Are Siamese Cats Easy To Train? Essential Knowledge

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Siamese cats are a popular cat breed due to their looks and high energy levels. They’re also brilliant and get along with their owners all the time. Since they’re very active, these cats could be troublesome, especially when they remain untrained.

Siamese cats are one of the easiest cat breeds to train due to their intelligence. For effective results, make sure you combine reward training with clicker training. Siamese cats can be housetrained, but you need a lot of patience.

Training your Siamese cat is not rocket science and doesn’t require much experience. This article highlights what to train your cat for and how to train them, which you’ll learn if you read on.

Are Siamese Cats Trainable?

Without a shred of doubt, Siamese are brilliant cats. It’s their superior cognitive ability that makes training easy for them to master. It will help if you put them through a training routine that is not only fun but will influence and model their behavior.

Besides learning basic behaviors such as using a litter box, some people have gone to lengths of training their cats to do simple tricks such as giving high-fives and using a toilet.

The training sessions could double up as a bonding experience where the cat gets used to you and anyone around the house.

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How to Train a Siamese Cat

Felines are very independent in nature and prefer to take care of their business on their terms. However, a well-trained Siamese cat gets along with people and makes an excellent pet and companion. There’s a lot you can teach your cat to improve their behavior and make them more adorable than they already are. Here’s what you can teach them:

Are Siamese Cats Good House Pets?

Siamese cats can be good house pets.  People who own Siamese cats usually love how intelligent and chatty they are.  Additionally, Siamese cats are known to be friendly.  However, one thing to keep in mind, is that they crave companionship and may need another animal for a friend. 

Siamese cats are easy to train, even when considering if they are good house pets.  Housetraining is the basic cat training if you want them to stay indoors. This type of training should be initiated immediately after the cat is brought into your home.

Housetraining your cat will ensure it behaves acceptably and gets along with anyone in the house, especially other pets. Housetraining your Siamese cat includes:

  • Siamese Cats and Litter Boxes– Cats like doing their “business” where they can hide the mess. If you don’t train them to use the litter box, they might end up relieving themselves in your potted plants or a dark corner of a room.  
  • Siamese Cat Eating Habits – Cats are protective of their food and attempt to drag it out of the plate and eat it from the floor. Teach them to eat from their plate to avoid messing up your carpet.
  • Siamese Cat Toys – Siamese cats, especially kittens, are energetic. If they don’t learn to play with their toys, they’ll end up scratching the carpet, furniture and breaking things such as glasses.  You will want to have a laser pointer and floating butterfly handy.

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Are Siamese Cats Well Behaved? Training Siamese Cats to Be Obedient

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats can get mischievous, and this behavior could escalate if you leave them untrained. Behaviors such as scratching you or the furniture shouldn’t be tolerated.

Siamese cats are known to get hyperactive around the house, which might end up distracting you, especially if you work from home or you have guests. Training them to sit or settle down is the best way of getting rid of these actions.

Training your cat to follow your commands is a great way of curbing their bad behavior. Such training should commence when they’re young before the bad habits form, and they’re beginning to get used to you.

Be firm and gentle when you’re training your cat for obedience. If they misbehave, make sure you respond immediately to let them know their behavior will not be tolerated.

Siamese Cat Tricks

Although it’s not necessary, training your Siamese cat to do some tricks can be great. Since these cats are very social, it’s very easy to teach them to do tricks such as giving high-fives, using a toilet, and leash walking.

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It might take time to accomplish this task, but with patience and determination, you’ll have your Siamese cat performing incredible tricks. It’s normal for your cat to lose interest during the first few sessions, but they will start to show promise within a few weeks.

Can you Train a Siamese Cat?

Yes, Siamese cats are intelligent and can be trained.  Siamese cats have a lot of energy, so you will need a lot of patience.

Although Siamese cats can respond to your verbal communication with a meow, it’s not enough to train them. You need to adopt the following training methods to improve their behavior and turn them into well-mannered and cuddly pets.

Reward Training

When dealing with Siamese cats, positive reinforcement has proven to work every time. This cat training method allows you to reward the cat with a treat every time they engage in good behavior. If you notice your cat has refrained from scratching the furniture or has used a litter box, reward this effort with a treat.

It helps to condition the cat that specific actions are rewarded with treats, and they’ll always expect to get treats every time they perform them.

The best thing about this training method is that it doesn’t require much experience. It’s also the perfect method for home training your Siamese cat without inquiring about professional help.

Clicker Training

Many professional and experienced cat trainers use this method to curb out a cat’s bad behavior. This training method can also be taught to first-time cat owners to influence how they want their cats to behave.

A clicker is a remote control that produces a clicking sound when you press it, and it should only be pressed when the cat is engaging or is about to engage in undesirable behavior.

It helps to set boundaries on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in your home. It’ll take your cat some time to get used to these changes, but they will come around eventually. Clicker training results in permanent behavioral changes and has proven to be an effective tool in curbing out bad habits.

However, since Siamese cats are social and energetic, this training method might be restrictive and prevent them from being themselves. For effective results, it’s best to combine both reward training and clicker training.

Are Siamese Cats Hard to Train?

Siamese cats are easy to train, but there may be times when they are not that easy to train.  Siamese cats are very social and jumpy. It’s common for them to get very active, especially after a meal, making it hard to train them during this period. To make sure the training sessions are fruitful, make sure you avoid doing the following:

Don’t Hit the Cat

Although Siamese cats are intelligent, they’re still cats and will behave as such. Their behavior can get out of hand sometimes, and hitting them will not cause them to change it. In fact, it will have the opposite effect, and your cat will grow distant from you.

Don’t Shout at Them

Cats are sensitive to violence, and shouting has the same effects as hitting them. Your cat will get distant from you if you keep shouting at them. The worst-case scenario is your shouting ceases to affect them once they get used to it.

Don’t Prolong the Training Sessions

It’s pointless to make your training sessions unnecessarily long since your cat will not learn everything within a day. Try and break them into shorter sessions that your cat will enjoy. You can make the experience fun by including treats at the end of every session.


Video: Siamese Cat Getting Trained

Siamese cats are great companions due to their intelligence and energetic behavior. It’s critical to housetrain them to learn basic behaviors such as using a litter box. Behavioral training is crucial as it helps to influence how you want them to act.

Trick training can be fun, but it’s not necessary. Try using reward training or clicker training to curb out bad habits. Avoid hitting or shouting at your cat when you’re training them.

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