Are Female Cats Loving? Revealing Details About Cat Love

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When it comes to owning a cat, many people have wondered if the sex of their cat plays a role in their different personality traits? Do male cats wander from home while females stay near-by? Are male cats aggressive? There have been many wives’ tales around cat’s genders and their different traits. Today, we look at one very commonly asked question, are female cats loving? 

Female cats are loving. How loving they are is dependent on your cat’s personality, if they are spayed or not, and their breed. Studies show that it is more likely that your cat will have certain traits in their behavior based on their breed more than their gender.

It is quite interesting that a cat’s hormones and breed can play such a large role in their affection levels. Most female cats are, in fact, loving animals, with one or two exceptions to the rule, as with any animal that has its own personality and decision-making capabilities. 

Are Female Cats Loving Pets?

Female cats are loving pets. Depending on if your female cat has been spayed or not, your cat may be even more loving towards you throughout certain times in her heat cycle.

When a female cat is not spayed, she will regularly go into heat, which means many of her actions will then be driven by her hormones. They will often rub themselves up against you, follow you around, and call for you when they want you. 

In general, female cats who have not been spayed do tend to be extremely loving and affectionate towards their owners.

Your cat is not attracted to you; this is not why she will be affectionate towards you. She is simply responding to her hormones and craves attention, and she will seek out that attention from the person she loves.

When a female cat has been spayed, it will often mean that the cat is not as needy as they were before they were spayed, as their hormones are no longer getting the best of them. 

However, this will not affect your cat’s personality. If you have a very loving and affectionate female cat, being spayed will not change that.

If she loved to cuddle and get lots of attention from you every day before, she will still love to cuddle and want your love and attention after getting fixed, as it was not her hormones making her a lovable cat; it was her personality.

On the other hand, if your cat was not a fan of cuddling except when she was in heat, then there is a good chance that if your cat were to be spayed that she would not seem as loving anymore.  This is because she probably only wanted to cuddle when she had a rush of overwhelming love hormones.

When it is a cat’s hormones causing them to behave a certain way, after they are spayed, it is more than likely that they will stop that behavior altogether.

The Females of What Cat Breeds Are the Most Loving?

Since a lot of the affection your female cat will give you will also depend on her breed, let us have a look at a couple of the most loving breeds of cats.

The Siamese Cat

These beautiful cats absolutely love to love! Having a female Siamese cat almost guarantees that you will have a full-time love bug on your hands. Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate and will need a lot of your attention constantly.

They are very intelligent cats that have even been taught to walk on a lead. A female Siamese cat is very likely to want to be your little shadow whether she is spayed or not; they really do just want to love their people all the time.

To learn more about how the Siamese cat compares to another breed of cat, check out our article:  Here.

The Sphynx Cat

This cat breed may come as a surprise; however, sphynx cats are a very loving, loyal, energetic, and affectionate breed. They are a hairless best friend! Having a female sphynx cat may feel like having a funny little best friend around who never leaves your side.

She will follow you around, play with your shoelaces while you walk, cuddle up close while you watch TV, and just be a small ball of love to you always. Female sphynx cats are extremely loving animals and so easy to love back.

If you are interested in hearing more about Sphynx cats, we talk about whether they can go outside in our article:  Here.

Are Female Cats More Loving Than Male Cats?

Female cats and male cats will always behave differently depending on whether they have been spayed/neutered or not. 

Male cats who have not been neutered may be completely laid back, sweet, and affectionate animals who have nothing but love and time for their owners. Or, they may be aggressive, constantly want to leave/escape the house, and may even spray everywhere. 

This is completely unique to each individual cat, and how they will behave when they reach this stage in their sexual maturity is a mystery until they get there. 

It is the same situation with female cats; they often become extra affectionate and loving and want more attention when they are in heat; however, some female cats may become reserved and want to be left alone. 

Some female cats may even start spraying, too; it all depends on the individual cat and how they were raised and how their hormones now change their behaviors.

When both male and female cats have been spayed/neutered, they both have the full potential to either be extremely loving or reserved, not very cuddly animals.

