Do Cats Like Cat Strollers? (The Honest Truth)

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Keeping cats indoors is a great idea to reduce the risk that your cat may get injured outside of the house. However, we cannot take their freedom away by keeping them isolated from the world forever.  If someone is looking into the alternatives to letting your cat run around outside on their own, they will likely discover cat strollers and ask the question, do cats like cat strollers?

Yes, most cats like cat strollers.  Cat strollers are good for both the cats themselves and cat owners.  With cat strollers, cats get to enjoy being outside while also being safe inside the cat stroller. 

This article explores much more about cat strollers, so read on!

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All about Cat Strollers

Like other cats, home-bound cats like exploring their surroundings, but we, the cat owners, cannot risk their safety by letting them go outside. They can get hit by a speedy car or get injuries in a fight with another cat.

A cat stroller is a vehicle for your cat that you can use to take her out to visit any place. They act as a safe space for cats, as cats have territory-minded personalities and can quickly get scared while visiting a new environment.

Cat strollers are just like human baby strollers with some additional features.

You can often place your cat inside, leash the cat, and even fasten the cover that is usually made up of a see-through and breathable mesh material for the cat to observe and enjoy every place it visits. Most cat strollers have storage compartments too. You can use this section to place treats, toys, and water bottles for your feline friend.

Video: Cat Stroller Q&A from Gabbi Warrick

What are the Benefits of Cat Strollers?

Injured or Senior Cats Can Still Get Outdoors

Cat strollers may be a good way for your injured cat to smoothly experience the outdoors.  Senior cats are also usually less mobile cats and can enjoy riding in cat strollers as well.  It may improve their mood and make them happier.

Suitable for People with Back Pain

If you cannot carry your cat in a cat backpack due to back pain, then cat strollers are the right choice for you. Cat strollers allow you to push them as opposed to having your cat in the cat backpack on your back and shoulders.  We talk more about cat backpacks in our article about if cat backpacks are humane.

Helps Create a Strong Bond with the Cat

If your cat likes observing the sky and birds for hours, then chances are she may like going outside too. So, if you give her what she wants, your cat may end up loving you more. Plus, it gives you a chance to strengthen your bond by spending more time with your cat.

Fresh Air while Sitting in a Safe Space

Cat strollers can be a cat’s safe haven while visiting a new park or walking around the neighborhood. As a cat owner you can also have less stress about your cat getting lost, scratching a passerby, or getting into a catfight.

What are the Drawbacks of Cat Strollers?

Confining Your Cat

Cats are freedom-loving creatures who like chasing birds, squirrels, and every moving thing. They do not like following rules and restrictions. So, it is possible that your cat will get in the cat stroller and want out of it so she can chase the birds. 

Cats like going on adventures on their own. If you take them outside without giving them any chance to run and use their legs to enjoy freedom, then they may not enjoy their walk with you fully.

It May Look Weird

Some people might find that it looks weird when you are out pushing your cat in a stroller.  People may think you are pushing around a baby, and when they see your cat will probably have a whole slew of questions for you.  This may be a drawback about cat strollers for some people.

Is it Weird to Use a Cat Stroller?

Are Cat Strollers Trendy?

Cat strollers are becoming more common, and they are getting trendy as they provide an easy and safe way for a cat owner to take their cat on a walk. People that normally would not let their cats outside are now able to take their indoor cats outside to let them see the world that exists outside the home. They are bringing their cats on their neighborhood walks, parks, and pet-friendly establishments.

You may find someone jogging in the park with their cat in the stroller. People have also started taking their cats on family functions and outings in the strollers. I don’t think it is weird to use a cat stroller, but it is certainly possible you may run into someone that will think it is weird.  That person will probably be a dog-lover!

How Do People React to Cat Strollers?

People show mixed reactions after seeing a cat in a cat stroller. Some adore it and get excited while others may behave rudely. It all depends on their perspective.

You may get attention from a lot of your neighbors.  Cat lovers get excited and ask questions like from where did you get the stroller, or how did your cat behave the first time you took it outside?

Some people do not even notice what is in the stroller if it is covered and the cat is enjoying the view by sitting peacefully. But once they do notice, you will likely see a reaction.  That reaction could be disappointed if they expected to see a human baby, but it may also be happiness if they like cat babies too!

A few people may pass rude comments like you are showing off or being cruel to your cat. We can’t control what people say.  

Is It Ethical to Use a Cat Stroller?

I believe cats should have the freedom to have their own adventures. They should be free to behave normally and enjoy the company of their own kind. No doubt, we do not want to see them getting hurt, but independence will let them grow better.  This is why I personally advocate for cat owners to give their cats great experiences, but not to use a cat door or let their cats out on their own in the neighborhood. 

It is OK to use a cat stroller provided your cat has no problem with it. But if your cat does not like it, then respect its decision and let your cat choose its own path. Do not force your feline friend to do something that it is not comfortable doing.

Are Cat Strollers Safe?

Cat strollers are designed by keeping in mind the nature of cats. Felines are smart and fast but a cat stroller will keep them secure so they cannot run away. 

Cat strollers can be covered with the lid and zipped to prevent any escape plan of your cat. As a precautionary measure, you can keep your cat on a leash while you are strolling with your cat in the neighborhood.

