Do Cats Hunt Moles? Fascinating Answers!

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While your adorable and loveable cat may not seem like a predator to you, it is helpful to remember that cats are natural hunters. This can be seen when it comes to prey like moles. It is not necessarily that cats do not love what we are feeding them, but they can quickly revert to their natural instincts when we least expect them to. 

Cats do hunt moles, but they do not hunt moles very often. Cats tend to go after moles because they are slow, easy to notice, and are a low-threat target of opportunity. Moles are a great source of meat, and it is easy to see why cats can and do hunt moles. 

It is always helpful to keep in mind the natural instincts of your cat. This is why you will want to know why they hunt moles and what you should be doing as a result. Continue reading to learn more about your cat, moles, and that natural-born instinct to hunt prey. 

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Can Cats Catch Moles?

Cats can catch moles. Within the animal kingdom, there is always prey, and there are predators. In this case, cats are the predator, and they can and will go after moles if they have the opportunity. Since moles are small mammals, they do not come to the ground very often.

However, they have to come up from time to time, which is when cats are ready. Here are five things to consider about why cats hunt moles. 

How Do Cats Find Moles?

When moles do come above ground, they are often seen in backyards. Coming above ground makes moles quite noticeable to cats and easy to spot. There is a reason why molehills exist, as moles will push up the dirt around where they come from.

If you can see areas of dirt that have been pushed up in your yard, then it is likely that a mole is somewhere nearby. You can bet that your cat notices this as well. As soon as the dirt starts to move, a cat may very well go into hunting mode. 

Are Moles Slow Moving?

If you have ever seen a mole move, you have probably noticed that they are not very fast. A mole’s slow movement is primarily because of moles larger than average feet in the front of their body combined with smaller than normal feet in the back.

Moles have short legs that do not allow them to gain much speed when they need to move fast. If they happen to be above ground when a cat sees them, moles have little chance of getting away. 

Can Moles Hurt Cats?

No, a mole is not going to hurt a cat.  Moles are not household pets, so they must survive on what nature gives them. In this case, that is insects. They have no interest in your cat. Cats know this, which is one reason why they will tend to go after them. 

A mole will not fight back if your cat decides to hunt them. The only action they have is to try and escape, which is not usually possible since they move so slowly. 

Do Cats Eat Moles?

Cats like to eat meat. This makes moles a prime target for cats that are in the wild. While your cat may be domesticated, that does not mean she will not go after an easy target and potentially eat the meat. However, it is far likely that your cat will hunt a mole for the fun of it, play with it for a bit, and then lose interest.

Can Moles See Well?

No, moles can’t see well.  Moles are essentially color blind. Additionally, their eyes do not do much good above ground. Moles will only be able to see the light and movement. By the time they notice a cat getting right up close to them, it is probably too late.

Why Won’t Cats Eat Moles?

You will find that some cats will eat moles, while others will not. Perhaps it comes down to their personal preference. Keep in mind that wild cats are more likely to eat moles because they will be hunting for survival instead of household cats who already have their meals taken care of.

Most cats that have an owner will not eat moles. However, some will. There is really no way to control what your cat will do. While many cats will play with the mole as a part of their instinct to hunt, some will continue with the activity and end up eating their prey.

Do Cats Attack Moles?


Cats have an instinct to hunt and attack. This means that they will have certain behaviors that make it possible for them to track and quite easily get a mole when they are so inclined to do so. Cats will be able to sense when a mole is in the vicinity. 

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Cats go about hunting for moles in the following fashion:

  • Whiskers – Cats will use their whiskers to sense a mole moving and then be able to take action accordingly. 
  • They will examine the mole – Cats will not immediately notice that they have stumbled across prey. Instead, they will make their way to where the movement was taking place to do their investigation.
  • The cat will attack – Once the cat determines a mole is in their grasp, they will immediately go after it. It is even possible for a cat to get a mole that has only partially come above ground. Cats are not afraid to dig their way quickly into the hole and pull the mole out. 

Will Cats Eat Moles?

Yes, if given the opportunity, and if they are hungry, cats will eat moles.  This would especially be true for feral or stray cats that are looking for their next meal and won’t be getting it from a cat bowl like your house cat. 

For the most part, moles pose no danger to cats. This is true even if your cat happens to eat one. Since moles have a diet that consists solely of insects and worms, chemicals should not be a concern to your cat. 

One thing to be concerned about with moles is that they tend to be carriers of fleas and ticks since they spend most of their life underground. Tapeworms are also a concern as this can be transferred to your cat. 

You might want to keep an eye on your cat for a few days if you know she has eaten a mole. If she starts to act a bit strange or out of the ordinary, a visit to the vet would be wise.

Should Cats Eat Moles

In a perfect world, cats should not eat moles.  But, the world is not perfect.  Feral and Stray cats exist, and they aren’t out there looking for plants to eat.  They are looking for meat. 

I mentioned feral and stray cats above.  To learn more about stray cats and eating, check out my article on if stray cats die of hunger:  Click Here.

In my opinion, if a feral or stray cat is hunting and they have the opportunity to eat a mole, then they should eat it.  If we are talking about a domestic cat that is being kept outside, then I don’t think the cat should eat the mole. 

As a reminder, I do not recommend letting your house cat roam around outside as there are dangers to a cat outside, and they are such good hunters that they can significantly disrupt an ecosystem.

Do Feral Cats Eat Moles

Yes, Feral cats eat moles.  Feral cats won’t eat moles often because moles are hard to find.  There are not a lot of opportunities for feral cats to eat moles.  Feral cats will find birds and mice much more easily than moles.  Birds and mice are pretty easy prey for a feral cat to catch which is why I don’t think feral cats will eat moles too often.

Some Final Points to Keep in Mind

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are concerned about your cat hunting a mole. 

  • Moles stay underground most of the time, meaning your cat will never even see them. 
  • When a mole does come to the surface, your cat can hunt and kill it before you even know what has happened. 
  • Moles can only protect themselves from cats by staying underground and by the pungent odor that they emit. Cats do not like the smell of a mole. 
  • Cats use their whiskers to notice a mole is in the area. 
  • Moles can carry disease, but overall pose very little threat to a cat even if eaten. 


The next time you see your cat going after a mole, take comfort in the fact that this perfectly natural. The chances are that your cat will have a good time playing with the mole and then leave it alone. However, do not worry if it happens to kill the mole and eat it. Your cat will be fine.

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