticated and tame, but others may be feral cats that are infamous for carrying illness or diseases, some of which can be extremely severe.

When cats encounter each other outside, they will sometimes fight.  To find out if cats will fight to the death, read our article:  Click Here.

If you are going to let your cat roam outside, most effective safety precaution would be to keep a very close eye your cat’s movement and conduct closely while outside, stay within fenced areas, keep away from vehicles and roads, ensure their vaccinations are fully up to date, as well as a tick, flea, and heartworm medicine.

Sometimes, cat owners will install cat doors so their cat can freely go between inside and outside the house.  We go into detail about cat doors and what it means to have one and let your cat go outside through one in our article:  Click Here.

Another risk factor includes loud noises which may harm their sensitive ears. The Ocicat has strong-smelling senses so unpleasant odors like dumpsters and dirty environments will harm the outdoor experience. Selecting well-maintained pet parks to expose your Ocicat outside is best for ensuring safer surroundings.

Common ways to reduce risk while still taking your cat outside would be to use a harness / leash combination, a cat backpack, or a cat stroller.  One good idea is to use a cat stroller or cat backpack and then when you are in an area that you feel comfortable letting your cat walk around, keep your cat on the leash / harness to let her explore!

Can Ocicats Live Outside?

It’s not recommended to keep this furry friend outside entirely.  If the area has harsh climates such as extremely hot summers or icy winters, an ocicat may be uncomfortable being outside for prolonged periods.

My recommendation is that you do not keep your Ocicat outside or have a cat door.  Instead, I would keep this cat indoors and safely expose the cat outside using one of these methods:

  • Cat harness / leash
  • Cat Backpack
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  • Cat Stroller
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Although the Ocicat adapts easily to surroundings, thrives off of vast open spaces due to their need to run fast and freely, and loves to climb to high places and observe from above, so Ocicats may enjoy being outside more than other breeds.

Do Ocicats Like the Cold?

No, Ocicats do not like the cold. The Ocicat is fonder of cozy areas, as they have short coats which are not resilient in cold weather, and lack the density required to insulate warmth effectively. Although, they enjoy playing with water, and may show interest in puddles on cold rainy days. 

Is it Bad to Let Cats Outside?

Cats tend to thrive and develop well with a balanced blend of indoor and outdoor experiences, if safety and climate conditions suit their unique needs. Allowing exposure to fresh air and sunlight would be unbelievably beneficial for them, topped with necessary exercise and physical activity.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that the outdoor area is secure by selecting public spaces that are safe, sheltered, and away from threats like stray animals, harmful substances, and traffic.

Things to Consider if You Let Your Ocicat Outside

Is My Ocicat Microchipped?

Video on cat microchipping

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of this investigative and curious breed somehow getting lost while they are outside. They can get frightened by loud sounds and run off in any direction. Ocicats may pursue a scent or object that catches their interest, or may even find entertainment with strangers or foreign animals. This breed is particularly friendly, rarely shying away from others even if they are unfamiliar.

Microchipping your cat is an incredible option for additional safety measures, as this will allow you to find your lost cat even if the ID collar has somehow become detached.

It’s essential to ensure that your cat has a well-fitted collar with an up-to-date ID tag on at all times. The ID on the cat collar allows identification if another individual or agency

 finds them. 

Some people shy away from putting a collar on a cat because they think the cat will hurt herself by snagging it on something.  We talk more about whether cat collars are inhumane in our article:  Click Here.

Are you leaving water out for them?

When you let your cat outside or go for walks, it is essential to ensure that water and refreshment needs are met. Always bring along freshwater and ample treats for your furry friend to make sure they are completely hydrated and sustained.

Bringing along fresh water for your Ocicat will also help prevent toxicities and illnesses, as cats may ingest harmful plants and substances, or drink from tarnished water sources if they feel inclined to do so. The Ocicat needs to stay nourished as they burn off stored energy quickly with their high activity levels, and this breed has a particular tendency to show interest in water whether it is clean or not, so this will need to be monitored closely.

Do you bring the Ocicat in at night? 

Exposure to harmful factors poses the risk of your cat falling ill, getting into altercations with street animals, or ingesting substances found outside without supervision. The Ocicat is an intelligent breed, but may engage with street animals, strangers, or explore outdoor areas overnight without supervision out of curiosity, so it’s best to ensure they are brought in before sundown.

