Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed A Lot?

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If you are looking to adopt a cat in the United States, it will likely be a Domestic Shorthair cat.  My cat, Charlotte, is a Domestic Shorthair that I adopted through the Humane Society.  Many questions go through a new cat owner’s mind about a lot of different subjects, and one of those subjects is inevitably fur coat shedding.  So, you are probably asking yourself if Domestic Shorthair cats shed a lot?

Domestic Shorthair cats shed a moderate amount year-round if they are kept indoors.  Domestic Shorthair cat owners should feed their cat nutritious meals to help keep their fur coat healthy and brush this cat twice a week. 

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Domestic Shorthair cats are awesome, and it is important to know about their fur coats.  So, read on!

Domestic Shorthair Cats and Their Fur

What is the Domestic Shorthair cat breed?

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Domestic Shorthair cats generally have ancestry from a multitude of cat breeds; however, in the United States, they are often related to the American Shorthair cat. From what I have seen, these cats will often have a Tabby coat pattern.

This cat breed is believed to be approximately 90-95% of all cats in the United States. It is not uncommon for these cats to be classified as a House Cat, Shorthair Household Pet, or “Moggie” (United Kingdom). 

My Domestic Shorthair cat is affectionate, listens to me half of the time (and ignores me the other half), and is vocal when she wants food or attention (i.e., petting or playtime).  She is a great cat, and I would recommend a Domestic Shorthair cat to most people.

What do we know about the Domestic Shorthair cat’s fur?

Domestic Shorthair cats are considered short-haired, but honestly, I would consider mine more moderate-haired because compared to other short-haired cat breeds, my Domestic Shorthair has a slightly thicker coat.

A healthy fur coat on a Domestic Shorthair is really nice because it will be quite soft.  These cats will groom themselves and keep themselves clean, as cleanliness is a priority for them.  This also means that the Fel d 1 protein, which is related to cat allergies and found in a cat’s saliva, will be on her fur, which will eventually shed.  So, if you have cat allergies, you should consider this when thinking about adopting a Domestic Shorthair.

Is Domestic Shorthair Cat Shedding Normal?

Yes, Domestic Shorthair cat shedding is an entirely normal occurrence.  If you keep your cat indoors, you can expect your Domestic Shorthair to shed a little bit year-round.  If you keep your cat outdoors, which I do not recommend, your cat will keep a thicker coat around Winter and do a lot of shedding in the Spring to get rid of that Winter coat. 

If you notice your cat shedding an excessive amount, I highly recommend you take her in for a checkup with your veterinarian. 

How Much Does the Domestic Shorthair Cat Shed?

Domestic Shorthair cats shed a moderate amount of fur. It is extremely important to be disciplined about a Domestic Shorthair’s fur; otherwise it will get out of control.

If I get lazy about my cat’s grooming, there will be cat hair everywhere.  And then you must deal with it.  So, it makes way more sense to be a disciplined cat owner and keep a regular routine with the things that help keep your Domestic Shorthair cat’s fur under control. 

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How should you maintain a Domestic Shorthair’s fur?

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Grooming a domestic shorthair cat is remarkably simple. There is a lot of advice on the internet that says to do this once per week, but I am telling you it will pay you dividends to brush your Domestic Shorthair cat twice a week. 

Here are some tips for maintaining the fur coat of your Domestic Shorthair cat:

  • Bathe your cat.  I give my cat a bath every two months.
  • Brush your cat twice a week.
  • If you have trouble grooming your cat, consult a cat groomer or your veterinarian.
  • Keep an eye on your cat’s skin and parasites (ear mites, fleas, etc.).
  • Inspect and clean your cat’s paws.

Diet/nutrition plays a vital role in the health of your cat’s fur. When your cat’s coat becomes dry, the very first thing you should investigate is your cat’s diet.

Cats need healthy fats and carbohydrates to help maintain their fur and body.  I personally like to mix in a sardine or a little tuna into my cat’s food a couple of times a week for the fish oils.  

What if your Domestic Shorthair Cat is Shedding a lot Suddenly?

If you see your cat suddenly shedding more fur, you should be alarmed and take it seriously.  You should get your cat in to quickly see your local veterinarian, but you can also look at the following information.

Here are some main reasons that your cat could be shedding a lot suddenly:

  • Nutrition issues. 

If you are feeding your cat with inadequate nutrition, then it can lead to shedding a lot. If you aren’t feeding your cat a healthy diet, you may

  • Stress. 

With humans, stress and hair loss can be related.  It is also true with cats.  If your cat is stressed, then it can also lead your cat shedding a lot suddenly. There could be many sources of this stress, such as abuse and memories of a previous owner or another household cat terrorizing her.

  • Older or Injured Cat.

Cats that are injured or older can often groom themselves less effectively.  This lack of grooming, for which most cats do well, can lead to more shedding than usual. 

  • Thyroid Disease. 

Thyroid disease can be a cause for your cat to shed excessively.  This is one reason you should get your cat seen by a veterinarian quickly when this happens.  Hyperthyroidism is generally seen in more senior cats and is the most common endocrine disease for a cat.

Which Cat Breed Sheds the Least?

The Sphynx cat is generally regarded as the cat breed that sheds the least.  Many people think the Sphynx is hairless, but this cat does have some hair.  It has far less hair than a Domestic Shorthair cat.

What is the Sphynx Cat Breed?

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The Sphynx cat is well-known for its lack of fur. These cats are known to be hairless but have very short hairs. Generally speaking, hairless cats result from genetic mutations, but the Sphynx was created through a breeding program. This breed was developed in the 1960s through selective breeding in Ontario, Canada.

Why Does the Sphynx Cat Shed the Least?

You will not really get shedding with the Sphynx, because this cat only has very fine hairs.  This cat does have a lot of exposed skin that does need care.  It is important for owners to groom a Sphynx since their naturally occurring oils will need to be spread around.  With all that exposed skin, the Sphynx can be at risk of skin infections, so cat owners need to keep a close eye on this cat’s skin. 

Is the Sphynx Cat Hypoallergenic?

Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic, but anecdotal evidence seems to point at the Sphynx being much better for people with feline allergies.  Like all cats, the Sphynx does produce Fel d 1 proteins in their saliva, which in turn get on their skin. 

The difference here around allergies is that the Sphynx isn’t shedding fur around the house that has the Fel d 1 protein on them.  This is also why the Domestic Shorthair cat can trigger the cat allergies in some people – because the Domestic Shorthair sheds hair with the Fel d 1 protein. 


Domestic Shorthair cats do shed a moderate amount, but with owner discipline and the right plan around maintaining the shedding, it can be well-managed.  Some of these key actions include good nutrition, hydration, brushing, bathing, and keeping your cat’s environment as stress-free as possible. 

Cats are part of our families, so it is important to be very observant of what is going on with your cat, including your cat’s fur coat.  If you have any reason to suspect something out of the ordinary is happening, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

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