Do Thai Cats Shed A Lot? (Reliable Information)

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Thai cats are gorgeous creatures that any owner would be lucky to own.  If you are looking into owning one, or are merely curious about this beautiful feline, you will probably consider its coat and likely wonder if Thai cats shed a lot?

No, Thai cats do not shed a lot.  Thai cats are short-haired and are considered a low shedding breed of cat.  Thai cats are an excellent choice for people who are concerned about cat hair and shedding.  Additionally, Thai cats are less likely to leave shedding fur on their owners.   

There is a lot to know when it comes to the Thai cat and shedding from their fur coat. 

Read on to learn more!

Do Thai Cats Shed More Than Usual?

Thai cats shed less than usual since they shed less than most cat breeds.  Thai cats shed less than many cat breeds, such as the Domestic Shorthair, Ragdoll, and Persian.  Thai cats are short-haired and are a  good choice for people who are worried about shedding cat hair. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Thai cat, they are a breed that comes from Thailand – which you may have suspected.  The Thai cat is sometimes confused with the Siamese cat, but they are different cats.

Thai cats have a sleek looking short-haired fur coat.  One bonus about this nice-looking fur coat is that it does not shed much.  Indoor cats tend to shed year-round, and Thai cats do shed, but they do not shed very much.

Do Thai Cats Shed More Than Others?

Thai cats do not shed that much but Thai cats do shed more than others.  Thai cats shed less than many cat breeds, such as the Domestic Shorthair and Persian, but shed more than cat breeds, such as the Sphynx, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex.

Since Thai cats do not shed very much, you will likely feel better about your cat hanging out on your sofa and having the run of the house.  I know my cat Charlotte, who is a Domestic Shorthair, and not a Thai cat, does shed a decent amount so it is important that I stay assertive with keeping control over her cat hair.  With a Thai cat, you will not need to be as diligent about cleaning up cat hair because there will just be less of it.

You will see this breed of cat shed a little though, and likely year-round if your cat is an indoor cat.  If your cat is an outdoor cat, those cats tend to shed more seasonally since they are outdoors, but you should also be aware of other issues around keeping an outdoor cat.

Are Thai Cats Hypoallergenic?

Thai cats are not hypoallergenic, but they are short haired cats that do not shed a lot.  Thai cats still produce allergens in their saliva and will still cause allergies in people.  Because Thai cats do not shed a lot they will probably affect people’s allergies less than most cat breeds. 

Thai Short Hair Cat

The owner of a Thai short hair cat should probably brush their cat weekly.  Brushing your Thai short hair cat weekly is a good process and you likely won’t need to brush for too long since this cat doesn’t shed much at all.

If you are against all shedding fur period – you may want to stick to bathing your Thai cat more often.  In this case I would bathe her once a month.  This will help keep the shedding down.  With this cat not shedding much, however, I would personally bathe this cat every one-and-a-half to two months.

If you want to maximize how great your Thai cat’s coat of hair looks and care about her general well-being, I recommend that you keep her nutrition on point.  The right way to do this is by consulting your Veterinarian.  I personally keep a good eye on what I feed my cat and I also mix some fish into her diet every few days.  The fish oils will help make her fur coat look nice and healthy.

Short Hair Cat Grooming

You should maintain a short hair cat’s fur by grooming her with a cat brush or a de-shedding glove.  With her short-haired coat you may think to yourself that you aren’t getting too much cat hair off of her, but brushing your short hair cat is still good to do since it will get some cat hair and your cat will enjoy it.

Brushing your short hair cat is also a good opportunity for you as her owner to give her a quick examination and make sure she is in good physical health.  When I brush my cat, I also take a moment to check out her paws and ears and make sure they look healthy.

Thai Cat Size

Thai cats are a stocky medium-to-large cat breed.  Female Thai cats have a healthy weight between 7 to 9 pounds while male Thai cats have a healthy weight between 9 to 12 pounds.  Thai cats have a rounded head sometimes referred to as apple-shaped. 

Thai Cat Colors

Thai cats are known to have a beige body with darker colors on the tail, ears, and paws, which are normally seal point dark brown.  Thai cats are quite recognizable and typically have light blue eyes and a dark face. 

Thai Cat vs Siamese

Thai cats and Siamese cats do look similar and appear to be the same cat breed to the untrained eye.  Thai cats and Siamese have differences, such as Thai cats are stockier than the lean Siamese cat.  Additionally, Thai cats have rounder heads while Siamese cats have triangle shaped heads.

To differentiate a Thai cat from a Siamese cat you would look at the head.  A Thai cat will generally have an “applehead” and will have darker fur at the points of the cat which will contrast with the lighter fur on most of her body.  A Siamese cat will have more of a wedge-shaped head and likely be a longer cat, but if we are talking about telling the difference at birth – I would look at head shape.

Siamese vs Thai Cat

Siamese cats have slender, sleek, and elegant bodies while Thai cats have stockier bodies and weigh more.  Thai cats are considered the old version of the Siamese cat, while the Siamese cat people know today is the modern Siamese cat. 

If you are still unable to tell the difference between the Siamese and Thai cats, and really want to know – I would probably do a DNA test like the one at basepaws.  Not only will this service tell you about your cat’s breed but it will also tell you valuable information about your cat’s health.  If you have any questions about these cat DNA companies, you can always consult your local Veterinarian.

Siamese Cat Personality

Siamese cats have intelligent and mischievous personalities that lead them to act dominantly over other cat breeds.  Siamese cats are social, talkative, and quite affectionate to humans.  Siamese cats will stick near a human they love and talk to them often. 

Siamese Cat Physical Characteristics

Siamese cats have an elegant physical appearance with long sleek bodies, long legs, and a triangular head.  Siamese cats have light colored bodies with dark faces, paws, and tail.  The physical body of the Siamese aids it in being an agile cat. 

Siamese Cat Price

Siamese cats can be purchased for $600 to $2500 from a reputable cat breeder.  Potential buyers should be prepared to place a deposit for a Siamese kitten and pay extra for a cat to be delivered.  Siamese cats are expensive because it is expensive to care for a pedigreed cat that has veterinary expenses and other needs. 

Thai Cat Personality

The Thai cat is known to have a sweet and fun personality.  Thai cats are lovable and social, so they will constantly play with their human friends.  Thai cats have a friendly personality that has created a large fan base around this cat breed. 

If you are looking for not only a cat that has a short coat and doesn’t shed much, but also will be a great friend you should give the Thai some consideration because they will be lovable friends.

Like many cats, Thai cats will want to hang out on high vantage points and keep a good eye on what is going on around them.  Besides being very watchful, they will likely be very vocal and give a lot of chatter.  If you have never heard a chattering cat, you will probably hear it with a Thai.  Cats have many noises and you’ll hear them with a vocal Thai cat.

Thai Cat Behavior

Thai cats are friendly, smart, and chatty.  Thai cat behavior typically includes being playful, following around their owner, and talking to their owner throughout the day.  Thai cats get along best with another animal while their owner is away so that they do not get lonely.  

Thai Cat Price

Thai cats can be purchased for $900 from reputable cat breeders.  Thai cats are expensive because purebred cats require special veterinary care and socialization training.  Additionally, potential Thai cat owners should expect to place a deposit prior to receiving their Thai kitten


The Thai cat will be a great addition to the home of someone that is looking for a cat that does not shed very much.  Thai cats have a short coat that will have easy upkeep.  This is probably due to their origin from Thailand.

In addition to not shedding very much, Thai cats are known to be very friendly and vocal cats.  If you have the opportunity to own a Thai cat you should probably take the opportunity since they will be a lovable friend.

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