Gender surprisingly does not play a very big role in the love and affection of cats. So whether the cat is male or female, if they decide they want to be loving, they will be loving, and if they do not want affection, they will stay out of affection’s way as much as they possibly can.

So no, female cats are not more loving than male cats. Both genders of cats will only ever be as loving as they choose to be.

Do Female Cats Like Female Humans Better?

Do female cats have a preference when it comes to the gender of their owners? Could this affect how loving a female cat can be towards its owners?

As it turns out, female cats do prefer owners that are also female.

When it comes to favoritism in your female cat’s love and affection, there are many influencing factors; and it would seem that the owner’s gender being female would be one of these factors.

A few years ago, it was thought that female cats, and cats in general, liked their female owners more than their male owners.

There are some key things that female owners tend to do more than male owners, and that probably contributes greatly to this conclusion. Things such as:

Talking to Your Cat

Cats love being spoken to, and many people will immediately get down and speak to their cat the moment that they get home / see their cat after a while. People that talk to their cat often and even get down on their knees to talk to their cat can expect that their cat will appreciate this.

Amount of Time with Your Cat

Sometimes one spouse may be home more often than the other. This inevitably means that they then spend more time with their cat than the other spouse does. Your cat will probably bond with whoever spends more time with her. Whoever is home to spend time with her and feed her is who she likely loves the most. 

Feeding Your Cat

As petty as it may seem, if your cat knows that someone in particular in the house gives her food, she may by default be more loving towards that person, as your cat sees this as an act of love.

So, if it ends up being the man of the house who feeds your cat daily, chances are she will be more affectionate towards him.

Playing with Your Cat

Most cats love a good playtime. Getting to run after their favorite toy sliding across the floor, or try and catch that pesky laser beam they keep getting so close to getting.

Whatever their favorite game is, your cat is more likely to be affectionate towards whoever she knows will play her favorite game with her.

How Can a Cat Owner Make their Cat Feel Loved?

This goes for both male or female cats, but its important that owners try to make their cats feel loved.  Obviously, there are the basic ways to make your cat feel loved, some of which are also mentioned above, such as:

  • Feeding your cat
  • Communicating with your cat
  • Petting your cat
  • Playing with your cat
  • Keeping your cat healthy

But, there are other ways that you can try to connect with your cat and hopefully make them feel loved.  Some of these ways are:

Walking your Cat

If you take your cat outside in a safe way, it can be a really cool experience and also enriching for your cat.  I have to believe that would make a cat happy, and likely increase the love. You could do this with a collar/leash, cat backpack, or cat stroller. 

Cat backpacks are nice because they are easy and everyone knows how to use a backpack.  Cat strollers are even better because they provide the best experience for your cat, while still maintaining safety and control. 

  • The cat stroller on Amazon that I recommend for average-sized cats because it is robust and can go anywhere (affiliate link):  Click Here

Cat Condos / Cat Trees to Climb and Rest

Cats need safe places to hang out and cat condos or cat trees are cat furniture that can accomplish this goal.  Giving your cat safe and enriching places to hang out can definitely show them that you love them. 

One of the nice things about my cat’s cat condo (I also have an article that talks more about cat condos) is that she always goes for the scratch posts on it instead of attacking the human furniture.

  • The cat condo / cat tree on Amazon that I recommend for average-sized cats because my similarly-sized cat loves it! (affiliate link): Click Here

Structures Called Catios

Catios are a great way to show your cat that you love them because you are giving them an experience they would normally not have inside the house. 

You are basically putting in a structure outside that serves as a temporary house for them when the weather is nice.  Your cat goes in and experiences nature in your backyard in a safe way. 

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Female cats are very loving animals in general, and if your specific cat is a cat that just wants her space, unfortunately, you can blame her personality for that, not her gender. 

However, certain breeds of female cats do tend to be more affectionate than other breeds, so if you are wondering if it is just your cat with an attitude problem or if it is her breed, maybe do a bit of research and go find out a bit more about her breed’s temperaments – and give her more treats!

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