Should you give them a bath afterward?

Whether or not you bathe the cat after they have been outside will depend on several factors, and the Ocicat has a short fur coat which may decrease the quantity of matter gathered from the outside environment.

If they have come into contact with dirt, grime, other animals, unknown substances, or unknown plant matter, it may be a good idea. But, if they have only come into contact with toys, sidewalks, or grass, then gentle strokes with a chamois cloth and brushing may be adequate.

Can Ocicats Be House Cats?

Video: Ocicat at Home

Yes, Ocicats can be house cats, but you will want to ensure your Ocicat gets exercise. The Ocicat is extremely active and demands physical activity in order to remain healthy and happy, as they love to run fast, jump or climb high, and perform agile stunts with a playful personality similar to that of a dog.

Although cat breeds assist in identifying general traits, every cat is unique, and your Ocicat may or may not be as interested in spending time outdoors as opposed to playing in the home. Depending on the home’s size, this breed may long for the freedom of movement and exploration, and climbable objects outdoors set on vast landscapes may be more inviting for this breed.

Can Ocicats Be Left Alone?

This breed does not enjoy being left alone at home, as they thrive off the attention given by loved ones. The Ocicat can keep themselves occupied, but investing in toys, puzzle feeders, and activities to entertain their lively and intellectual nature will be beneficial. 

Another option that I’ve heard many people turn to when they need to leave a cat home alone, that may get separation anxiety, is getting another cat to keep her company.  In this case, you will probably want a cat with a lot of energy since the Ocicat is so playful.  I would recommend a Domestic Shorthair, like my cat Charlotte.  Charlotte has a ton of energy and loves playtime.

Are Ocicats Good Pets?

Overall, the Ocicat is a fantastic pet, as they flaunt stunning exotic and feral aesthetics in beautiful balance with their loving and playful nature. They are great with children, dogs, and other pets that are friendly, and they are quite easy to train. This breed is rather chatty, extremely friendly, and loves to spend time with others through interactive play and affectionate engagement.

Ways to Take an Ocicat Outside More Often

This breed loves to tag along on adventures, while traveling, and accompanying caregivers in activities, even if you are perhaps relaxed and watching the sunset from your deck or porch or tending to the garden. It could be a great idea to invite your cat to join since they are quite observant and enjoy participating in whatever activities that caregivers are busy with.

Cat Backpacks: Cat backpacks allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without being exposed to any real dangers. However, this breed is extremely active and may not appreciate being cooped up without enjoying any action awaiting outside.

My advice with a cat backpack is to walk to an area that your cat might enjoy walking around and then take your cat out with the harness and leash.  When you are ready to go home, put your Ocicat back in your cat backpack.

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Cat Strollers: Cat strollers allow cats to gain the overall experience and view of outdoor life without walking or interacting with the environment. The Ocicat may end up wanting to jump out and explore the surroundings out of curiosity, but good cat strollers keep a cat confined so that they cannot jump out. 

Similarly to the cat backpack, a cat stroller allows you to wheel your Ocicat wherever you want to go, and then when you feel comfortable that the area is safe you can take your Ocicat out of the cat stroller by using a leash / harness.  When you are ready to go home, just put your cat back in the cat stroller, and wheel your Ocicat back home!

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Cat Harness and Leashes: Cat harnesses and leashes are most beneficial for this breed. It provides the freedom to explore and the demanded level of physical activity within the caregiver’s boundaries. This allows caregivers to monitor outdoor experiences closely for safety while providing the Ocicat with the freedom of movement that they desire.

You just need to be conscious that a cat is not a dog, so do not be surprised if your cat, even an Ocicat, plops down somewhere and wants to hang out and not walk around all that much.  Cats like to take their time, even when they are on a harness and leash.


Taking the Ocicat outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for their overall health, activity levels, as well as mental health, and happiness. Although it may take some time to get this energetic breed into the hang of spending time outdoors under certain controls, they are likely to become major fans of going outside. This is especially true if they are free to climb and jump around, or are exposed to areas which provide plenty of room for exploring.

With some well thought out safety measures, proper training, ground rules, plus lots of love and patience, your Ocicat could be investigating and exploring outdoors in no time.

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