If you do latch the leash inside the cat stroller to your cat’s harness, be mindful of your cat because many cats get excited and turn around a lot to view their surroundings and subsequently get tangled on the stroller leash.  Strollers have a good airflow system that lets cats breathe in the fresh air and the beautiful smell of nature.

The cat stroller I like for large cats on Amazon is this one (affiliate link):  Click Here.  It is robust and has large tires and is even a good product if you are a runner. 

The cat stroller on Amazon I like for average size cats is this one (affiliate link):  Click Here.  It has great ventilation and an ergonomic handle.

Encountering Dogs While Using a Cat Stroller

If you are going on a walk with your cat, do your best to choose a dog-free route. If any of your neighbors has a dog who barks at every passerby, then avoid walking in front of that house. Cats can easily get scared of dogs and their loud barks. If they get afraid, they will not feel comfortable and secure in the stroller and may become unhappy.

Similarly, if you encounter a dog in the park, move the stroller in the opposite direction, so your cat has little to no chance to see it. If you didn’t go the opposite direction, I would try to keep some space between the dog and your cat in the cat stroller, while also talking to your cat in a calm voice.  If your cat acts strange, try to calm her the best you can.

How Long Should You Keep Your Cat in the Stroller?

There is no hard and fast rule for how long you should keep your cat in a cat stroller. You can keep your cat in the cat stroller for as long as your walk takes. Personally, I would never go longer than an hour of having my cat in a cat stroller.  If you want a professional opinion, you should ask your veterinarian.

You will need to keep your cat hydrated, as all cats do drink water and water is essential to every cat’s health.  Also, nature may call, and you do not want your cat going to the bathroom inside the cat stroller. 

A good solution for this, if you are still outside, is to bring along a cat harness / leash and give your cat some time on the ground where she can stretch her legs and have a bowel movement.  If you use the latching system inside the cat stroller, you may already have a harness on your cat.  If your cat does have an accident, most cat strollers I’ve seen are made out of nylon so they should be easy to clean, but you will likely need to give your cat a bath also. 

Tips for Cats to Use Cat Strollers

Cats do like small spaces, but sometimes they do not appreciate being put in them. It is possible your cat may not initially like being put in the cat stroller since this is new. With patience and these tips, you can help your cat get used to using a cat stroller.

Here are some tips to help your cat use and enjoy the cat stroller:

  • Easy Access and Treats

Place the stroller in a place where your cat can have easy access to its seat. Let your cat see you put some treats inside so she will jump in and get used to going inside the cat stroller.  You could also try putting the cat bowl inside and feeding your cat a meal in the cat stroller once or twice.

What we are trying to do here is to get your cat accustomed to getting in the cat stroller and realizing there is nothing to be afraid of. Your cat will smell it, touch it, and will then consider it a part of the home.

  • Catnip. 

I am a big fan of catnip spray because catnip spray tells your cat that it is for her.  So, you can spray the cat stroller with some catnip spray and your cat should take notice and it will likely make her feel more comfortable.  Likewise, you can also use calming sprays.  I have had success using both types of products, but my go-to is catnip spray. 

  • Closed Lid. 

When your cat gets used to sitting in the stroller, start closing the cover to make it feel comfortable in the stroller with a closed lid. Again, give her treats for behaving nicely.

  • Practice Walk. 

Take your cat in the stroller in your backyard or garden. Let it get used to traveling in a moving stroller. You can push the cat around the house in the stroller too.  Your cat will start understanding the purpose of using this stroller and will feel secure in it.  Repeat the process for a few days.   

  • Short Walks

Now move the stroller outside. Take your cat on a short stroller walk of 10 minutes in the neighborhood. Try staying on areas that have level ground to give your cat a nice experience. Also, try to avoid places where you often see dogs.

  • Monitor Your Cat. 

If your cat gets scared, makes noises, or behaves strangely, bring her back home. Continue trying to ease your cat’s comfort in the cat stroller. Your cat should realize that she gets to go outside and that the cat stroller is safe.

It can be frustrating if a cat does not quickly take to a new product, but it pays to be patient with your cat.  If all else fails, and you really want to train your cat to use the cat stroller, I recommend consulting a cat trainer.

Are Pet Strollers Worth It?

Yes, pet strollers are worth it.  Cat strollers have numerous benefits and uses. Cat strollers are a great way for you to provide more enrichment to your cat’s life. If your cat likes watching nature through a window and you think you can get her to be comfortable in the cat stroller, then it is definitely worth buying.

If you have a senior cat that maybe cannot use a cat harness, a cat stroller is a good alternative.  Senior cats still enjoy being in nature and cat strollers are an easy way for them to experience it. This is also just another way that you can spend more time with your cat.


As good cat owners, we should be looking for ways to enrich our cat’s lives.  Cats are part of the family, and nowadays, allowing your cat to experience nature safely is something that we can do for them.

Cat strollers can be the safe haven for your cat, which will let them enjoy a safe, free ride to the outside world. Remember to be patient and when in doubt, try treats, catnip spray, and calming spray.  If you do take your cat on a walk, do not forget that cats need to stay hydrated with water

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